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People Counting in Malaysia

FootfallCam is the leading people counting provider in Malaysia. With over 14 years of experience spanning the security and people counting sectors and a local office in Selangor, we've collaborated with numerous companies across various industries in 13 states throughout Malaysia. This encompasses prominent regions such as Klang Valley, Penang, Johor, Kedah, Malacca, Pahang, and even Sabah and Sarawak. Our clientele ranges from independent stores to multi-national retail chains, and from shopping malls to public venues and institutions.

Embracing a customer-centric ethos, our comprehensive services include on-site consultations, installations, and technical support. Our track record of success shines through our implementations at esteemed establishments like Watsons, Padini, Lacoste, Paradigm Mall, UDA Shopping Mall, and many more. As pioneers in the field, we're committed to enhancing your business insights with precise footfall data.

Local Case Studies

Some of our local deployments across multiple industries.


    Monitor footfall traffic and measure campaign effectiveness


    As one of the top smartphone vendors in Malaysia, Huawei utilises FootfallCam 3D Pro 2 to gain detailed insights into consumer behaviour and achieve full transparency in the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.


    The renowned French fashion label has adopted FootfallCam's people counting technology in their Malaysian stores. The move is crucial in refining the brand’s retail strategy both locally and globally, providing valuable insights into customer engagement and store efficiency.


    Jakel Mall is the foremost textile retailer in Malaysia. It has embraced FootfallCam's solution to supersede its outdated legacy counters, empowering the management to leverage the full spectrum of data analytics capabilities.


    As one of the famous homegrown fashion brands in Malaysia, Padini has rolled out FootfallCam solutions across Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia to provide critical retail insights to facilitate informed decision-making.


    Fashion Studion has installed FootfallCam 3D Pro2 across Malaysia, UAE, Bahrain, Oman and Indonesia, for their management to access to the store performance across different region in real-time.


    As a part of Primer Group, Primer Kenrich installed the FootfallCam solution for all its retail stores across Malaysia, serving as a critical tool to oversee their retail operation in Malaysia.


    FootfallCam has been with Johor Paradigm Mall since its first launch, providing visibility into the footfall trend in different mall areas. It allows the manager to understand shoppers' patterns for better mall management.


    As a leading sports brand in China, Lining relies on the FootfallCam people counting system for its insightful retail analytic data to monitor its store performance in Malaysia.


    The homegrown Malaysian fashion brand is equipped with FootfallCam solutions across all the stores in Malaysia to gain visibility into its store performance.


    The largest sports retailer in Malaysia has entrusted FootfallCam to provide critical insights such as the store outside traffic and real-time store occupancy.


    Valiram Group, the leading luxury retailer in Southeast Asia, has implemented FootfallCam solutions in its stores across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Australia. This allows access to comprehensive business insights, solidifying its leading position in the retail industry.


    The Amway experience centre and showroom are fully equipped with FootfallCam solutions, including people counters to measure the occupancy of the consultation areas and retail spaces, as well as electronic shelf labels (ESL) for automated pricing management.


    As one of the leading fashion brands in Turkey, Defacto has installed people counting system for its stores across Malaysia to access to the comprehensive retail insights.


    UEM Edgenta collaborated with FootfallCam to offer Smart Washroom solutions to its clients. This includes a demand-based cleaning schedule, measuring the usage of facilities and ensuring the cleaners are meeting their cleaning SLA.


    Trapo, a leading brand in automotive accessories across Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia, has implemented a people counting solution to acquire retail insights, aiding in the optimisation of its store operations.


    Todak is a small independent store in Malaysia. It has installed people counting solution for its store in Selangor to understand its customer shopping pattern and behavior.


    In the heart of George Town, Penang, 1st Avenue Mall is a stylish city mall. Deploying FootfallCam counters provides mall management visibility on shopper traffic flow and patterns between weekdays and weekends.


    The National Art Gallery Malaysia (Balai Seni Negara) stands as one of the most venerable museums in Southeast Asia. The gallery has implemented the FootfallCam system within its premises to evaluate the efficacy of marketing initiatives by monitoring the flow of visitor traffic.


    tHe Spring Mall, a prominent shopping destination in Kuching, Sarawak, has implemented a people counting system at its mall entrances. This technology provides insights into customer shopping patterns, playing a supportive role in assisting management's objective to enhance the shopping experience for its visitors.


    CCK, the foremost grocery retail network in East Malaysia, has deployed a people counting system in its Stutong outlets. This technology quantifies customer numbers, yielding critical metrics such as conversion rate and customer trends, which are vital for business analysis and strategy.


