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Apart of providing an enterprise-class software and hardware, Footfallcam and our reseller would provide you a comprehensive set of support services to ensure successful installation and ongoing maintenance.

For Multiple counter rollout, we can help in project manage the installation of counters in every store to ensure minimum destruction to the daily operation. We will help you to configure and fine tune system, and handover it as a complete turnkey solution to you on the last stage. For a smaller rollout, where customer can choose to install by their own, FootfallCam support personnel will be standby on the installation day to provide support to the engineer over the phone, making sure counter is up and running.

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General Questions

How many devices will we need per shop for counting?

The number of devices required is dependent on the height of the ceiling and the width of the entrance. You may key in the data over here to have an estimation of the number of cameras.

May I know what is the accuracy level of your footfall?

You may manually schedule a video recording from the counter and when you have the video uploaded, and perform the accuracy audit by manually counting and compare against the system count. Afterwards you will be able to generate a report for the accuracy. Footfall accuracy handled by our verification specialists is at least 98% for each counter with full transparency by video validation for you.

What is the acceptable % range for counting accuracy? And, what is the ideal store environment for achieving more than 95% accuracy level?

The accuracy can achieve more than 98% in the situation of ideal store environment. FootfallCam tuning specialist team will record a video recording for 30 mins until 50 mins, to perform the manual count based on the recorded video and compare with the actual system count. Accuracy rate is Manual Count (as Sample Size) divided by System Count. Conditions to achieve 98% accuracy: i. Ideal ceiling height: 2.7 - 3.3m ii. No swinging door iii. No stock display/basket on the entrance that would cause customer/ staff hovering at the entrance iv. No decoration dangling on the ceiling v. Consistence lighting condition vi. Avoid carpet with spiral pattern that would cause the camera have difficulties in identify the height vii. Avoid floor with mirror effect that would cause human height difficult to identify viii. Avoid dark condition that couldn't identify the presence of the human xi. Avoid the liveview capture the cashier near to entrance and people tend to queueing up when making payment

What is the height requirements for FootfallCam?

Ceiling Height Device
Below 2.09 m Not an optimal height and counting accuracy may be affected.
2.1 m – 2.49 m Parabolic 140o lens
2.5 m – 4.5 m 100o lens
4.6 m - 7.0 m

65o lens

Above 7.0 mUse a Wall Bracket or Drop Pole to lower the height

You may use this calculator to get the number of cameras required using entrance width and ceiling height.

Can raw counting data be extracted from FootfallCam Analytic Manager directly, whether it is in the cloud or on premise?

Users will be export raw data from the Analytic Manager in one of four methods.

  • Manual Export
  • Exporting via API
  • Exporting via FTP
  • Automate E-Mail scheduling

What is the Project plan reflecting installation, integration and go-live?

The project plan in regards to time scope for installation is highly dependent on the number of counters in the project. Tuning of the counter will be done within 3 working days and verification will be carried out and completed within 7 days. An audit report will be generated and needs to be reviewed and approved by you within 7 days. The data will then be ready to be used.

Will installation of the FootfallCam Analytic Manager™ be required during the trial or demo period?

No, for the trial, we are using FootfallCam cloud server. After the trial, if you would like to have the software in your own server, we can help you to do the installation during the rollout. At that time, you just need to give us any of your server access, then we will help you to install it. All the data will be centralised in the server, therefore you can access all the data for all your stores via the web link.

What is the power supply required for FootfallCam people counting counter?

The counter is powered using Power over Ethernet. The main power required will be less than 10w.

For a demo unit or a trial project with FootfallCam, how will the data be retrieved and reviewed?

During the trial, we will prepare an account for the user within our FootfallCam Analytic Manager and provide the web link for the user to access their data.

If 2 counters are installed side by side in the same entrance, would it count the same person twice?

An individual will not be counted twice even if the counter coverage overlaps an area, this is due to FootfallCam verification specialist having the expertise to exclude overlapping area from each counter.

How will the counter detect users that are not carrying smartphones or Wi-Fi enabled smartphones?

The Wi-Fi tracking works in conjunction with video counting to ensure the Footfallcam is accurate.

Is it possible to access the raw data from each individual camera?

Yes, you can setup a FTP location for the raw data to send to the dedicated location every day. The user also can choose to look at the branch by different time period and look at each individual camera separately. Using our API, we can query the data directly from the counter.

Are there any add-ons or accessories available for FootfallCam?

The FootfallCam was designed to be a comprehensive solution and as a stand alone unit. There are no add-ons available for FootfallCam as all future developments and features are made available for every users of FootfallCam without cost. The only accessories that are sold for FootfallCam are wall brackets and drop pole mount to optimise the counting accuracy of FootfallCam based on height.

Are wireless people counter available by FootfallCam?

FootfallCam do not offer wireless people counter. However, Footfallcam only requires 1 cable to install and is powered over ethernet.

Are hands-on training material provided in regards to using both the software and hardware?

There are a variety of documentations that guides users on how to use the Analytic Manager and what do the reports indicate. If the user require an in-depth tutorial and guidance, FootfallCam offers Skype training for the hardware and software at an additional service charge. Please e-mail for additional information on cost and structure covered.

Why are there differences in accuracy between two counters?

Even though each counter is manufactured to the exact specifications, the cause of differences in accuracy between 2 counters is the environment of the store. The space around the entrance, the proximity of the shelves, or swinging doors affect accuracies. The tracking zone helps alleviate the issue of people 'ping-poinging' between the counting lines, but the size of the tracking zone cannot be too large since it may inaccurately track the people at the edge of the tracking zone due to the acute optical angle of images.

Can the counter distinguish between staffs and customers?

The counter does not have artificial intelligence to recognize a person by facial features, nor can it distinguish between customers and staffs. We have developed the exclusion line feature which will nullify the counting of a certain pathway. While the counter cannot distinguish staff from customer by facial feature, it can completely void the counting of staff if they use a specific entrance. Alternatively, we have developed the staff exclusion kit to exclude the counting of staff in retail environment.

Is the counting program and the reporting feature done on the device?

The counting program is run on the device. The device is merely a data collector, all calculations and aggregation of the data collected is done via our software, hence we provide the FootfallCam Analytic ManagerTM as a complimentary lifetime licensed product.

Does FootfallCam comply with the latest General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

We are compliant with the current privacy regulations and work towards further compliance and upholding of the privacy of individuals. Under the GDPR regulations introduced in 2016 and implemented on May of 2018, there are several exceptions that applies to responsible manner of handling the data, such as anonymisation.

  • Recital 26 of the GDRP dictates that the regulation applies to information concerning an identifiable person. Information that is rendered anonymous and untraceable through irreversible pseudonymisation and unidentifiable to the person are not covered by this regulation. Furthermore, anonymous information processing such as for statistical purpose are too not liable for regulation by GDPR, which is the usage of FootfallCam.
  • In Chapter 2, Article 6, Clause 4-e; Chapter 4, Article 25; and Chapter 4, Article 32, Clause 1-a highlights the compliance with the regulation through irreversible pseudonymisation and encryption of the data, such as through data minimisation.

What are the height requirement for FootfallCam?

