Staff Roster Planner App

Efficiently schedule and manage your retail store staffs with our Staff Roster Planner App. Streamline operations, optimise productivity, and improve customer experience.


“Plan Your Staff Roster According to the Anticipated Shoppers in the Next 4 Weeks”

Conventional staff roster schedulers make it challenging for store managers to anticipate and accommodate varying store traffic. Fixed rosters can result in either understaffing, impacting customer experience, or overstaffing, wasting resources.

Leveraging historical footfall patterns and AI models, FootfallCam Staff Roster App recommends an ideal staff-to-footfall ratio for optimal staffing levels.

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FootfallCam AI

FootfallCam - Current: Overstaffed Understaffed

Without visibility to historical and projected footfall data, store managers have to plan staff rosters in a “uninformed” manner, relying solely on guesswork.

FootfallCam - AI Recommends: Ideal Staff-to-Footfall Ratio

Leveraging diverse datasets such as historical footfall, weather, holidays, and more, FootfallCam AI intelligently processes and recommends the optimal staffing levels based on predictions.

FootfallCam - Labour Cost Reduced, Sales Increased

By adopting AI recommendations for determining the ideal staff numbers, retail stores can avoid unnecessary labour cost wastage while enhancing the customer experience.


“Without footfall data, staff scheduling can become rigid, making it difficult to accommodate fluctuating traffic patterns at different hours.”

Staff Roster Planner
Staffing Level Review
Staff Data Configuration

Staff Roster Planner

FootfallCam People Counting System - Pre-Plan Staffing Level in Advance

Pre-Plan Staffing Level in Advance

Leveraging the footfall data and predictive analytics, it helps operation managers with smart staff allocations based on golden ratio of footfall-to-staff.

Staffing Level Review

FootfallCam People Counting System - Assessing Staffing Levels from a Strategic Perspective

Assessing Staffing Levels from a Strategic Perspective

The review of staffing levels in a retail store is essential in ensuring that there is an optimal balance between customer service and labour cost to achieve optimised shopping experience.

Staff Data Configuration

FootfallCam People Counting System - For Management Review

Getting the Staff Data Ready

A workspace for operation managers to import staff data and ensure the data readiness for staff planning purpose.

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Staff Roster Planner App

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Ideal Staffing Level Prediction

Staff Roster Planner App Icon

Staff Roster Planner App

Learning from historical footfall pattern, FootfallCam AI recommends the ideal staffing level to achieve the most optimal footfall-to-staff ratio.

What You’ll Need

  • Footfall Data captured by FootfallCam people counters
  • Training Data (Optional):
  • Staff Information
  • Staff Salary
  • Daily Working Hours
  • Maximum Working Hours per Staff
  • Store Information

Use Case in Action

FootfallCam Lab

Business Challenge

FootfallCam Lab* faces the challenge of managing fluctuating footfall patterns in retail stores. The Operation Manager struggles with a fixed staff roster that doesn't adapt to varying customer traffic. This rigidity hinders their ability to efficiently allocate staff during peak shopping times.


FootfallCam's Staff Roster Planner App recommends optimal staffing levels by analysing historical footfall data and predicting peak periods. This empowers Operation Managers to dynamically adjust staff schedules, ensuring efficient coverage during high-traffic times and reducing staffing costs.

*This is a fictitious company and a hypothetical use case.