    Petronas, the global Malaysian energy group, has equipped its new café venture, Café Mesra, with people counters. This technology measures the number of customers visiting the café, providing management with complete visibility into the business performance of this new endeavour.


    The Australian furniture design brand, King Living, has installed people counting solution for its showroom in KL. The system tracks the visitor numbers across different floor of the showroom, offering the management with critical insights into the customer shopping behaviour.


    The emerging smartphone brand in Malaysia, Realme, has installed people counting sensor for its experience store in Penang Queensbay Mall. By closely monitor the customer trends to the store, it grants the decision-makers with insights into the efficiency of the marketing strategies in driving footfalls.


    Khind, a homegrown electronics brand in Malaysia, has implemented a traffic counting system in its outlets. This technology offers visibility into customer traffic trends, empowering management with insights to enhance business strategies and support sustainable growth.


    In collaboration with FootfallCam, Medivest has implemented people counters in the outpatient unit (OPD) of Hospital Alor Gajah. The initiative tracks the occupancy levels of the unit, enabling decision-makers to assess the building's busyness and facilitate more effective staff allocation planning.


    Paris Miki, an international eyewear retailer, has installed people counting sensors at its outlet in KLCC. The primary objective of this deployment is to track the number of customers visiting the store. This enables management to obtain a comprehensive view of the store's performance.


    MPH Bookstores, a leading bookstore chain in Malaysia, has implemented people counting sensors in its outlets. This technology provides management with insights into customer traffic trends in their stores, assisting them in devising business strategies to optimize store operations.


    Buku2U @ Radia is a community library situated in Shah Alam, Selangor. A people counting system has been installed at its entrance to provide real-time occupancy data within the library. This system aids decision-makers in optimising library operations and planning staff allocation effectively.


    My Hero Hypermarket has deployed people counters in its supermarkets to track visitor numbers and assess the sales conversion rate. This solution includes a staff exclusion feature to ensure the movements of staff members are not counted, thus offering the real-time occupancy data for the hypermarkets.


    Sonno, a Malaysian brand specializing in mattresses and bed accessories, has deployed footfall traffic sensors in its showroom. This technology tracks the inflow and outflow of customers, enabling management to gain a comprehensive understanding of the store's performance.


    Truffles and Lemons Event Solutions has installed a visitor traffic counter for the 'Oh My Pet Expo' at Mid Valley Megamall. This system tallies the number of attendees, offering an overview of the event's impact.


    A people counting system has been installed at the sales gallery of Myra Saujana in Dengkil, Selangor. This solution monitors the influx of visitors to the sales gallery, providing decision-makers with valuable insights to assess the effectiveness of promotional activities in attracting customers to the sales gallery.


    CompAsia, a Malaysian electronics and trade-in retailer, has installed a people counting solution in its stores. Strategically positioned at store entrances, this system provides a comprehensive analysis of store performance and offers valuable customer insights.


    UiTM GTAR has been equipped with a visitor traffic counter to measure the number of people visiting the gallery. This strategic deployment offers insights into the visitor traffic trend, aiding the management in operation optimization and staff allocation for a better visiting experience.


    Instant Exhibition is an event planning and design company in Malaysia. It has leveraged the FootfallCam people counter to measure the number of visitors and gain an overview of the effectiveness of their events and exhibitions


    UiTM Bandaraya Melaka has integrated a people counting system into its library. This innovative implementation is designed to monitor the utilisation rate in various study areas within the library, providing the management with real-time occupancy data for each study area.


    Haruka Bakery, a Japanese-style bakery, has utilised FootfallCam analytics to support informed business decision-making. This technology allows management to evaluate business performance using various key metrics, assisting them in developing strategies for sustainable growth.

  • TBM

    TBM, an independent electronic appliances retailer operating in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, has equipped its store entrance with FootfallCam people counters. This installation is designed to gather critical retail insights, allowing management to holistically assess store performance.


    Sinma is an independent beauty and jewelry retailer in Malaysia. It has employed the FootfallCam people counting sensor to gather essential retail insights, bolstering its business expansion strategy.


    The largest shopping mall in Bintulu, Times Square MegaMall, has equipped its mall entrances with people counting system. This advanced solution tracks shopper traffic trends, providing the management team with visibility into the effectiveness of their marketing strategies.


    OWL Eyewear is a homegrown eyewear retailer in Malaysia. It has installed FootfallCam people counters for its outlets in Sunway Velocity, KL. The deployment aims to measure the customer numbers in the stores to provide critical business metrics such as conversion rate, customer traffic and dwell time.


    IRS Software is a POS system software provider. It has installed people counting sensor for its office at Puchong, Selangor. This solution tracks the number of staff and visitors entering the office, offering a detailed perspective on the building's occupancy levels.