The height requirement for using FootfallCam is in a ceiling height of 2.1 metres to 4.5 metres.

What is the performance of the product under contrast light condition? It requires minimum 300 lux for it to be counting, under contrast light condition, if from the live view is able to see a human passing through (not too dark or too bright such as direct light pointing onto the lens) then it be able to count. Please find more information on our datasheet:
Is it able to address U-turn? Yes, if you take a look in the video , at 0.39 seconds you will be able to see that we can discount people that are not entering the store.
Is this product UL/CE/CSA approved? Yes it is CE certified.
Is it possible to add a success story to the FootfallCam website?

Users may email FootfallCam of their success and experiences with FootfallCam to

What languages is the control panel available in?

The Footfallcam control panel is available in 9 different languages and we are constantly expanding. The languages availabled are English, Chinese, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian, and Persian.

Does FootfallCam provide a sign/notice in the store which tells the customers what the camera does? This is not needed as we do not collect any personal data or any personally identifying data of any specific visitor, we merely collect the counting data in counts along with hashed MAC addresses.
How does FootfallCam protect consumer privacy while collecting insightful counting data to be stored in the server? For 3D counting, we only need to determine the amount of traffic that come into the store. Video recordings are not taken for this purpose. The 3D image processing is done within the device, where it then produces a count. The counts are only in text format that is being recorded and transmitted to the server to produce footfall reports.

For the Wi-Fi counting, all data are processed instantaneously from within the FootfallCam people counter prior to being sent to the FootfallCam server. On the device, all personal data collected are hashed on the counter level and the only result that is sent to the FootfallCam server are hashed MAC addresses (not the real MAC addresses).
Regarding washroom management, have you ever had any concerns from the public, the facilities management team or the security department of the building to install counter at the washroom door?

Our counter is not located inside the washroom and it will only allocated at the top of the washroom’s entrance to track the people counting so the privacy of others is protected. So far, we have not received any security issues raised by our clients who are using the washroom management solution.

Regarding washroom management, have you ever had any concerns from the public, the facilities management team or the security department of the building to install counter at the washroom door?

Our counter is not located inside the washroom and it will only allocated at the top of the washroom’s entrance to track the people counting so the privacy of others is protected. So far, we have not received any security issues raised by our clients who are using the washroom management solution.

What is the coverage area if to use centroid for data counting? The range of detecting and counting people will be fully depending on the IP-cam used. If the IP-cam can detect the people, the centroid will be able to process the image for the data counting.
Is wifi tracking only for outside of the shop? The Wi-Fi tracking is available for both outside the shop and inside the shop. This is because the data acquired from the Wi-Fi tracking include outside traffic, turn in rate, visit durations, unique customers, returning customers etc. Therefore it is relevant for the entire shop.
What is the impact if I am using the wrong degree camera lens (65, 100, 140)? Each degree is catered to varying ceiling heights. Using the wrong degree lens will affect the counting accuracy of the counters since it is not installed at its optimal height.
Can you share with me the background of your company? We are established in 2002, offering our footfall solutions to retail chain companies for more than a decade now. For more info, please refer to our About Us page:
Does your counter accept PoE instead of PoE+? Yes, our counters can work with both PoE and PoE+.


Does the counter have to be mounted directed overhead? Our counters have to be mounted directly overhead of its coverage area in order for it to collect visitor in/out data, with an accuracy of 98% and above.
Have FootfallCam had any exprience installing the counters in large buildings or areas where the sensors are in different levels of a building or far away from each other? Yes, we have helped our clients in the corporate building and shopping mall such as Marina Mall and One Utama where the counters are allocated at different floors.
In an standard building, do you know how common is the availability of PoE points to connect them? It depends on each building, usually for our clients the PoE points is installed at the back of the server room. If the building has the existing cabling, then it can be used to connect with the counter, if not cable installation is required.
Can the angle of the camera be changed, so the customers’ faces will be filmed? The angle cannot be changed because the lens is not meant to be moved, and the counter is screwed in tightly to ensure the camera’s view does not change as it affects the accuracy as well. Hence the customer faces are not seen nor recorded (as the camera does not record any faces or even videos after the counters are verified).
Do we have to install at each entrance from parking place? Usually you will only need to install at Ground Floor entrances. Assuming shoppers will take escalators or lifts at the car park entrances to Ground Floor, they will eventually end up in Ground Floor. Installing at the GF entrances will be sufficient.
Is it able to address door swing interference? Yes, our customers in the UK such as The Perfume Shop and Bonmarche which has swinging doors have installed our people counter too. You may have a look at this sample video on how we configure for stores with swinging door.
What type of plugs do FootfallCam provide for people counter?

FootfallCam provides 4 types of power cable to the international customer:

  • A. UK plug
  • B. US plug
  • C. Eu plug
  • D. Au plug
Users that are looking for other type of power cable will need to source from their local country, or they may choose from one of the power cable above that is compatible in their country.

How do I install the software in my own server?

We do not permit our customers to personally install the software in their server. If you would like to install our report portal on your coporate server, there will be a one time fee and our technical personnel will install the software for you at a time convenient to you. The minimum server requirement for server installation is available in IT infrastructure guide.

Will the FootfallCam device be linked to my corporate network and does it involve bypassing firewall?

Yes, we are using the cat5e cable to connect to your router, so the data can send to server via the store network. As long as the port 80 outbound and inbound is open, then it will be able to access.

What are the resources that will be required during the installation process of FootfallCam?

If the installation is performed by the business' own installer, FootfallCam will provide them with remote support during the installation process via instant messaging to advise on camera positioning and counter set up. If the installation process is carried out by FootfallCam certified installer, all the business need to do is have the FootfallCam ready for the installer. The installer will be responsible to bring all other equipment required, though there may be miscellaneous requirements such as ladders and FootfallCam will inform the business whether there will be a need for such tool."

What is the time frame required for installation?

We would require 2 weeks in advance to arrange the installation. For the same location, 3-4 counters can be installed per day.

Is a dedicated PC required for every store to operate the FootfallCam?

FootfallCam do not need a dedicated PC to operate. The counter will be connected directly connected to a network. Users that would like to access the camera directly may use their mobile phone to view the control panel on site.

Will the installation of FootfallCam require any form of electrical or technical expertise?

The installation is straightforward and simple. All that is needed on site will be the cable installation, requiring only 1x Cat5e cable from the IT router to the counter. Therefore, any local handyman or IT person will be able to install it.

Can the counter easily relocated after installed?

Yes, the counter can be easily relocated. You will need a Cat5e cable to connect the counter to the IT router. However, the accuracy of the counter would need to fine tune again after relocated to ensure it could achieve 98% accuracy as different setting would need to apply for different environment.

Where does the counter need to be installed?

FootfallCam people counter will need to be installed overhead in each entrance in the direct centre of the doorway facing perpendicularly down. The counter should be installed as outward towards the exit as possible to avoid the counting of in store traffic.

Can the device be chained on the same Ethernet cable to reduce the number of PoE ports and to be able to install in wide entrances?

FootfallCam counters may be chained through cascade topology to reduce the number of PoE ports required.

Why Footfallcam need to follow TIA/ EIA 568B colour code for crimping the cat5 cable?

