FootfallCam Centroid

AI Video Analytics for Existing CCTV System

Small and Powerful AI Analytic Processor

Supports 8x CCTV Cameras, reuse existing CCTV

Compatible with any IP CCTV Cameras

Easy to Install, Maintain, and Integrate

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FootfallCam Centroid™

FootfallCam Centroid™ processes up to eight HD full-motion video streams in real-time and can be deployed as a low-power edge intelligent video analytics platform for Network Video Recorders (NVR), smart cameras, and IoT gateways. It is a cost-effective solution for retailers to gain insights into shopper in-store engagement analytics by reusing the existing CCTV system, without having to invest in new infrastructure.

FootfallCam People Counting System - FootfallCam Centroid FootfallCam People Counting System - FootfallCam Centroid

Technical Data

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Device Dimension (mm)

140 (W) x 81 (D) x 60 (H)


270 gm


Made by Metal ; Black


64-bit Quad-core @ 1.43GHz


128-core @ 921MHz


4GB 64-bit LPDDR4 @ 1600MHz | 25.6 GB/s

Video Encoder

4Kp30 | (4x) 1080p30 | (2x) 1080p60

Video Decoder

4Kp60 | (2x) 4Kp30 | (8x) 1080p30 (4x) 1080p60

Processor Power



4x USB 3.0 A (Host) | USB 2.0 Micro B (Device)


HDMI | DisplayPort


Gigabit Ethernet (RJ45)


M.2 Key-E with PCIe x1


MicroSD card (16GB UHS-1 recommended minimum)

Power Supply

5V4A DC Power Adapter

Average Data Transfer Rate

5.0 kilobytes/hour *Average Data Transfer Rate is measured with a predefined sample size of 20 requests per hour.


1-year Manufacturer Warranty


Made in the UK

Key Features

FootfallCam Centroid - Measure Customer Engagement in Key Areas

Measure Customer Engagement in Key Areas

Quantifying customer-product engagement levels within your store

  • Which area is the “most popular” and which is the “least popular”?
  • Which product category has the highest engagement level?
  • How long do your shoppers stay in each area to browse the products?

FootfallCam Centroid - Heatmap

Heatmap: Visualising Shopping Activities within Your Store

Adding AI analytics to existing CCTV video streams captures and visualises the shopping journey over time. This helps retailers understand customers' preferred paths and touchpoints before making a purchase, providing valuable insights into shopping behaviour.

FootfallCam Centroid - Staff Exclusion

Staff Exclusion: Providing Realistic Customer Engagement Rates

In retail settings, store staff often accompany customers, offering assistance and recommendations. Therefore, it's vital to differentiate between staff and customers when measuring engagement rates. Excluding staff from counts ensures accurate assessments of customer engagement in each area.

AI Video Analytics Technology

How does it work?

Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

FootfallCam Centroid Video Thumbnail

Reuse your CCTV with Centroid -Customer Engagement

  • Identify the customer engagement level in your defined area of interest
  • Metrics Measured:
    • Engaged Customers
    • Passerbys
    • Average Dwell Time


FootfallCam Centroid Video Thumbnail

Reuse your CCTV with Centroid - Heatmap

  • Visualise the customer’s shopping journey within your store
  • Identify the “hot” and “cold” zone - “Most popular” and “least popular” areas, at all times

How to connect it up?

Works with any CCTV system in place

Each FootfallCam Centroid™ can be connected to up to 8 CCTV cameras for maximum coverage and cost-effectiveness. The videos from PoE Switch/ DVR/ NVR are processed in real time to generate in-depth data analytics. The aggregated data from each raw video stream are available to be accessed through FootfallCam Analytic Manager V9™ with read-made modules and reports.

FootfallCam Centroid - Works with any CCTV system in place

In-Store Analytics for Retail Stores

Part of FootfallCam V9 Analytics

Integrates with Other Business Metrics, Providing More Comprehensive Analytics

In-store pre-purchase analytics, such as passerbys, engaged customers, and their visit duration in different areas of the store, enable retailers to gain valuable insights. However, customer engagement data alone may not offer the comprehensive shopper analytics that retailers need. By combining this data with other metrics collected by FootfallCam 3D Pro2 people counter, such as footfall, visit duration, and outside traffic, retailers can achieve a more holistic view of the data analytics essential for all businesses.

FootfallCam Centroid - Integrates with Other Business Metrics