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People Counting in Germany

Deutsche Unternehmen haben Personenzählsysteme in verschiedenen Branchen eingesetzt, darunter in der Fertigung, im Einzelhandel, in Büros, Zügen und Touristenattraktionen. Über das FootfallCam-Netzwerk von Systemintegratoren in Berlin, Hamburg, München, Köln, Frankfurt, Stuttgart und Düsseldorf wird jedes System mit benutzerdefinierten Dashboards und Geschäftsregeln konfiguriert. Diese Konfigurationen benachrichtigen Benutzer, wenn ein Ereignis ausgelöst wird, und stellt so zeitnahes Handeln für maximale betriebliche Effizienz sicher.

Local Case Studies

Some of our local deployments across multiple industries.


    myPharmacy, a small pharmacy located in Unterföhring, has installed a people counting system in its stores. This technology allows them to comprehend customer behaviour and improve the overall customer experience, ensuring long-term enhancements for many years to come.


    With the help of Accenture, FootfallCam has rolled out across all 500+ The Body Shop stores across Europe. The HQ, franchisee and regional management has access to their stores' live data, to make operational adjustments.

    Read the case study

    The Swiss eyewear company, VIU, has deployed 3D people counter for its outlets across Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The deployment serves as a part of its operation strategy to understand the footfall trend of its stores, enabling management to monitor the regional store performance.


    The renowned Swiss chocolatier, Läderach, has implemented a people counting system in its stores in Germany and the United Kingdom. This system provides a macro view of the effectiveness of regional marketing initiatives and store performance.

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    The cashmere apparel brand, Gobi Cashmere, has installed people counters in its outlets in Berlin and Dusseldorf. By monitoring the traffic trend, the management can gain full visibility into the marketing effectiveness, obtaining insights into customer responses to promotional activities.

  • HAIX

    Understanding customer patterns is crucial for retail success. Hence, Haix has deployed FootfallCam 3D Pro2 in its store to gain valuable insights into visitor trends, peak hours, and movements, enabling informed decisions on staffing, layout, and store management.


    Genesis, the luxury automotive brand, has rolled out the FootfallCam system in its experience studios and showrooms throughout the UK, Germany, and Switzerland. This system provide the management with better insight into visitor engagement, improving overall customer experience.

    Read the case study

    Falgas is an amusement rides and arcades operator in Germany. The company has installed FootfallCam people counting solutions to gain insights into customer behaviour, thereby enhancing the overall customer experience at their establishments.


    Evolanguage, a language education institution in Germany, has equipped its Frankfurt language school with a footfall counting system. This technology includes bidirectional counting, enabling decision-makers to monitor the real-time occupancy of the learning areas at any time.


    The prominent retail chain specializing in baby and children's products, Babypark, has implemented footfall counters in its stores. This sophisticated system monitors shopper traffic patterns, offering the management crucial insights into the effectiveness of their marketing strategies and store performance.


    University of Stuttgart's Institute for Computational Design and Construction (ICD) has deployed a people counting system. This system provides real-time occupancy data, ensuring adherence to safety regulations and facilitating swift emergency response in case of unforeseen events.


    DiNited collaborates with FootfallCam to offer people counting solutions to clients like Kömpf Bauzentrum GmbH in Stuttgart. This empowers clients with accurate visitor tracking and analytics to optimise resource allocation, staffing, and enhance in-store visitor experience.


    Honda has deployed FootfallCam systems in its European showrooms, covering Germany, France, Italy, the UK, Portugal, Spain, and extending to Nepal. These solutions track visitor metrics like dwell time, heat maps, and space utilisation, enhancing the showroom experience.


    The premier European bedding and bedroom furniture company, Swiss Sense, has deployed FootfallCam solutions across Europe, including the UK, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, and Austria, to analyse store traffic trends across regions, facilitating data-driven decisions and store optimisation.


    BaseStack has installed a people counting system for its esport centre in Dortmund. By measuring the footfall traffic, the manager can effectively plan for the staffing level and the centre operation, allowing for improve customer services and customer satisfaction.


    A well-known UK sports brand has used FootfallCam for the last 8 years to gain insights into the shopper behaviours in their shops.

    Read the case study

    Ivy Oak, the German homegrown fashion apparel brand, has introduced a people counting system in its Berlin outlets. This advanced technology provides valuable insights into customer traffic, enabling decision-makers to evaluate store performance comprehensively.


    The esteemed British outdoor and leisure clothing brand, Regatta, has employed the FootfallCam system to monitor its store performance and operations throughout America and Europe, encompassing Canada, the US, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, and Italy.

  • KPMG

    FootfallCam has collaborated with KPMG to offer people counting solutions to its clients, enabling them to gain in-depth insights into traffic trends at entrances.


    mySWOOOP has installed people counting system for its outlets in Bremen. This technology provides detailed insights into customer behaviour and interactions with products, enabling management to improve service quality for clients effectively and seamlessly.


    The global renowned company famed for its Swiss Army Knives, Victorinox, has implemented FootfallCam in its stores across Switzerland, Austria, Germany, the UK, the Czech Republic, France and Hong Kong, serving as a critical tool to monitor regional operational performance.


    ESA has partnered with FootfallCam to implement smart washroom solutions. Leveraging this technology, ESA gains crucial insights into washroom usage, facilitating efficient cleaning task scheduling to maintain optimal hygiene standards.

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