Increase your Rental Revenue using Footfall Data

By gaining valuable insights into shopper behaviour, shopping malls can optimise operations, justify rental rates, and ultimately improving profitability.


Measure Shoppers Traffic Flow

“89% of shopping mall operators consider people counting technology at entrances as a key requirement for optimising operational efficiency.”

Mall operators need various types of information such as the number of shoppers that entered the mall within the last 15 minutes and the areas in the mall where they spent their time, in order to make short-term operational adjustments and long-term strategic plans.

Mall People Counting Analytics Reports
FootfallCam People Counting System - Measure Shoppers Traffic Flow Installed at Main Entrance of a Shopping Mall in Abu Dhabi

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Key Features

Measure the ROI of Each Marketing Promotion

“By using footfall data to track shopper traffic during mall marketing events, mall operators can accurately measure the success of their marketing efforts, with some reporting an average increase of up to 30% in sales during these events.”

Throughout the year, shopping centers host various events to attract crowds. Our machine learning algorithm helps evaluate the effectiveness of each event, suggesting which ones are successful in attracting the right audience and which ones need to be reviewed for improvement in the future.

FootfallCam People Counting System - Measure the ROI of Each Marketing Promotion Gauge the Effectiveness of Each Marketing Campaigns

Plan for the Right Level of Staffing

“According to a survey conducted by the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC), 76% of shoppers indicated that they would be less likely to visit a shopping center if they had a negative experience with customer service.”

Ensuring that there are sufficient helpers, security staff, and cleaners in shopping centres is essential as visitor traffic can vary. To maintain a consistent level of service, mall operators need to plan their staff roster based on the expected footfall.

FootfallCam People Counting System - Plan for the Right Level of Staffing Footfall-Based Staff Planning Scheduling

Tenant Rental Justification

“When a mall operator uses advanced analytics to select tenants, optimise mall layout, and the determine rents, its revenues can rise by 20%” [1]

By analysing footfall and sales data from tenants, our machine learning algorithms can evaluate the effectiveness of each store's location and recommend an optimal mix of tenants that will maximise revenue for both the tenants and the mall operators.

FootfallCam People Counting System - Tenant Rental Justification Visualise the Shoppers’ Traffic Flow across the Mall

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Leveraging Advanced Analytics to Increase Mall Revenues

FootfallCam in Action

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How it Works?

Entrance Counting
Area Counting
Marketing Effectiveness
Crowd Counting

Entrance Counting

Area Counting

Marketing Effectiveness

Crowd Counting

Why FootfallCam?

4x Counting Devices

Combining four different counting technologies provides varying degrees of data granularity

10+ Dashboard & Report Templates

Visualise the footfall pattern in live dashboards and management reports for KPI review

Prescriptive Analytics

With intelligent business rules and machine learning to provide smart recommendations

3x Customised Apps

Automate the workflow and optimise operations across multiple business functions

Cost Effective

Flexibility to choose the most suitable people counting device that caters to specific use cases

Data Modelling

Combining data from devices and zones helps malls track progress with meaningful metrics

Product Overview

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Software Analytics Platform

FootfallCam Analytics Manager V9

Leveraging footfall data to gain insights into shopper behaviour and ROI tracking

Our AI-driven analytics platform offers an array of solutions to address various challenges users face, including shopper insights, catchment area demographics, missed opportunities, marketing ROI, and the impact of store upgrades and locations, as well as staffing requirements. With comprehensive footfall data and intuitive AI-driven recommendations, our platform empowers shopping mall managers, marketing managers, and operations leaders to make informed decisions, enhance the customer experience, and optimise operations, leading to increased sales.

FootfallCam People Counting System - Sales Tracker App

AI Assistant for Alerts & Recommendations

An artificial intelligence assistant that proactively alerts and suggests actions.

Continual Learning and Improvement

The machine learning algorithms constantly learns and improves its predictions over time.

Near Real-time Response

Enables timely and informed decision making, leading to increased operational efficiency.

Tailor-made Analytics

The analytics provided by the system can be customised to meet specific needs.

Apps / Dashboard / Reports

A multi-stakeholder tool equipped with workflow automation, dashboards, and reports.

“A major shopping mall in Hong Kong has utilised the FootfallCam Shopping Mall Analytics System to measure customer experience, optimise tenant mix, and achieve a significant increase in rental rate by 23%.”

FootfallCam People Counting System - Case studies

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Top 5 Selection Criteria to Consider

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