It prevents crosstalk interference and unreliable network connection.

What is the correct sequence of the Cat5 cable colour code need to be crimped?

The sequence is as follow: White-orange, orange, white-green, blue, white-blue, green, white-brown, brown.

Is FootfallCam available for install globally and are there engineers equipped with the skill and knowledge to install globally?

Please consult with a FootfallCam specialist to see whether there is a local installer in the region. FootfallCam will readily provide remote support for users that would like to install the counter using their own in house electricians.

Are any outdoor counters available for installation?

It is not recommended for the counter to be installed outdoor, but it is feasible as long as there is an overhead protection for the counter to protect it from the weather conditions

What is the minimum light condition for counter?

The normal retail shop and shopping mall light condition is good for the camera counting. But it is not suitable for the entertainment place like disco and club because the rapid change of light condition. The minimum light requirement for FootfallCam is 250 lux.

Is port forwarding required for counter installation?

Port forwarding is not required as the counter will ‘push’ the traffic data to the central database automatically.

Is a fix IP address needed to configure the counter?

DHCP will be set as default for the counter. Once the counter is connected to the network, an IP address will be assigned automatically for the counter. Users have the option to set a fixed IP address for the counter at their own discretion.

What is the battery life of the counter?

There is no built-in battery in the counter.

How does the people counting software, verification and technical support works?

The camera will be configured with the provided IT details (e.g. IP address, port, etc.) before deliverance to the site. When the camera arrives on the site, full remote support is provided to the installer during the installation to make sure the camera is working properly and connected to the Internet. The verification study will verify the accuracy of the counter and is only available if the user had applied for the service prior.

What kind of power supply is the camera using?

The camera is powered using Power over Ethernet. Only one network cable for power supply and data transmission purpose is required.

How many power socket is needed for one set of people counter?

One set of people counter requires 1x power socket.

Could a WI-Fi dongle be use to connect to the internet instead of a LAN cable?

The data may be transmitted with GPRS albeit with limitation. The counter only have 1 USD port for Wi-Fi adapter. If a Wi-Fi dongle is used, the counter will have access to the internet without the need for LAN connection at the compromisation of Wi-Fi counting data.

Do you have already tested your system in crowd events or store ? Do you have video sample for showcase?

We have install in lots of stores, shopping mall and art centre that have crowded visitors and they are happy with what we have offered. You can review samples of visitors in their store through our Youtube channel.


What is the maximum range FootfallCam can support for Wi-Fi counting?

FootfallCam WiFi counting is supported up to a radius of 50 metres. This figure is adjustable directly from the database of the FootfallCam if users would like to diminish the range.

What do I do if the count is not accurate?

Footfallcam has the manual accuracy tuning page for customer to perform the accuracy audit with the video footage recorded. If you feel that it is not accurate, you can provide us the time span and we will take video and investigate for you. The Wi-Fi data would need 3 weeks sample size data for us to define the threshold for the wifi counting data.

How often should sales data be uploaded from ePoS?

The sales data may be uploaded daily, or in bulk. As long as there is a specified data in the file uploaded, the analytic manager will be able to distinguish the sales volume and correlate it with the correct footfall data.

Is it possible to exclude the same visitor that enter and leaves the store in short intervals?

It is not possible to exclude the same visitor when they leave and enter the store in short intervals. However, as the percentage of these consumers will be minimal, it will not have a significant impact on the counting data.

What is the IP rating for Footfallcam?

The IP rating for Footfallcam is IP31.

Does the device require a static IP?

It can be set as DHCP (Default) or Static IP.

May we use the hardware with or without the existing software platform?

The hardware comes with the complimentary software (lifetime license), you can also export the data to be used with other software.

Do your hardware solutions produce a heat-map to show customer flow?

Our device can be toggled to count in heat-map counting mode to count the number of people that passed the area, the number of people that stayed in a particular area, the length of duration they stay in the area, and the percentage of passers-by that are engaged with the area. A visitor flow map can be generated for venues with multiple devices installed to show how many people move from one location to another.

Is there any way we can exclude counting kids/children?

Yes, our counter can discount counting kids which are below 1.3m in height. This default value is adjustable upon request.

Does FootfallCam work in a region where users or shoppers do not open their wifi connection?

The FootfallCam utilises both video counting and wifi counting to ensure accuracy beyond 95%. In regions where consumers seldomly use wifi connectivity, the FootfallCam can reliable function on video counting alone.

Do you have an administration software to control or visualize the status of the device(s) in real time?

Yes, we have a routine health check software available for users to determine the networking status of their FootfallCam in real time.

How can users justify the accuracy of the counters in their store?

The standard process to monitor the data is for users to suggest to schedule video recording and perform the manual count using people counter video recording.

Is it possible to track a specific individual?

FootfallCam is compliant with the latest GDPR and we are not able to track a certain specific visitor, there is no reason to do so, reports are generated to create an overall trend for business decision makers to have actionable plan based on the reports, not on specific individuals.

Can I retrieve data statistics on visitor’s dwelling time in each zone?

Yes, based on our zone counter, the reports generated will be able to determine the average dwell time of each visitor in that area. A sample report may be found here.

What can I find out from the heatmap solution that you are providing?

From the heatmap, you are able to tell which area visitors stay the longest and which area the shortest by looking at the colour tone of the heat map.

Can Wi-Fi counting data exportation process be automated through the use of API?

Integration of the Wi-Fi data into business intelligence systems may use done via the use of the export centre within FootfallCam Anayltic Manager. Alternatively, users may refer to our API Documentation for more detailed usage of API.

What is the required name for importing data via FTP?

The naming sequence may be set as anything according to the user's preference. There is no restrictions on the name.

Does the importation of data via FTP need to contain existing data accumulated from the past or to contain only the newest sets of data?

The data file only needs to have the newest set of data. Once the data has been uploaded to our server, the data will remain there even if the original file data has been deleted. A new file everyday instead of continuously building onto one file.

What is the time when the uploaded data is downloaded in the Analytic Manager via FTP import?

The file is downloaded every hour at the beginning of the hour. For example, if the file is uploaded at 3:50, the file will be downloaded at 4:00. If the file is uploaded at 4:01, the file will be downloaded at 5:00.

Is DynDNS service required to use FootfallCam Analytic Manager?

It is not required as FootfallCam counters does not require port forwarding.

Does FootfallCam count customers walking in multiple directions?

Our people counting system using a series of video process algorithm to count human traffic in bi-directional.

Is it possible to review data that has been generated over years ago?

The entire history of data generated from each FootfallCam is recorded and will not be deleted. All of the data is stored in the central database and may be retrieved via the Analytic Manager.

Do I need a PC to view your software?

Our FootfallCam Analytic Manager V8 is a web-based software which is accessible by any browser with Internet connection with a given URL. It is a web application which enable user to view people counting report, manage user account and manage location and equipment settings.

What is the function of routine system health check?

It is a report that generates and list out the status or faults of the respective counter that is located at different locations.

What is the functions of the Wi-Fi tracking feature?

