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FootfallCam 3D MAX

FootfallCam 3D MAX™

Flagship 3D Stereoscopic People Counter with the widest field-of-view coverage in the industry. The FootfallCam 3D MAX™ is embedded with a powerful 1.2GHZ Quadcore processor to run its complex video processing algorithm.

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FootfallCam 3D Pro2

FootfallCam 3D Pro2™

FootfallCam 3D Pro™ is specially designed to support low ceiling height (as low as 2.1m) counting. The FootfallCam 3D Pro™ is packed with upgraded features while maintaining the performance of its predecessors.

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FootfallCam 3D Extend

FootfallCam 3D Extend™

Specialised 3D Stereoscopic Vision People Counter with the widest fields of view and supporting up to 25m ceiling height. Footfallcam 3D Extend™ is embedded with a powerful 1.2GHz Quadcore processor, specifically to run its complex video processing algorithm.

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FootfallCam 3D Mini

FootfallCam 3D Mini™

Cost effective people counting for single door entrance for quick and easy development. FootfallCam 3D Min™ is specially designed for anonymous people counting using Time of Flight (ToF) technology to collect anonymous depth image data.

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FootfallCam Display Module

FootfallCam Display Module™

FootfallCam Display Module™ offers an easy, fast and economical solution suitable for any customer to display the live occupancy dashboard. The Display Module can be connected to any display monitor with HDMI.

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FootfallCam Centroid

FootfallCam Centroid™

Adding AI video analytics to your existing cctv. Workplace task alert and optimise Workflow. FootfallCam Centroid™ processes up to eight HD full-motion video streams in real-time.

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FootfallCam Centroid Outdoor

FootfallCam Centroid Outdoor™

Adding AI Video Analytics to Your Outdoor CCTV. FootfallCam Centroid Outdoor™ processes up to four HD full-motion video streams in real-time. Data is transferred to the cloud via 4G connection.

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Footfallcam  Drop pole 0.6m

Drop Pole for People Counter (0.6m)

Allows installation of a FootfallCam device when the ceiling height of the store is outside of the recommended range or wall bracket is not suitable. Extension range of 0.6m.

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FootfallCam Drop pole 3m

Drop Pole for People Counter (3m)

Allows installation of a FootfallCam device when the ceiling height of the store is outside of the recommended range or wall bracket is not suitable. Extension range of 3m.

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FootfallCam Wall Bracket

Wall Mount Bracket for People Counter

Recommended wall mount bracket when counters may not be able to mount on the ceiling. It helps to secure counters on the wall with minimal work.

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FootfallCam 3D MAX Flush Mount Bracket

Tilted Flush Mount Kit for 3D MAX™

Designed for indoor ceiling mounting to provide easy cable routing without any exposed wiring and is equipped with optional vertical tilt adjustment up to an incline of 20° (degrees).

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FootfallCam Staff Exclusion Tag

FootfallCam Staff Exclusion Tag™

Tag with a unique pattern only recognizable by FootfallCam 3D Plus2™ and 3D Max™ counters. It excludes any person wearing the tag from being counted.

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FootfallCam Staff Exclusion Wall Mounted Button

Staff Exclusion Wall Mounted Button™

An additional peripheral attached to exclude the counting of staff in their Footfall data. It can be installed at the entrance side of every door to be easily accessible by staff.

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FootfallCam PoE Switch

FootfallCam PoE Switch™

The PoE Switch provides multiple adaptive RJ45 ports that are used for connecting multiple people counters in a singular location with support on MDI and MDIX auto flipping and wire-speed forwarding.

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FootfallCam Space Sense

FootfallCam Space Sense™

Wireless Passive Infrared (PiR) Sensor. Suitable for desk occupancy and washroom cubicle occupancy. The sensor will be installed under the desk which detects any movement under the desk to determine if it is occupied.

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Footfallcam Depth Sense

Footfallcam Depth Sense™

Mounted to the lid of bins to measure the filled level inside the bins. The FootfallCam Depth Sense™ transmits data to the FootfallCam Analytic Manager V8™ software for bin level computation.

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Footfallcam Smell Sense

Footfallcam Smell Sense™

Detect unpleasant odor in commercial and public toilets where the usage level can change by day and occasion. FootfallCam Smell Sense™ intelligently monitors the concentration of ammonia in the air and sends notifications when odor level reaches a threshold.

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LabelNest E-Display LN21

LabelNest E-Display LN21™

2.1-inch E-paper Interface for your workplace automation system. E-paper display technology boasts a high contrast ratio, makes superior viewing angle at nearly 180°. It can be placed on shelves and replace traditional paper labels.

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FootfallCam Smart Bus Controller

FootfallCam Smart Bus Controller™

Simplify wiring setup by connecting multiple people counters in a single bus. FootfallCam Smart Bus Controller™ allows users to provide internet connection and power up to 4 counters via PoE cables.

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FootfallCam Soap Dispenser

FootfallCam Soap Dispenser™

Equipped with a smart sensor, the FootfallCam Smart Soap Dispenser™ monitors the usage levels of hand soap or sanitizers. The sensor keeps track of the number of times a hand is placed below the dispenser.

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FootfallCam Smart Toilet Roll Holder

FootfallCam Smart Toilet Roll Holder™

Toilet paper roll replacement alert equipped with a smart sensor to monitor the usage levels of toilet paper. Each holder connects to the FootfallCam people counter gateway through a wireless network. Users are notified when toilet roll needs to be replaced or running low.

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Magic Mirror 55

Magic Mirror 55™

Equipped with the most advanced hardware and cutting-edge software, the 55” full touch screen with Kinect body sensor. The Magic Mirror extends what a traditional digital signage can do by adding interactive experience onto existing digital content.

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Magic Mirror 24

Magic Mirror 24™

Magic Mirror acts as an extension of the physical shelf space. Showcase thousands of products by connecting with online e-commerce sites. As a digital kiosk, keep shoppers engaged and ask for assistance easily.

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FootfallCam Analytics Manager V8

FootfallCam Analytics Manager V8™

A software with web-based control panel to manage large number of counters with a prescriptive dashboard and reports.

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