FootfallCam for Shopping Malls

People Counting in Shopping Mall

Footfall is an essential metric for shopping mall to understand shoppers' behavior, preference and visit pattern within the mall compound. With an increase of understanding on how visitors travel from one area to another area, it gives management strong points in devising traffic flow strategies that will push the visitors to desired pathway. The key is to obtain meaningful data in zone analytics and traffic flow. FootfallCam system can help you to predict and plan the marketing events, shop positions and justify the rental rates for its tenants.

Key Solutions

Visitor Counts

People counters placed at your mall entrances will tell you the number of people who visits your shopping mall as well as by hours, days, weeks and months that the mall is the busiest. C-level executives use this report to answer the following questions:

  • How many people visited my shopping mall for the past months?
  • What are the footfall trends?
  • Which hour in the day is most popular?

Zone Profiling

Shopping mall has different zones for different usage. For instance, food court, fashion and luxury zone etc. Using this Zone Analytics report, users will be able to have quantifiable figures of each zone and effectively allocate resources such as security personnel to guard zones with overflowing visitors. Based on the counts, management can use the report to justify the rental rates based on the sales opportunities generated from the visitor flows. Zone analytic is utilised to answer the following:

  • Was my area promotion successful in attracting more shoppers to the zone?
  • Which zone needs attention in restructuring to raise its attention?
  • Which zone is overcrowded or underused?

Traffic Flow

FootfallCam Analytics provide you with the traffic flow patterns of the visitors, from the first attempted location to second and third. Knowing which pathway are most popularly used will help management to plan out displays placement to attract shoppers into specific pathway. With traffic flow, it gives in-depth answers of:

  • Are my corridor placement allows visitor to flow through naturally?
  • Which pathway is most popular?
  • How visitor travels within the mall?

Heatmap Engagement

A great insights into shoppers' whereabouts and measure occupancy and dwell time. Using colour spectrum from hot to cold colours, users gained an overview into number of engaged customer and respective engaged time. Heatmap analysis provide solution to the questions below:

  • Was my location-based promotion successful in increasing shopper engagement?
  • Which item or area garnered the highest attention from shopper?
  • Is the shopper's waiting time too long or too short in making purchase?

Facility Management

Provide consistent service quality and make cost saving decisions by measuring the usage of facilities. By creating staff schedules based on the usage of facilities to reduce workload on areas that do not require maintenance, shopping mall operators can optimise the efficiency of operations.

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Case Studies - Our Customers

Paradigm Mall JB, Malaysia

Featuring as a retail haven with over 500 outlets, this mall is the largest regional mall in Johor covering 1.3million square feet and seven floors. The whole mall has 136 FootfallCam installed.

Marina Mall, Kuwait

One of the Middle East's most elegant urban shopping centers located in the Heart of Salmiyah, Kuwait's top retail commercial area. Hosting a collection of designer brand names, this mall is popular among families.

Hamra Shopping Center & Trading Co, Lebanon

A leading regional retail holding company situated in Lebanon, with distribution of wide assortment of renouned international brands.

How to buy from us?

FootfallCam work with a global network of reseller to offer local services to our customers, as well as support from us. We are more than happy to work with appointed contractors from retailers and guiding you on the dimensioning and commissioning of the system, and supporting your installation of the system.

Appointing your own contractor

End users can appoint their own contractor to deal with FootfallCam directly. FootfallCam can work alongside the contractor in designing and planning the installations, and supporting the installation remotely.

How to buy from us?

Buying from FootfallCam Authorised Reseller

End users may also purchase directly from FootfallCam authorised reseller for local support, alternatively you may contact FootfallCam directly and we will forward you to one of our trusted reseller in your area.

How to buy from us?

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