The functions are as below:

  • Using the Wi-Fi tracking, we can detect the number of smartphones that are within the premise and the percentage of people that enter the store.
  • To track whether customers are returning customer since every customer would have their unique identifier by using smartphone and also the duration they stay in the stores.
  • Track the time a shopper leaves and enters the store which is able to generate the visit duration.

Is it possible to retrieve the MAC information of customer from counter?

Due to privacy concern, MAC addresses are stored in FootfallCam database and has been hashed at counter level. It is a one way hashing. Therefore, no users including FootfallCam personnel will be able to view the original MAC address information of customers.

Why is internet connection is needed for FootfallCam?

Internet connection is use to send traffic data and recorded videos into the cnetral database. All counting are done locally on the FootfallCam counter and the traffic data are stored inside the counter when there is no internet connectivity. Once the data has been successfully uploaded onto the cloud server, the data will be deleted from the counter.

How can the counting of staff be excluded from the Wi-Fi counting data?

For the staff to be eliminated from the data, it could excluded base on the dwell time result from Wi-Fi count as the staff would stay in the store more than 4 hours. The time frame is adjustable according to the needs of the user of the FootfallCam.

How often is the data collected from the FootfallCam available for display?

The data will require an aggregation period of 2 hours. An example is for data beginning at 3:00pm and ending at 4:00pm, it will be available at 6:00pm. This is to ensure that all data are properly uploaded. All daily report will be generated the next day at 6:00am, and all weekly reports will be generated on Monday at 6:00am.

How much bandwidth does the counter require?

The bandwidth requirement per counter is 3kb every hour. All the counting will be done by the counter itself, only the traffic data (not the video) is transmitted back to the server.

Is the camera accessible from outside the network?

For this case, there are 2 possible scenarios:

  • The Footfallcam software is hosted on our server- You may access the data remotely through the camera’s login credentials.
  • The Footfallcam software is hosting in your internal server- The camera will only be accessed internally via the store's network, and there will be no external access to the camera directly.

Is the system able to support wide geographical area across different countries? Is there any network restriction or implications associated with provision of multiple deployment linked to the central reporting server?

FootfallCam provides remote support on a global scale. The central database and reporting software is available for access remotely from anywhere in the world as long as an internet connection is available.

In what format does the system export data to the reporting system?

The data can be exported as xml and csv format to the business system.

What is the retention period of data in server or cloud?

Data will be stored permanently in the server, as the data is meaningful for forecasting from the historical year.

Which solution, cloud solution or corporate server is most suitable for a user?

FootfallCam offer cloud server for users to host all of their visitor data free of charge. Users that are concerned with the security and privacy of the cloud solution may opt for a corporate server installation, which ensures that FootfallCam will have restricted access to the data of the user.

Is the 3G signal/ Wi-Fi signal capturing that the system get can attribute a mobile number to that particular unique reference number?

The WiFi counting detects the MAC address of the mobile device, and encrypts it in a specific way, so that it's still able to distinguish the unique devices and know if they've been here before (returning customer). The encrypted ID is stored, not the original MAC. We couldn't get the phone number though. The WiFi signal of the phone is linked to the device, not the SIM card, hence we could only get the MAC but not the phone number.

Will the data of an existing store be affected if a counter is removed from it and relocated to another store?

The data of the store will not be affected if a counter is removed from the store. The data are stored on a database level linking both the branch name and code instead of linking it based on the individual counter. However, the counter will need to be deleted from the existing branch level in the database and allocated to a new one to prevent new incoming data from being aggregated to the removed store.

How can data be sent to FootfallCam central server if the software is hosted on a corporate server?

We would need to do the port forwarding for port 80 (to push data to the central server) and port 22 (for our technical team to remote connect to the counter for software updates). Please provide the external IP address and port to us. Also, you would need to allow firewall access for port 22 and port 80 for this counter. This can be done by adding an entry to the access control list.

Is the Wi-Fi sensor integrated in the camera?

Yes, there are two technology- wifi counting and video counting could do in one device.

How does the counter accounts for customers that do not carry a mobile device with WiFi?

The WiFi analytics looks at the general trend of the indicators, not single customer. The customers that does not carry a mobile device would be a statistical discrepency and would not affect the overall trend of the indicators.

Mobile poll for wifi every 4-8 seconds. What if I pass during the window? How does the Wi-Fi count?

We are collecting large sample size and the Wi-Fi counter data is normalised using the video counting data. In addition, Wifi coverage range is up to 100 metres in radius(in an open space) so it should be able to cover most outside traffic.

How can the integration within the same server could be done?

There is 2 options in doing this:
Option 1 – From your POS software, usually it will have the automatic export function, so the POS software can regularly dump the data to a folder. Then, we will set up our software to grab the data from that folder.
Option 2 – From our software, routinely request to your POS software to grab the data.

Do I need to do verification for each counter?

Yes, due to the variances of store environment, counter parameter settings can be fine tune to make sure it is adjusted to fit into the current store environment and to optimise the counting accuracy. The retailer can choose to:

a) Verified by your own staff- Web server is an user friendly tools for carry out a verification study by own staff.
b)Verified by FootfallCam Specialist (50 pounds per verification report) - Alternatively, our verification specialist can provide this service which takes up to 5 hours, and report will be generated and send to the retailer.

Why is accuracy verification important?

Footfall traffic and conversion rate are key performance indicators for top management. People counters accuracy are under scrutiny, without a trustworthy system, the management cannot manage their stores effectively. Accuracy verification ensure that the counter's accuracy is higher than 98%.

How does the counter deals with false traffic (delivery guys, employees going in and out of the store)?

FootfallCam provides statistically valid metrics and trends, especially when the time horizon is streched over a long period accompanied with big sample size.

My store is located directly next to other stores, how will their visitors affect my Wi-Fi analytics? Will it affect the reliability or accuracy of the data?

The Wi-Fi tracker will detect the unique MAC ID according to the signal strength of the mobile device of people around the entrance. As the visitor approaches the entrance where the counter is installed, their signal will be picked up as long as the minimum signal strength threshold is met. That MAC address will be identified as the "in-time" of the visitor. Similarly, the MAC address of that visitor will be labelled as "out-time" as they leave the store. The time difference between the 2 signals will indicate the visitor duration.

How camera can transfer recorded video to outside servers? Out of the shop’s LAN. From time to time we want a quality verification by manually counting people within randomly selected one-hour period. We have to download all video from camera(s) and keep for 2-4 weeks.

Our counter have auto recording function. We understand that verification of the accuracy rate is very important for most of the retailers. Every recorded video would send back to our server by scheduled time (e.g. every morning 5am). The recorded video would transfer to our server and you could login to the portal and use the recorded video to do the verification manually. We also provide the tools for generate report, so that you could easily generate an accuracy report for each counter and you may want it to send back to your headquarter.

FTP process to get Excel file from our server

1. Retrieve from our server :-

  • a. We will provide you a FTP login detail, directory, etc.
  • b. The system will auto generate the file at a specified time everyday.
  • c. You can write a script to retrieve it from our server using the login details provided.

2. Pushing the Excel file to your server :-

  • a. You will need to provide us your FTP details such as :-
    • i) Username
    • ii) Password
    • iii) Directory
  • b. We will make the configuration to auto generate the Excel file on our server every day/week (depending on the requirement).
  • c. We will push the file to your server every day/week (depending on the requirement).

