Queue and Occupancy Management System

Customer experience is key for most food establishment businesses. Let's explore how to enhance the customer experience by utilising footfall data, queue data and space analytics.

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People Counting for Food Establishments

FootfallCam helps cafeteria, bar, and nightclub owners, food court operators, and fast food restaurant franchisees in measuring footfall performance across all their branches. This enables them to effectively manage capacity and enhance the customer experience by optimising the “Speed of Service”.

  • Live and Historical Occupancy
  • Average Waiting Time
  • Average Serving Time
  • Seat Occupancy
People Counting for Food Establishments

FootfallCam in Action

Key essential metrics required by most of the food establishment operators

How it Works?

Queue Detection
Waiting Time
Managing Rush Hour
Ensure Right Level of Coziness
Occupancy (Bar & Nightclub)

Queue Detection

One People Counter at Ordering Area

  • Queue Length
  • Average Waiting Time
  • Average Serving Time
  • No. of Checkouts Required

Waiting Time

One People Counter at Pickup Area

  • Queue Length
  • Average Waiting Time
  • Average Waiting Time
  • No. of Checkouts Required

Managing Rush Hour

One People Counter at the Entrance

  • Visitor Count (In/Out)
  • Total Occupancy (Cafeteria)
  • Peak Hours vs Non Peak Hours
  • Predicted Occupancy

Ensure Right Level of Coziness

One People Counter at the Dine-In Area

  • Visitor Count (In/Out)
  • Seating Occupancy
  • Desk Availability Duration
  • Cleaning Alerts

Occupancy (Bar & Nightclub)

One People Counting Device at the Bar Entrance

  • Metrics Captured: Live Occupancy
  • Monitor real-time occupancy to manage capacity limits
  • Using Video Counting

Local Case Studies

Food Establishments around the world are using FootfallCam

See all Case Studies in United States

    Kerb Seven Dials, an indoor food market located in London, UK, has incorporated a people counting solution within its market hall. The technology helps tracking the traffic trends, ultimately enhancing the overall visitor experience.


    Yum! Brands has implemented people counting technology in its Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) outlets. The technology accurately tracks queue lines and waiting times at ordering kiosks and service counters, ensuring staff to meet their KPIs related to service speed.


    Syngenta Group, the leading company in agricultural innovation and technology, has implemented traffic counter in its corporate dining area in France. This technology offers insights into the occupancy levels of the restaurant, enabling building occupants to plan their lunch hours effectively to prevent overcrowding.


    FootfallCam people counters aid Patrick's, a pub in Israel in understanding peak hours and busy periods. This insight allows Patrick's to implement effective crowd management strategies, preventing overcrowding and maintaining a comfortable atmosphere for patrons.


    Market Halls has installed footfall counting systems across its venues, including those in Victoria, Canary Wharf, and Oxford Street. This technology tracks the visitor numbers, offering insights into visitor trends. These insights are crucial for effective staff allocation, ensuring an exciting and buzzing dining experience for all guests.


    Little Caesars Pizza in Calle 50, Panama, installed FootfallCam people counters at the main entrance to understand the footfall pattern for staffing optimisation. By knowing when the restaurant experiences higher footfall, management can ensure that there are enough staff members available to handle orders and provide efficient service.


    KFC, has implemented FootfallCam system to measure employee's service levels KPI. The technology monitors customer behavior and queue lines at key service areas, including kiosks, ordering counters, and pick-up counters. These insights are invaluable in facilitating smooth and efficient business processes.


    Petronas, the global Malaysian energy group, has equipped its new café venture, Café Mesra, with people counters. This technology measures the number of customers visiting the café, providing management with complete visibility into the business performance of this new endeavour.


    The Hazelnut Factory, a luxury cafe and bakery, has introduced footfall counters in its shop. This technology employs prescriptive analytics to predict customer traffic patterns, offering management valuable insights in staff allocation planning to ensure optimal service levels.


    The island cafe situated in the centre of Bhimtal Lake has been equipped with a people counters. The solution tracks visitor flow across various areas of the island cafe, offering insights into visitor preferences, thereby allowing manager to meet the customer needs effectively.


    Being situated in one of the world's most renowned cities, Babeth's Feast anticipates a significant influx of customers. Hence, they chose FootfallCam to monitor visitor traffic and peak hours, aiming to refine operational efficiency and elevate customers’ dining experience.


