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People Counting in Kuwait

FootfallCam 3D Pro2، المعروف بأنه عداد الأشخاص العالمي الرائد على مدار السنوات الثلاث الماضية، في بيئات متنوعة، بما في ذلك مراكز التسوق ومتاجر البيع بالتجزئة والمتاحف ومباني المكاتب والحافلات. يتم إثبات دقتها العالية وموثوقيتها باستمرار. مقترنًا ببرنامج FootfallCam V9، يقوم النظام بتخصيص وظائف أعماله لتلبية المتطلبات المحددة لقطاعات السوق المختلفة. وقد تم تنفيذ حلولنا في مدن كويتية رئيسية مثل الأحمدي، حولي، صباح السالم، والفروانية، مما يؤكد التزامنا بخدمة الكويت من خلال الدعم المخصص والمنتجات المتميزة

The FootfallCam 3D Pro2, recognised as the leading global people counter for the past three years, is installed in diverse environments, including shopping centres, retail stores, museums, office buildings, and buses. Its high accuracy and reliability are consistently demonstrated. Paired with the FootfallCam V9 software, the system tailors its business functions to meet the specific requirements of different market segments. Our solutions have been implemented in key Kuwaiti cities such as Al Ahmadi, Ḩawallī, Şabāḩ as Sālim, and Al Farwānīyah, underscoring our commitment to serving Kuwait with dedicated support and superior products.

Local Case Studies

Some of our local deployments across multiple industries.


    Marina Mall in Kuwait, on Salem Al Mubarak St, Salmiya, enhances visitor experience with FootfallCam's people counting solution. By deploying people counters, the mall monitors traffic flow, identifies visit patterns, and plans events effectively.

  • 89 MALL

    Leveraging FootfallCam's people counters, 89 Mall located in Egaila Kuwait optimises tenant placement, refines marketing strategies, and enhances customer experiences. Data-driven decisions drive operational efficiency, fostering a thriving luxury outlet destination.


    Midas Furniture, Kuwait's premier furniture retailer in Rai and Al-Dajeej, enhances operations with FootfallCam's 16 deployed people counters. Optimising entrance counting, traffic flow, and product engagement, elevating the customer experience.


    70+ FootfallCam's people counters have aided Apparel Group in optimising retail operations, enhancing customer engagement across its diverse portfolio of fashion, footwear, and lifestyle brands in Kuwait and beyond.


    Trafalgar is a premier regional luxury retailer with 50+ years of excellence. Deploying people counters across stores in Kuwait, Trafalgar enhances shopping experience and product engagement with FootfallCam's people-counting solution.


    FootfallCam's people counters have helped Fantasy World, Kuwait's premier toy retailer with six stores, optimise store operations. Zone Analytics and heatmaps enhance inventory management, ensuring an engaging and efficient toy shopping experience.


    Grand Hypermarket Kuwait optimises retail operations with FootfallCam's accurate footfall analytics. With footfall data streamlined across multiple hypermarket locations, distinct performance benchmarks can be set for different stores.


    By harnessing FootfallCam's people counters, Jashanmal transforms retail dynamics. Smarter layouts, targeted marketing, and heightened safety redefine customer experience and operational excellence, spanning diverse industry sectors.


    Sara Collection elevates the accessory shopping experience in Kuwait with FootfallCam's people counters. Across 8 showrooms, footfall data are connected and monitored to analyse performances for different stores.


    Serb Fashion, a premium menswear retailer in Kuwait since 1985 has deployed 3D people counters in key locations like Salmiya, Rai, Zahra, and Sharq, the large men's fashion retailer utilises accurate footfall data for better staff planning.


    Al Ashira Mall has installed FootfallCam across the shopping complex to track foot traffic patterns. This aids in gaining consumer behaviour insights and their movement within the mall, enabling informed adjustments to rental costs of tenant spaces.


    Banta Furniture, a prominent furniture retailer operating in the Middle East, has implemented footfall counting sensors in its showrooms throughout major cities in Kuwait, such as Kuwait City and Dajeej. This technology tracks the customer shopping patterns within the stores, providing management with valuable insights to optimise showroom layouts.

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