Kindly let me know how the data could be pushed to the cloud to our platform from the device.

1. Retrieve data directly from the counter (Program/Script needs to run in the same network as the counter) :-

  • a. Write your own script
  • b. Get the data from the counter by using the API
    (http://<ip to counter>:<port>/pi-cgi/data_hourly.json?date=yyyymmdd (JSON Format))

2. Retrieve data from our database :-

  • a. Request for a SQL login from us. Please provide the following details :-
    • i) Current Control Panel ( login details
    • ii) Counter name
    • iii) Counter branch
  • b. For more information on the available command for the database login provided, please refer to the API documentation Section 2.2:-
  • c. Write our own Program/Script to suit your needs.

How is the dwell time (in store time spent by customers) calculated?

The dwell time of a visitor is calculated by identifying their mobile phone's unique MAC ID. If the signal strength of the MAC ID has two peaks that are above the defined threshold, they are then identified as the IN time and the OUT time of the visitor.

How to access my data, is FootfallCam server or our own server?

For the access the data in the analytic software, you will have 2 options:

A. Use Footfallcam Cloud server (FOC)
All your counting data will be upload to our server in the hourly basis, and you can registered an account in a given link to access the counting data or view the reporting and analytic.
Data will be stored permanently in the server, as we understand the data is meaningful used to do the forecasting from the historical year.
Our system is able to support over wide geographic area across different countries. The central database and the reporting software will be installed at the server at head office. From this server, it will go to each individual camera to get raw data every hour via the internal network, and input it into the central database. This is an automatic system which the computer/server will perform by itself in the background.
In case the store has no Internet connection which caused the counter couldn’t upload the data to our server in hourly basis, all the raw data will still store in the counter. 3 days of the WiF-Fi counting data and the visitor data by hourly will be stored in the counter until the storage is fulled. Then, the data will be uploaded to the server once the counter regains its internet connection (provided counter power is turned on and running when the counter does not have Internet connection).

B. Software install at your own server
If you possess corporate server, you may choose to install the software into your server. The software installed will received new version upgrade and you will be given full access to the software which is having same function as cloud based software. You may go for this option if you have security concern or a large quantity of FootfallCam is installed.

What is included in your Footfallcam control panel?

A. Footfallcam device manager
This is where you can view the analytics and the reports. The data will be upload to our server every hour, so you can see the hourly breakdown in the analytic center. We also provide a set of standard report in the analytics Software, weekly report will compile in weekly basis; and daily report will compile in daily basis (which means you can see in the next day). Apart from that, you can also have the following features in our analytics software:

B. Footfallcam Analytic Software
This is where you can view the analytics and the reports. The data will be upload to our server every hour, so you can see the hourly breakdown in the analytic center. We also provide a set of standard report in the analytics Software, weekly report will compile in weekly basis; and daily report will compile in daily basis (which means you can see in the next day). Apart from that, you can also have the following features in our analytics software:

  • 1. Account Management - Different users may have different job responsibilities and need to use the FootfallCam Analytic Manager TM in different ways. Individual user accounts can be setup for your team member, and access rights assigned accordingly.Every user will be assigned a user ID and password, which they will be able to access from any networked location. System administrator will have remote access to the accounts information, modify access rights and disable any account when a team member leaves the company.

  • 2. Email Scheduler- Reports can be scheduled to be sent to the key person (e.g store manager for the store weekly reports, marketing manager for the campaign effectiveness reports, etc.) via email on a regular basis

  • 3. Health Check - A routine system health check is implemented, which check across the whole system to make sure all counters are connected and counting. This health check is usually scheduled to perform daily at a pre-defined time (eg. 12am). An automated email alert will be sent to the person-in-charge detailing any faults found, making this a pro-active yet manageable approach to maintain all the counters across your retail chain. Checking details:
    • a. Network issue and failed to connect to server
    • b. Alert for data is lower/ higher than usual
    • c. Counting data and Wi-Fi data upload checking

  • 4. Accuracy Audit - It is important to be able to check that your counters are indeed counting accurately. Accuracy audit allows you to capture a short video clip, do a manual count and cross check it with the system count for this period. A verification report can then be generated, along with the video evidence, and centrally archived for future reference. Accuracy Verification basically is a process of ensuring the accuracy of each single people counter. Fine tuning camera parameter is vital for any single people counter as the accuracy may be affected by the different store environment. Accuracy verification act as a proof for the top management that the camera installed at the particular store has achieved the required counting accuracy to ensure the traffic data is accurate and reliable to be used for the future planning for the store.

  • 5. Data Export and Integration - API are available to import or export data to and from a system. FootfallCam is a fully embedded software module, intended for any environment where store footfall counting is required. Business intelligence (BI) system extracts and analyses footfall data (from FootfallCam central server) together with ePOS data or staff labour hours (from retailer’s ePOS system or staff management system) to produce management report for corporate strategic planning. Ways of Integration:
    • a. Pull data via API
    • b. Pull data from central database
    • c. Push data to your FTP server
    • d. Download CSV from FootfallCam control panel

  • 6. Centrally Manage All FootfallCam Counters- In the control panel, you will be able to fully manage your FootfallCam counters, assign or edit any configurations remotely. You will be able to setup the branch ID, counter ID, number of counters per branch, counting period, holiday / late night shopping, etc.

Is there any additional hardware required to identify unique visitors?

All Footfall Counters come with a Wi-Dongle attached, it’s not an extra option. Using the Wi- fi Dongle allows us to track visitors IP address and determine the visitor duration, cross shopping, turn in rate & returning customers. This is all included in the price of the counter.

Is it possible for the counter to share internet connection with other devices?

"Footfallcam does not require to have it's own separate internet connection and may share it's connection with other devices. The bandwidth usage by the Footfallcam is minimal and have nearly no impact on the connection speed of other devices."

Is the Wi-Fi capability available when the sensor is flush mounted?

Yes, as long as the counter has power is connected to the server, it is able to track the MAC address of the visitors.

Please confirm that your server can be deployed on premise and deliver exactly the same dashboards / features than the Cloud version?

Yes, installing on your own server will have the same dashboards/features with the Cloud version. Please find the server requirements here.

You may also contact us for a quotation by emailing us at

How much data will this use to upload video to the server on average per day?

The counter will use around 20mb data a day to upload videos for verification purpose. Once the counter is verified, the counter will only upload a maximum of 10kb of data per day.

Do the same software support multiple counters?

Our software will support multiple counters and the counts from different counters can be combined in our web-based reporting software. You can combine the counts of the 2 counters and view the total traffic IN and OUT or you can view the total IN and OUT individually.

Does iOS 8 MAC randomization impact the Wi-Fi counting accuracy?

No. Due to the fact that it only randomizes the MAC address when it is not connected to a mobile network, it would not impact on the Wi-Fi counting (visit duration and returning customers).

Impact on Wi-Fi Location Tracking
Firstly, when a device is not connected to the network, it doesn’t transmit frames at regular interval. Depending on the manufacturer and operating system of the device, this interval could be even up to 5 minutes. So, when the visitor carrying any Wi-Fi device moves around in the venue without connecting to the network, the estimated location of this device becomes stale very quickly. As a result, location tracking for unconnected device doesn’t have much business value.