  • NOKO

    The homegrown lifestyle retail store, NOKO, has installed people counting sensor for its outlets in Sunway Velocity Mall, KL.The technology precisely tracks the visitor numbers, allowing the decision-makers to measure the store performance in terms of key metrics such as conversion rate and customer numbers.


    The Japanese retail giant, Aeon, has installed footfall counters at its branch in One Utama Shopping Centre. These counters provide valuable insights into customer trends, offering critical data that aids in enhancing business processes and guiding informed strategic decisions.


    Setia Awan, a Malaysian property developer, has installed a people counting system in one of its projects, D'Mall, situated in Seri Iskandar, Perak. This technology offers insights into customer trends, enabling management to assess the asset value of each store and make informed decisions about rental levels for tenants


    Tefal, the world leading kitchen appliance brand, has implemented people counting system as a part of its business expansion strategy in Malaysia. The system measures the store occupancy in real-time, enabling the management to gain full visibility into store performance.


    Lilit, a Malaysian homegrown fashion brand, has equipped its outlets in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor with people counting sensors. This innovative system furnishes management with valuable insights, enabling them to formulate informed business strategies that support ongoing business growth.


    TBC Elecktrik is an electrical chain store in Malaysia. Footfall counting system has been installed in its store entrances to measure the inflow and outflow of customers. This system enables decision-makers to gain crucial insights into the store's performance.


    Habib Group, the leading jeweler in Malaysia, has installed people counters in its TOUS concept flagship stores across the country. This system tracks customer footfall, providing essential insights to management regarding staff allocation, thereby enhancing the overall customer experience.


    Metrojaya, the homegrown departmenr store chains, has implemented people counting system for its outlets in Mid Valley Megamall. These systems track the number of visitors, enabling management to assess the effectiveness of marketing events in drawing footfalls.

  • G2000

    G2000, a multi-brand specialty retailer, has equipped its stores in prime locations, including IOI City Mall, One Utama Mall, and Sunway Pyramid Mall, with footfall counters. These solutions deliver invaluable retail insights to decision-makers, facilitating informed choices for sustainable business expansion.


    Bestseller, a distributor of fashion brands, has installed people counters in its outlets, such as Vero Moda and Jack & Jones. This technology offers an in-depth understanding of customer footfall trends, enabling management to identify and justify the stores' peak hours.


    The Malaysian homegrown fragrance brand, AGift With Care, has deployed people counters for its outlets across Malaysia. The innovative technology provides insights into the customer trends of the outlets, allowing the management to understand the effectiveness of its marketing initiatives.


    The one stop shopping mall in Sarawak, Emart, has installed people counting system across its mall entrance. The key deployment tracks the customer footfalls of the mall, providing valuable business insigths to the management to better analyse its business growth.


    Headquartered in Hong Kong, has chosen FootfallCam 3D Pro2 people counters for all of its retail stores in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand.


    The leading sports and lifestyle brand distributor, Stream, has implemented people counting system for its outlets, including MiX.Store, 2XU, Havaianas, and New Era. The technology allows the management to gain full visibility of the store performance and the effectiveness of marketing strategies.


    Hooga, a Singaporean home décor brand, has equipped its outlets across Malaysia, Singapore, and Cambodia with FootfallCam people counters. This advanced technology enables management to achieve comprehensive insight into business performance at both the store and regional levels.


    The LEGO Certified Store in Malaysia, Box of Bricks, has deployed a footfall counting system across its outlets throughout the country. This system offers detailed insights into customer trends, enabling management to assess the effectiveness of their marketing strategies in driving footfall.


    YTL Land has implemeted the people counting system for its key properties along Jalan Bukit Bintang, The Lot 10 Shopping Mall and The Starhill. The system measures the inflow and outflow of customers in the building, allowing the management to justify the effectiveness of marketing initiatives.


    Centre Point Sabah is a one stop shopping mall located in Kota Kinabalu. In its commitment to enhancing the shopping experience, the mall has implemented people counters to monitor shopper traffic across its entrances, allowing for improved service and convenience for shoppers.


    As the leading household brand in Australia, Harvey Norman has been empowered by the FootfallCam solution to measure the number of shoppers visiting its stores in Malaysia. The solution provides invaluable insights into the efficacy of marketing initiatives in driving footfalls.


    Animation Theme Park, the developer of MAPS, has installed people counters in the theme park. The system enhances visibility into visitor trends, enabling management to optimise staff allocation. It prevents the facilities from becoming over-crowded or under-staffed, ensuring a better experience for visitors.

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