Collaborate by aligning with FootfallCam

For consultants, technology distributors, and system integrators, each providing essential components that collectively form a complete solution for customers.

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Why FootfallCam?


Provides exclusive development support

We assist in developing and deploying specialised people counting hardware, products, or services, streamlining the process, accelerating development, and improving application performance.


Go-to-market support

Access tools and resources designed to help you generate leads, expand market reach, uncover opportunities, and adapt to market changes effectively.


Ecosystem collaboration

Partnership synergy - harnessing the power of collaborative ecosystems to drive innovation, foster growth, and achieve mutual success through shared resources and expertise.


Supply of exclusive leads

Increase Revenue Streams by securing more projects - Address diverse project needs through an expanded product portfolio, boosting project acquisition

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Influential registrations or Referral rewards program

  • Offering financial incentives, discounted demo kits, and additional benefits for registering sales opportunities where you influence or refer to FootfallCam.

Sales, marketing and technical supports

  • We've got you covered: Establish yourself as the premier people counting provider with our comprehensive training support, securing more deals for you.
  • Facilitating development and resolving customer technical issues with our support training.

Expand your client base

  • Access to FootfallCam's extensive client network provides opportunities to engage with new customers.
  • Exposure to diverse project requirements broadens your portfolio and expertise.
  • Collaborating with FootfallCam enhances visibility and credibility, attracting clients seeking trusted providers capable of delivering comprehensive solutions.

Rewards, perks and benefits

  • Discounted demo kit: Minimise your costs for solution development, testing, and demonstrations.
  • Access to pre-launch products: Expedite time-to-market for applications showcasing new FootfallCam products.

Who can apply?

What do I need to do?

If you're a consultant, system integrators or technology distributors, welcome aboard!

  • Suitable for:
    • IT consultants
    • Business consultants
    • Technology consultants
    • Technology distributors
    • System integrators
  • Today and tomorrow business solutions are becoming ever more complex and necessitate a collaborative go-to-market approach by a variety of providers who each offer essential components that make up a complete solution for a customer. Aligning with like-minded complementary providers is therefore fundamental to FootfallCam.


  • Industry Experience: Demonstrated expertise in retail analytics or related fields, showcasing proficiency in data interpretation and customer insights.
  • Product Compatibility: Offering complementary solutions aligning with FootfallCam's technology to enhance overall customer offerings and satisfaction.
  • Market Presence: Established presence in target markets with a strong client base, enabling effective distribution and promotion of FootfallCam products.
  • Collaborative Approach: Willingness to engage in joint marketing efforts and co-development projects to maximise mutual benefits and growth opportunities.
  • Support Capabilities: Commitment to providing reliable technical support and training to customers, ensuring seamless integration and satisfaction with FootfallCam solutions.

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