What is the response time of support services?

FootfallCam aims to respond to most support issues within 1 business days after the support ticket has been raised in the support portal.

What happens when the internet goes down? Will it upload once connection is regained?

Yes, the data will be uploaded once the counter regain its internet connection. (Provided counter power is turned on and running when the counter does not have internet connection).

What is the video format it generates? Mpeg, we only record video only for verification purposes where we will determine the accuracy of the counter by recording 30 minutes video 3 times a day to collect sample sizes. Once sufficient sample sizes are collected, FootfallCam will not record video anymore unless scheduled by customer
Does it only require 1 IP address? Does it support IPv4 and IPv6? Yes, each unit only require 1 IP address, and it supports IPv4 and IPv6, the counter has a option of DHCP and also configuring static IP settings.
Could your counting system count people in the car? Currently, it is not feasible yet.
How does FootfallCam identify when a specific customer walks in the store again? FootfallCam detects the MAC address of a customer to identify the specific customer is a returning customer or not. These MAC addresses are hashed in one-way hashing method to ensure that even the customer’s MAC addresses are not stored.
Is it possible for FootfallCam to collect demographic data such as age and gender of the visitors? FootfallCam is unable to capture the demographic data. Instead, it is best at collecting visitor in/out data, with an accuracy of 95% and above. However, we do have products in our development pipeline where it will be installed front-facing to capture customers’ face to determine their gender, age group and even mood.
What are the differences if to host the data in the users’ own corporate server instead of FootfallCam cloud server? 1. Users will have complete control over the security infrastructure of their data (less concern about the security of the data).
2. Less frequent but more stables software updates.
3. Users will need to back up the data by themselves.
How FootfallCam avoid double counting from happening if there are multiple counters allocated at one entrance to collect the counting data? FootfallCam tuning specialists will observe the appearance of the entrance through cameras’ live view and draw the tracking zone to differentiate the overlapping area. The tracking zone and counting lines will not overlap the tracking zone drawn on another counter to avoid double counting.
What are the benefits using FootFallCam cloud server to host the data? If you choose to have your data hosted on our cloud server, our technical team would help you to keep the software updated, and ensure that the data is routinely backed up.
For restroom managemrent solution, are the sensors independent to each other? Can the alert trigger be set up at different threshold for each sensor to notify the cleaners for action? Yes, every counter can be set with different threshold level to meet your requirement. The sensor can be independent to each other or to be connected with another sensor for people counting.
Does the people counter record the video all the time or only take a short video footage when someone enters/exits? The people counter only records 3x video (30mins each) when the counter is installed for verification purposes (where we justify our accuracy), once the accuracy audit report is produced, the counter no longer records any video.
Does FootfallCam portal login webpage use https login form to access the data and report? Yes, our portal login webpage will always use https for logins to encrypt the data and secure the connection.
Does FootfallCam set a unique login credential for every user to access the Analytics software? Yes, we will set a unique login credential for each user, and they have the option to change the password at their will.
How long time is the video recording for verification stored? The video will be recorded in the begining stage for verification purpose. Then, all recorded videos only store for 7 days (since the 3D image processing is done within the device to produce the count only), except the videos that are in the verification report will be stored until the counter is deleted.
How long will the data be stored? Data will be collected and store in two levels for a specific period of time before it is deleted.
Counter level
a. Raw data: 10 days
b. Minutes data: 7 days
c. Hourly data: Permanent
d. Wifi Data: 3 days

Server level
a. Minutes data: 8 days
b. Minutes data (Edited by Martin 09.06.20 - before it said "15 minutes") : Permanent
c. Hourly data: Permanent
d. Wifi data: 30 days
How many FootfallCam Counters can FootfallCam Centroid support? 1x FootfallCam counter can support upto 8x FootfallCam Counters through wired connection
Can the counter be used offline, meaning no Internet connection? Our counter requires internet connection to send traffic data into our central database. There is no problem if the counter temporarily loses internet connection, because it will automatically upload data once the internet connection is regained.
How does the counter store data and can the data be accessed via API to pull the data out? The data is stored and in our FootfallCam Analytics Manager, our web-based control panel. We do have an API export function which allows for you to integrate with a third-party software and pull the data from our server.
Is there a mobile App for users to login and access all data? Our FootfallCam Analytics Manager is a web-based control panel. So, any device with access to a web browser will be able to login and access the data.
How many days back that the FootfallCam can identify the same Mac address to identity the returning costumer? FootfallCam can remember the MAC address that stores in the database for last 30 days to identity the returning customer.
How long does it take for the server installation? It usually takes 2 hours to complete the server installation. You would need to install and provide TeamViewer access to our technical to work on the installation.
When we install Analytics Manager on our server, will we still have access to the software on the FootFallCam server? When the analytics manager is installed in your server, you do not need to access to the FootfallCam server to retrieve the data because you will have the exact same version of the analytics manager in your server. Hence, the data will be stored in your own server without having to access to the FootfallCam server.
How do I disable Wi-Fi analytics in FootfallCam counters? You can stop the counter from broadcasting their SSIDs by removing the Wi-Fi transmitter. We’ve designed the counter so that you can easily remove the transmitter by unplugging it from the counter.

As a result, this will also disable all Wi-Fi data such as returning customer, unique customer, visit duration, outside traffic which will affect the data shown in company reports, store reports, marketing effectiveness reports, and shopping mall reports. This is because the counter is not able to collect Wi-Fi data without the transmitter.
Can I use the network cable for power supply of the counter only, and the data to run on WiFi without the network cable? The data couldn't run on WiFi only. It requires the network cable to transfer the data from the counter to the server.
How many days of the data can be stored in the counter when the Internet connection fails and to upload to the server when the Internet conenction is back to normal? When the Internet connection fails, 3 days of the Wi-Fi counting data in the counter and the visitor data by hourly will be stored in the counter until the storage is fulled or pending to upload to the server.

Reports and Analytics

Can view data through smart phone? Yes, the data from the Analytics Manager can be viewed with any Wi-Fi enabled devices such as smart phone.
How is sales conversion rate at the Analytics Manager being calculated and why is it helpful for the retail stores business? Sales conversion rate is defined as how many percentages of the visitor (which has entered on the site) has converted into actual sales. This result allows the manager to see a deeper insight of the store performance. For example, high footfall will mean the store is attracting a lot of customers from outside traffic but a low conversion rate will indicate that it is not doing a good job of maximising sales opportunities.
Which data will be stored permanently in the server and may be retrieved via the Analytic Manager? Only collected counting data, meaning the number of visitors coming in and out of your stores will be stored in the central database. The counts are in text format that is being recorded and transmitted to the server to produce footfall reports.
Can the store manager see the footfall counts right at the end of the day in the cloud using a browser? Yes, our counting data will be uploaded to the cloud server every hour. Thus, the store manager will be able to check the data at the end of the day using any WiFi enabled devices.
For restroom management solution, what information does the cleaner receive through Telegram app when a facility usage reaches a predefined threshold? You may customise the information that you want to send to the cleaner for their action. An example of the message sent to the cleaner is “Toilet touchup required at Floor3ZoneAF 50 people visited in last 5 hours”.
How many people could we have access the footfall reports?

