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Appendix D: How to Raise a Support Request

The Support Portal can act as a dedicated hub for users to manage their support request. User can manage and raise new ticket through the Support Portal. To access the support portal:

  1. Navigate to the menu bar on the left and open the Maintenance tab
  2. Select the Support Portal option
  3. A new window to the support portal will open

1.1 Assessments to be made before reporting an issue

Stores that are found to have an inaccuracy in the data may raise an alarm for FootfallCam personnel to investigate. However, the user must ensure that the data issue raised to FootfallCam personnel is not caused by false alarms. To investigate whether a site have data issues and its legitimacy:

1.2 FootfallCam Support Workflows

All support services and communications are conducted via the Support Portal module within the FootfallCam Analytic Manager. All users are provided with access into the Issue Tracker to report the current issues with their people counting devices. Once a user has reported their issues via the Issue Tracker, FootfallCam support personnel will diagnose the issue and reply directly for customer to act. The Issue Tracker facilitates the communicate between the user and FootfallCam support personnel.


To access the support portal, please refer to Chapter 13: Support requests.

1.2.1 General Support Enquiry 

The flowchart below is used to showcase the process of support from FootfallCam and how are issues reviewed. The flow chart will be reviewed every three months to ensure that it properly addresses all concerns the management has raised.

The control panel process in place to ensure that the agreed KPI service level is meant with a built-in workflow and contingency plan should unexpected issues arises. From the issue tracker, the management will have an overview of outstanding issues, each issue being tracked and with a defined action plan going forward.

1.2.2 Returned Merchandise Authorisation

To minimize the disruption and loss of counting data when a FootfallCam is defective, FootfallCam have established a returned merchandise authorisation process in place to hasten the process. With the RMA process, FootfallCam can ensure that the user devices will be properly diagnose and rectify remotely, prior to resorting to swapping out the device for a new one.

Users may make a request for an RMA unit through the FootfallCam Analytic Manager issue tracker. From there, FootfallCam personnel will perform the necessary diagnosis prior to approving the return for the unit and shipping out a new device to the user.


For more information on terms of RMA, please refer to Returns and RMA Terms and Conditions.

1.3 Raising an Issue

STEP 1 - Click on Maintenance > Support Portal to access the Support Portal page.

STEP 2 - Click on +Raise a Ticket button to access the Raise a Trouble Ticket page.

STEP 3 - Complete the process by entering all the required fields and click on Submit button.

2. Click Raise a Ticket and fill-up the form then Submit.

  • Issue Level: Site Level
  • Counter is not allocate: untick
  • Site: Choose the store name
  • lease select if it's counter specific issue: Select the device you want to report in the drop down
  • Ticket Subject: High level description of the issue
    • Category: This will depend on the issue. Check the definition of the different categories below.
    • When does it happen?: Select the date
    • Comment: Answer the following questions
      • What is the problem?
      • Where did it occur?
      • When did it occur?
      • Which device?
      • How did it happen?
  • Click Attach file if you need to include photos, screenshots, or videos in the ticket.
  • CC: If another user needs to be copied in the ticket
Level of support Job Scope  
First Line (1-day SLA)

Initial Assessment and Localise Issue

Aim: To understand the customer concerns and validate if it was an issue

  • Did the customer provide sufficient information for you to understand the issue raised?
  • What did customer expect to see or expect the function to work? 
  • To pinpoint the area that most likely causes the issue and pass to the relevant specialist to  follow up on the diagnosis
Second Line (3-day SLA)


Aim: Identify the root cause for the issue by detail diagnostic process (sometime will required to book remote access session to diagnose issue)

  • Carry out the diagnostics at the specific area
  • Is it a new issue or common pattern from previous issue?

If the Issue has the fix deployed, will fix it immediately after the diagnostic 

If the Issue required a structure change or new bug which need a proper way to resolve it will raise to third line specialist 

99% of the issue can be resolved in this level and would not required to third line

Third Line


Aim: To provide the plan and ETA for the issue unable to resolved by second line 

  • Will provide the explanation of the plan, and the scope and hour required to develop the new feature/ new structure change/ firmware patch 

Tickets Categories 

Categories SLA Description
Data Accuracy Issue*

3 Days

Reports the issue related to data inaccuracy checking, missing data

Technical Question *

1 Day

Any technical issue/ concerns/ analytics center bugs raised by customer. Firstline will qualify the issue within 1 day SLA and divert to the relevant department for further assistance 

Training Request * 1 Day Training Request for Offline troubleshooting, user account set up, configuration training, reports and data analysis training, tuning training  (Charge may apply) 
Configuration* request 

3 Days

Customer account setup issue or report configuration request (Charge may apply) 

Service request*  1 Day Installation support service, installation planning, Remote access request, engineer callout request, device  relocation, store refit, store closure, special tuning request (Charges may apply) 
Device Bug

3 Days

Bugs reporting on device set up wizard (Selectable only by FFC after qualify the bug) 

Software Bug 3 Days Bugs reporting on Analytics Managers (Selectable only by FFC after qualify the bug) 
Business Request  Please send the email to [email protected] 
Accuracy Audit Roadblock  Only can raised by FFC tuning specialist to feedback about the tuning roadblock e.g. Store is not ready for tuning, live view blocked, device offline


* indicate the category selectable by customer

1.4 Manage Existing Ticket

STEP 1 - Click on Maintenance > Support Portal to access the Support Portal page.

