Elevate Your Consultancy Services, Collaborate with Industry Leaders, Access Cutting-Edge Technology, and Deliver Maximum Business Values.

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For Business and Technology Consulting Firms

Welcome to FootfallCam's Partner Program for Consultants.

Whether you're a professional services company, a business consultant, or a technology consulting firm, partner with us to deliver best-in-class software and people counting systems to new, existing, and mutual customers. Combining your expertise with FootfallCam's market-leading consultancy, we value partners for long-term engagements based on trust, respect, and professionalism. Our unique mix of expertise, skills, solutions, and services ensures maximum business value for FootfallCam's customers.

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Why Partner with FootfallCam?

By becoming a part of FootfallCam's Partner Program as a Consultant, you will gain significant advantages:

  • Access Cutting-Edge Technology - Provide advanced people counting solutions, enhancing credibility and value proposition for customer projects.
  • Increase Revenue Growth - Incorporate FootfallCam solutions into your projects, open up new revenue streams, helps you to justify premium fees and attract more clients.
  • Diversify and Expand Services - Join the FootfallCam’s integration eco-structure, expand your service portfolio to address diverse client needs, which in return increase your market competitiveness.
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Partner’s Responsibilities

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Deliver the Best Solutions to Your Clients Together

Consultancy Service

Consultancy Service

Provides professional consultation services to understand the unique needs of each project.

Local Sales Supports

Local Sales Supports

Experienced and proficient in presenting to potential clients with the right value proposition.

Project Management

Project Management

Plan, coordinate, and manage project implementation, on time and within budget.

FootfallCam‘s Supports

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FootfallCam Partner Program Advantage


Sales Support

FootfallCam offers extensive sales support to its partners, equipping them with the necessary tools and resources to effectively pitch projects and secure successful deals.

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Project Delivery

Project Delivery

Supports our partners in every phase of project realisation, encompassing system design, project planning, deployment, accuracy tuning, and data analytics, all geared towards delivering tangible business value to your clients.

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Technical Support

Dedicated technical support will be offered to our partners, ensuring our partners are receiving prompt assistance, guidance, and expertise to effectively implement, troubleshoot, and maintain the FootfallCam solution.

What’s Next?

Get in touch with us for more information about becoming a FootfallCam partner.

What Our Partners Say

Partner Voices: What Our Partners Have to Say

Enhances Consultancy Offerings

United Kingdom

“Enhances my consultancy's offerings, delivering tangible business value in customer projects.”

Integrating FootfallCam Elevates Revenue Potential

Hong Kong

“Integrating FootfallCam elevates our revenue potential, justifying premium fees for advanced systems & services.”

Seamless Integration


“FootfallCam's open platform streamlines project delivery through seamless integration.”

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