You may add as many users as you like for access to footfall reports, you can also limit access to only certain stores.

Does admin/standard user level restrict access to video feed? We have privacy concern that we would like to restrict normal operators accessing to live video feed. As mentioned previously we do not record videos, but in our Analytics Manager where all data are uploaded and reports are generated, we have an admin-level and user level accounts which restricts user level to make significant setting changes on the counters.
Does the product have RESTFUL API feed for time, date, name of room and number of occupants Yes we do have an API function for that, you may refer over here for more information:
Is there a way to analyze the staff wifi devices movement in the café cam (café/shop door)and remove it from video count (not wifi count)?

Due to the smaller scale of the café and shop, unfortunately our visitor count couldn't work as your suggested. And I believe any counter in the market couldn’t address this issue.
Likewise I suggest, the most critical part for counting the people in the shop is the trend line, for example over the week and the pattern of the day, and not the absolute number. I hope our analytic could help you have the clearer view of all these trend.

How is the conversion rate computed? How does the device knows if a customer made a purchase or not?

You can find more details calculation and explanation in our KPI documentation here. To get the transaction amount and value, we would need to integrate with your ePos system via API or FTP transfer the transaction file in daily basis, we use an open source API and more information can be found here

Are there charges to extra accuracy reports?

Extra accuracy reports are obtainable via the control panel and self-generated by user, if customer wishes to questions the accuracy level of the current settings, customers can fill up the form in the link below and request for a reverification, which we will issue a quote to charge customer on the reverification. Please refer to the pricelist for total cost.

Do you offer demo accounts for software?

We do not offer demo software accounts. Since all accounts recorded on our server are our customers’ data, we cannot use any of the data for demonstration purpose. Furthermore, falsely generated data would have no real meaning even for a demo report account.

How does the system measure marketing effectiveness?

Our marketing effectiveness report shows the customer behaviour and traffic patterns pre-marketing event and post marketing event. Retailers can set the marketing period (e.g. 4 July to 6 July) in the report, and report period for example from 28 June to 13 July, and they will get to see the evaluation of the traffic pattern pre-event ( 28 June to 3 July), during the marketing campaign ( 4 July to 6 July) and Post- event traffic pattern ( 7 July to 13 July).

Why is the report show only number of INs?

The figure in the counting reports show only total of “INs”. This is because the total of “INs” would be more critical for a store to compare their sales conversion rate. And the number of In and Out would be roughly the same. Most of the retail stores are using the total of people walk into the store to do the analytic for sales conversion rate and the KPI analysis.

Can the reports scheduled on daily basis?

The report can be generated on daily and weekly basis according to the schedule that will be manually configured by the user.

Why is are no data for today in the control panel?

The data on Daily Report will only be available on the next day, for example, 18th June data will only be available on 19th june. Similiarly, the data on Weekly report will only be available on next week. For example, week 19 data will only be visible from week 20 onwards.

How many types of report is available?

We have over 15+ reports available for retail chain and an additional 5+ reports that are exclusively for shopping mall usage. More information in regards to our reports may be found via our reports catalogue


The software in the cloud version is free?

Yes, the cloud version is free of charge.

How can we get the verification report for the counter accuracy?

For every installation, Reseller/Customer would required to let Footfallcam team know the details as below:

  • 1. Counter serial number.
  • 2. Which branch and company the counter belong to.
  • 3. When is the installation completed.
The verification report will be completed within one week after received the request from the reseller/customer.

Are there expedited shipping services?

You may choose to use your preferred courier and your own shipping account for expedited shipping though they will be at your own expense.
Alternatively, we offer expedited shipping service with surcharge. Rates may apply depending on delivery address, please contact us for a quotation at

What are the payment method available?

You may purchase it via credit card (for less than 2 units) or bank transfer. Please contact us at to request a quotation. All payment term for our product is strictly payment in advance.

Do you provide consultation services to analyze the data generated?

We do not provide consultation services for customers on how they should act with the data they have. However, we do have a variety of case studies and reseller stories on how they use Footfall analytics

What happens if your company stops trading - will the system still work independently?

Yes, the server of the system will still continue to work. We could port the software to your local server.

Does the FootfallCam counters comes with warranty?

Our system is entitled with 1 year manufacture warranty for hardware. Replacing the equipment will be charged after the warranty period.

Is the company registered?

Our company is registered as Nurserycam Ltd and trading as Footfallcam, registered in England, UK: 04471557.

How about future charging from you and also what would happen if your company went into liquidation?

We understand your concern about if the company went into liquidation, our source code is store in Escrow service, our software will continue to run under any circumstances and the source code will also available from Escrow service.

Why do I need to use FootfallCam? It's retailer’s preference to deal with requirements that need solutions, not solutions as the first step.

For the Retail Chain, the managerial level may want to know.

  • Do we have a higher proportion of frequent visitor coming back on Friday evening?
  • Is the staff level appropriate in each department of the stores?
  • Are we closing the store too late or too earlier, they may want to look at the outside traffic during closing time.
  • Does people tends to stay in the shop longer during weekends? How about Christmas?
  • What is the anticipated number of people coming into the store over the next 7 days?
  • Comparing stores in one region, how was the traffic profile for every store and other metrics like returning customer?

Can the product being purchased separately?

The product is sold as one, the hardware comes with the complimentary software. We manufacture both hardware and software in house hence they complement each other very well, we do have the function to export and import data in and out of our server to integrate with other software.

Confirm the packaging for delivered equipment (size + weight + no of boxes + no of pallets)

520mmX400mmX330mm, approximately 14 KG each box, each box can contain 13 units of FootfallCam.

What is the weight of the FootfallCam counter?

The weight of one FootfallCam counter is approximately 1.2kg.

Will the counter protect privacy of the shoppers and keep their information secure?

Yes, it will. We are using your existing Wifi infrastructure or our compact plug-and-play sensor, we record signals and send them to the cloud. For privacy, every MAC address will be encrypted before it is being sent and stored in the server, preventing unauthorised users from accessing to these data. Because shoppers don’t need to actually connect to your Wi-Fi network or install a mobile app, you can measure their activity without interrupting their shopping experience.

How long does it take to prepare it for shipping? And what is the estimate date of arriving if I made the purchase today?

We have a production lead time based on the number of units ordered. The delivery lead time would be approximately between 7-15 days subject to custom clearance after the payment is made.

Could you provide me with the delivery charge?

You may need to provide me your company name and address so that we could make an accurate freight charge quotation for you. Please contact us at to request for a quotation, please indicate the number of units and also the address that the units need to be delivered.

Is the software cost a one off price with no annual costs, server costs, etc?

Yes, the product costs an one off price. We have an optional support contract which covers the technical support and software upgrades.

What is the charges for more than one camera with a single web-based reporting software?

Each camera need software license for the use of People Counter System. One software license is for one camera and it is charged accordingly. However, our web-based reporting software supports unlimited cameras. It can extract data from multiple cameras and combine data into a group.

