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Whether you're an established business seeking to expand in a growing market, looking to diversify your product portfolio, or currently engaged in a project, partnering with us will elevate your product offerings and enable you to seize valuable project opportunities. Through a worldwide collaboration with a network of skilled system integrators, FootfallCam is dedicated to ensuring successful project deliveries while providing exceptional support to our partners.

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Why Partner with FootfallCam?

By becoming a part of FootfallCam's Partner Program as a System Integrator, you will gain significant advantages:

  • Fulfilling All Project Requirements - Offers a comprehensive solution to serve your clients, leveraging FootfallCam’s specialised expertise to complete crucial aspects of your projects.
  • Secure More Projects - Utilise our sales proposals and winning templates to enhance your sales process and increase your chances of success.
  • Comprehensive Technical Support - Receive dedicated support in handling technical queries from your clients, while also benefiting from industry recognition.
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Partner’s Responsibilities

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Deliver the Best Solutions to Your Clients Together

Local Order Fulfilments

Local warehousing with ready stocks, able to handle local delivery to clients.

Local Sales Supports

Experienced and proficient in presenting to potential clients with the right value proposition.

Local Maintenance

Looking after the system maintenance, site visits, RMA request handling and so on.

FootfallCam‘s Supports

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FootfallCam Partner Program Advantage

Sales Support

FootfallCam offers extensive sales support to its partners, equipping them with the necessary tools and resources to effectively pitch projects and secure successful deals.

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Project Delivery

Supports our partners in every phase of project realisation, encompassing system design, project planning, deployment, accuracy tuning, and data analytics, all geared towards delivering tangible business value to your clients.

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Technical Support

Dedicated technical support will be offered to our partners, ensuring our partners are receiving prompt assistance, guidance, and expertise to effectively implement, troubleshoot, and maintain the FootfallCam solution.

What’s Next?

Get in touch with us for more information about becoming a FootfallCam partner.

What Our Partners Say

Partner Voices: What Our Partners Have to Say


“Bridging project gaps with their expertise in people counting, AI data analytics.”


“Boosted our revenue as we’ve managed to secure more project rollouts.”

Saudi Arabia

“With FootfallCam's support, we can successfully bring all projects to fruition.”

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