STEP 2 - Click on the ticket to manage.



1. Ticket Info

Section 1 shows the ticket details.

2. Message

Section 2 shows the conversation between user and FootfallCam Support Team.

3. Category

Section 3 shows the progression of task created for FootfallCam.

4. Stage

Section 4 shows the current status of ticket.

1.4.1 Section 1 - Ticket Info



1. Ticket ID

To indicate the issue reference number.

2.Ticket Subject

To indicate the subject of issue faced.

3. Ticket Status

Open: Issue submitted by user and being investigated by the FootfallCam Support Team.

Re-verification Approved: Ongoing re-verification process.

Difficult to Tune: Verification process stuck due to certain limitation.

Proposed to Close: Issue is waiting for closure.

Close: Issue closed.

4. Next Action

To indicate the action is pending for customer or FootfallCam Support.

5. Category

To indicate the category of issue faced.

(Info: FootfallCam Support might change the category if there is any more precise category.)

6. Reported Counter(s)

To indicate the counter serial with issue.

7. Requester

To indicate the person in contact.

8. CC

To indicate the second person in-contact.

1.4.2 Section 2 - Messages


Email regarding on New Message Added or Ticket Status Update will be received by user.

Follow the steps as below to reply the messages:

STEP 1 - Click on + New Message button.

STEP 2 - Filling in the comment and click on Send button to complete the process.

1.4.3 Section 3 - Comment Box



1. Task / Comment

To indicate action task created for FootfallCam Support Team.

2. Hours

To indicate the time needed.

3. Type

To indicate type of the action task.

(Info: Type of action task included Support Operation, Software Comment, Business Comment, Customer Request, Firmware Comment or Internal Comment.)

4. Expected Date

To indicate the deadline of action task.

5. Status

To indicate the current status of action task.

1.4.4 Section 4 - Stage


Email regarding on Ticket Status Update will be received by user.

User will receive a Ticket Propose to Close email when a FootfallCam support personnel have resolved the issue. Ticket will be closed automatically within seven (7) days. For users with additional issues after the ticket has been closed, please raise a new ticket.



First Line Support

1st Line Support Info from FootfallCam Support Team included Action / Status, Comment, Person In-Charge, Date and Service-Level Agreement (SLA).

Second Line Support

2nd Line Support Info from FootfallCam Support Team included Comment, Person In-Charge and Date.

Propose to Close

Comment from FootfallCam Support Team after FootfallCam team has diagnosed the issue and resolve it. If there is no outstanding issue(s) in the ticket, user should click on Mark as Closed or drop a message to the FootfallCam Support Team in the ticket if further follow up is required.

1.5 FootfallCam Support Chat App 

24.5.1 FootfallCam Support Chat App Installation Link

STEP 1 - install the application from the mobile app store

(iOS) : https://apps.apple.com/us/app/footfallcam-support-app/id1535145101
(ANDROID) : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=chat.ffc.support
(WINDOWS) : https://www.footfallcam.com/Content/data/documents/Support-Chat-App-Installer/Footfallcam-Support-Chat-App-Installer_Windows.exe
(HUAWEI / APK File) : https://www.footfallcam.com/Content/data/documents/Support-Chat-App-Installer/Footfallcam-Support-Chat-App-Installer_HUAWEI-APK_v1.0.6.11.apk

1.5.2 Log in Method

End-User Login Method

Login Email: (refer to FootfallCam Analytic Manager™ account Email Address)
Password: (refer to FootfallCam Analytic Manager™ account password) 

1.5.3 Change User Password

STEP 1 - Access to FootfallCam Analytic Manager™:V9 forgot password / V8 Forgot password
STEP 2 - Enter your email address and click on Submit for V9 / Enter your username and click on Submit for V8
STEP 3 - Check your inbox for the new password generated by FootfallCam server.
STEP 4 - Access to FootfallCam Analytic Manager™: http://v9.footfallcam.com with new generated password.
STEP 5 - Click on your username on the top right and select "Profile".
STEP 6 - Click on Change Password and enter your preferred password.
STEP 7- Click on Save to complete the process.

1.5.4 Adding New Users


In order to be added into support chat group, you will need to have an Analytics Manager account created. If you does not have an account, kindly contact your Analytic Manager account admin to create a user for you, portal admin may refer to Analytics Manager New User Creation user guide for further information.

If you already have an Analytics Manager account, please contact your Reseller or FootfallCam Team to get approval by providing the Username and Support Chatroom Name.

STEP 1 - Create an FootfallCam Analytic Manager account for the email to be added into chat group if you do not have any yet. [Refer user guide here to create new user.]
STEP 2 - If you have an reseller, kindly raise to your reseller with support chat group name and username to get the approval to join respective support chat group. 
If you are directly under FootfallCam, kindly raise a support ticket with the support chat group name and username to get approval be added into the chat group. [Raise the ticket with category "Work Order Request".]
STEP 3 - Once the reseller / FootfallCam team review the case and approved, the user will be added into the chat group.


Updated on January 19, 2023