What should we prepare before installing the counting system? A floor plan of the shopping mall would be great, we can use that to identify the camera locations and zones. Prior to the installation, you may need to prepare static IPs for the cameras. Other than that, we can configure from our end.
What are the service provided by FootfallCam which comes along with the hardware and the completemenry software? For our service, other than providing the free first-time accuracy configuration for every counter, we provide lifetime full technical support, meaning If you have encountered any issues regarding the device and the software, you could raise the support ticket to our technical team to provide you the immediate solution. Besides, we are more than happy to provide you the training online to guide you on how to retrieve the data and report from our analytics software
How do I stay up to date with the latest Footfallcam development news?

You may subscribe to our newsletter through the bottom of the webpage.

What is covered for the delivery by FootfallCam?

FootfallCam practises FCA Incoterm for all delivery where we will deliver the package right up to Customer's designated address. Customers only need to cover local import taxes, local duty taxes or sales taxes charges to settle custom clearance on customer site. If you have your own preferable shipping couriers, you may provide us your shipping account, but the delivery expenses will be charged on your account.

If I place an order, where will the units be sent from?

Depending on the region of consignee (receiver), FootfallCam will send out the units from the nearest FootfallCam warehouse.
For Europe, Western, Central and Northern Africa region, units will be sent out from UK.
For Asia and Eastern, Central and Southern Africa region, units will be sent out from Malaysia.

What is the delivery incoterm that you wil use? Shipment will be under FAC Incoterm where FootfallCam will help buyer to arrange the shipment until the end of destination. Any import duty and sales tax incurred to the unit is responsible by the buyer.
Do you integrate with sales data and show that on the dashboard? Yes, you can import your sales data into our dashboard manually, or automatically via FTP. You can check out our sample sales conversion report here:


Is the people counter suitable to be installed in bus?

Our counter would require a network connection and a power supply to operate. If it is mobility counter on bus, you would need to connect up the counter via 3G dongle. You would also need to have a power supply plug for it as the people counter do not have built in battery.

I’m looking for people counting via facial recognition for a retail store.

Footfallcam would not be capturing the people’s face. Therefore, it would not count via facial recognition. The counting would be based on the people’s body shape. In compliance with the GDPR policy released in May of 2018, we cannot provide demographic details such as age, or gender.

Is FootfallCam able to count the number of customers within a queue?

Footfallcam does not provide queue counters or queue counting within its base function. However the provision of visitor count and footfall data is sufficient in providing the same effect of analysis as queue counting. With footfall counting, users can allocate more staff within the store at different hours and staff may adapt to the situation by acting as a cashier for long queues, or to assit customers individually while they are considering about the purchase.

Do you have thermal people counter?

Unfortunately, we do not do for the thermal based people counting, as it has some of the limitation as follow:

  • The counting accuracy will affected by sudden temperature/heat variations and light change.
  • Inability to identify object passing by.
  • Not applicable during winter.
Our system is more advanced and accurate in this aspect as it could eliminate the problem stated above.

Can your counter installed at pop-up store?

FootfallCam is not suitable for the installation at pop-up stores or within kiosks in shopping malls. This is due to the kiosk having no clear definite entrance. There will be no indication on when a customer enters the "store" or leaves the "store" as there is no one way entrance, and visitors are allow to enter and leave from all different directions.

How can the counting data be used?

The counting data generated by Footfallcam can be used in a variety of ways. Some stores use them to optimize staff planning, evaluate their marketing effectiveness, review the number of customers that generate revenue. You may browse through our various case studies on how different customers utilises Footfallcam.

Is the people counter suitable for club and bars?

The people counter can only work accurately in well lighting area. The entrance area where the traffic is counted is needed to be well lighted. It could not work under a dim situation because the resolution would not be high enough for the counter software to work.


What happen if we as a company manage the footfall cams for several different clients? Can we have one single account and get separately reports?

We will also provide you with the counter login for your customer, so that you can get the access for every counter. However for the reseller who interested to host the server (install at your own server), we could help you to configure, so that you will have the super admin access to overlook your customers account and get the separate report. This would charge if your client based is not more than 20.

How can we acquire a sample? It is not only to test ourselves the device and reports, it is also and mostly to support sales. In this kind of product as you might know, many customers asks first for a few days demo before take the purchasing decision.

We would encourage our reseller to go for a demo unit and showcase to your potential customer. If the customer have the positive potential, you may apply for a demo unit via trial application form and get the approval from Footfallcam.

How do you protect your resellers and distributors from the final customer inquiries or sales leads? I mean, if we are going to promote footfall cam in our market, after some first sells it can be turn out that (i.e.) and existing customer looking for expansion contact you directly through your web page. In that case, all our efforts to sell and position you product would be worthless.

Footfallcam as the manufacturer will not directly deal with the customer. As you may can see the testimonial in our reseller page in our website, we will pass the leads to the local reseller/ distributor to follow up, However, any leads passed by Footfallcam to reseller, reseller would need to sell at MSRP and regularly give the update to Footfallcam, so that we could look into the leads and provide the sales assistance to reseller. In addition, if the reseller has approached to the customer and successfully sell the unit, Footfallcam will also put in the record and make sure no other reseller is on the same bid with you.

We want to test in one store and if it works, we will order more afterwards. For testing do you think that we will need any of the extra services provided? About 65 or 90 degrees cameras, should we pay attention only on the height?

"We recommended testers to go for the accuracy audit report. For that service, our verification specialist team will help you to fine tune (draw counting zone), schedule video recording, verify the live video to cross check with system count to ensure accuracy is reached, and finally produce the accuracy report sent to you via email. If you are purchasing more units, we can also provide a guide to you and perform it yourself if you do not want to have that service for every counter that you purchase."

Do you offer white labelling for your hardware and software for resellers to rebrand? Yes, FootfallCam do offer white labelling for our hardware and software. We can provide you with our counter without any branding so that you can add your logo onto it. For the software, you can upload your own logo and display your name in the title.
Can I have access to a demo account for your portal to support my customer better? For the demo account, most of our partners prefer to have a demo unit so that they can have the first-hand experience of using our counters and understanding how it works for both the hardware and the software. This way, you can collect visitor data and generate reports based on actual footfall on your site. Normally, we recommend our partners to install this counter at your office/store so that you can showcase to your customer.
How can a reseller achieve exclusivity with FootfallCam? There are three tiers of reseller: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each tier imposes new challenges for the partner while at the same time, offering uncompromised benefits. We encourage all our partners to become a Gold tier Reseller so that you can apply to receive exclusive distributorship of FootfallCam in your region. The minimum requirements to achieve exclusive distributorship are 1000 sales target per annum, 8000 cold call prospects and 20 written case.

Contact Support

Apart of providing an enterprise-class software and hardware, Footfallcam and our reseller would provide you a comprehensive set of support services to ensure successful installation and ongoing maintenance.

For Multiple counter rollout, we can help in project manage the installation of counters in every store to ensure minimum destruction to the daily operation. We will help you to configure and fine tune system, and handover it as a complete turnkey solution to you on the last stage. For a smaller rollout, where customer can choose to install by their own, FootfallCam support personnel will be standby on the installation day to provide support to the engineer over the phone, making sure counter is up and running.