    An Bhialann, the largest restaurant in the University of Galway, has introduced a people counter. The solution offers insights into traffic trends, enabling them to align staffing levels with patrons' demand to ensure prompt and effective service, especially during peak hours.


    Pedevilla Restaurant leverages FootfallCam's technology to gain insights into customer traffic patterns and monitor queues effectively. This innovative solution not only enhances operational efficiency but also improves the dining experience and satisfaction for its customers.


    The high-end food hall in New Oxford, Arcade Food Hall, has installed footfall sensors to monitor the occupancy levels of the hall. The proactive way of managing visitor flow helps to create a more enjoyable dining experience, encouraging positive customer feedback.


    The Far Canal, a village pub located in Taunton, has installed a footfall counting sensor at its entrance and exit. The sensors offer customer traffic data for effective staff allocation, allowing for prompt customer service to ensure the venue is well-prepared for the customers.


    Situated in India, China Gate Restaurant has embraced FootfallCam cutting-edge technology to elevate its dining experience. By gaining insights into foot traffic, the management can arrange seating seamlessly, ensuring prompt service and enhancing the dining journey.


    The fast service restaurant chain, Eazie, has implemented a footfall sensor in its outlet in Utrecht. Through customer trend prediction, the deployment enables the restaurant to dynamically adjust its staffing levels, ensuring prompt and responsive service to customers.


    In collaboration with FootfallCam, Proximity Futures deployed a people counter for a McDonald in Sutton Coldfield. The technology allows the management to ensure that its restaurant adheres to safety regulations and occupancy limits, optimising the dining experience and maintaining a secure environment.


    The American restaurant chain, The Diner, has equipped its London outlet with a people counter. By aligning staffing levels and kitchen operations with footfall peak times, the restaurant could minimise wait times, contributing to a more satisfying and memorable visit for diners.


    香港的日本飯糰特色店 華禦結 (Hana-Musubi) 為其店鋪部署了人流計數係統。 該系統透過分析顧客流動趨勢,讓經理人能夠評估近期促銷活動的實際效果。 這些資訊能成為 華禦結 未來行銷方案的參考,使其得以根據顧客偏好調整其策略並有效增加店面客流。


    A popular bar in Bergen, Norway, No Stress aims to elevate its customer experience. The installation of people counters offers insights into customer traffic patterns and product selections, enabling management to optimise operation hours and curate tailored experiences.


    London Dairy Café in Dubai enhances store analysis with FootfallCam people counters, providing detailed insights into customer traffic patterns and menu preferences, empowering data-driven decisions for operational optimization and enhanced dining experiences.


    Steakhouse Vivaldi is an esteemed culinary destination in Winterswijk Miste, Netherlands. The FootfallCam people counters has provided insights into customer traffic and dining patterns, enabling them to anticipate needs better and deliver unparalleled customer satisfaction.


    The UK-based restaurant chain, Abokado, has equipped its Westminster outlet with a footfall counter. This innovative system provides management with solid data on customer patterns, facilitating accurate predictions of customer demand.


    The independent coffee bar in Castle Rock, Colorado, Omni Cafe, has installed a people counter in its cafe. By understanding customer traffic trends, Omni Cafe can adjust its staffing levels to ensure prompt customer service and reduce waiting times.


    Wynn Palace Café Fontana has installed 3D Pro2 to monitor traffic, and Space Sense to monitor seating occupancy with the assistance from Vastcom. The staffs are alerted for seat cleaning when customers leave, ensuring seamless operations and customer satisfaction.

Enterprise Grade Software Platform

Data Analytics and Reporting, offers comprehensive footfall data and metrics for all key stakeholders

Operation Review Dashboard

For Cafeteria Owners and Operators

Comprehensive statistics for each branch, including footfall, occupancy, serving time, queue length, and seat occupancy. These insights enable operators and owners to review the performance of each individual branch.

Operation Review Dashboard

Live Operation Dashboard

For Cafeteria, Bar, Nightclub Managers

Real-time monitoring of footfall and occupancy levels at each branch allows branch managers to effectively manage capacity and allocate staff on-the-spot, improving the customer experience.

Live Operation Dashboard

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