People Counting Solution for Shopping Malls

FootfallCam People Counting System helps mall management to have a better understanding on traffic flow by areas, to benchmark shopping mall performance. Determine the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Substantiate the value of retail spaces. Track customer journey through the mall. Maximize marketing by strategically placing advertisements.

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FootfallCam - Overview of Traffic Across All Malls
Entrance Counting

Overview of Traffic Across All Malls

By installing FootfallCam at every entrance of a shopping mall, users will be able to gauge the total number of visitors that visit the mall. Utilise door counting to determine the transportation mix shoppers utilise to enter the mall. With time stamped analytics, visualise the peak hours of your shopping mall and run marketing campaigns when during this time to engage the most shoppers.

Customer Behaviour Insights

Visualising the Shopping Behaviors of Your Shoppers

Understand how your shoppers enter the mall and which entrances gain the most usage, so you can set up advertisements along these entrances to gain the most exposure.

FootfallCam - Visualising the Shopping Behaviors of Your Shoppers
FootfallCam - Measure Anchors’ Occupancy
Measure Anchors’ Occupancy

Justify the Rental Rate of Your Anchor Stores

FootfallCam helps businesses to track the footfall traffics across multiple stores, evaluate the performance of your store compared to similar retail stores by benchmarking your sales opportunities with the industry average, utilise the business metrics to identify top and least performing stores and use this as a base point to improve your business as well as optimise the staff allocation.

Determine the Effectiveness of Marketing Campaigns

Measuring the Marketing Effectiveness of Your Event

Determine the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by monitoring the campaign effectiveness with the measurements for : Visitor Count, Outside Traffic, Turn In Rate, Visit Duration, Transaction Count, which maximise marketing by strategically placing advertisements.

FootfallCam - Determine the Effectiveness of Marketing Campaigns
FootfallCam - Optisiming Staff Allocation based on Actual Footfall
On-Demand Cleaning

Optisiming Staff Allocation based on Actual Footfall

People counters can be placed at entrances to restrooms, to provide a clear view of how resources are being used. Management will be able to identify which restrooms are being underutilized or over-flowing with people. By measuring the usage of facilities in the shopping mall, management can create staff schedules that accurately reflect the condition of the restroom with busier areas receiving more attention.

How It Works?

FootfallCam, How it works? - Measure


Measure the number of visitors at the mall entrances. Get informed on the number of visitors in/out of the store.

FootfallCam, How it works? - Action


Visualise the footfall trend in real time with live dashboard for operation review and perform necessary actions in real time.

FootfallCam, How it works? - Review


Evaluate the monthly footfall trend against other key business metrics for management review and decision making.

Other Key Features

Reusing existing CCTV system

Reduce infrastructure cost by reusing your existing CCTV. Multiple area can be drawn in one camera.

Up to 99.9% Accuracy

Combining 3D stereoscopic image processing and AI video analytics together with advanced tracking algorithms.

Crowd Counting

Crowd Control to avoid Stampede. Keep track of crowd density to prevent congestion and chaotic at peak hours.

Aisle Counting

Optimize the estate value of key spaces with insights into the number of visitors in each zone.

Wi-Fi Analytics

People counter is able to detect the number of smart devices within the range of Wi-Fi detection.

Enterprise Class Software

An enterprise web-based control panel is designed for customers who are managing a large number of counters.

People Counting for Shopping Malls

People Counting - Marina Mall

Marina Mall (Kuwait)

Measuring the Mall Traffic Flow

Marina Mall is one of the Middle east’s most elegant urban shopping center with the large inflow of shoppers.

People Counting - A.S Watsons

A.S Watsons (Globally)

Managing Multinational Rollout

A.S Watsons is the largest pharmaceutical retailer in the APAC region, with 5 different brands and 15,000+ stores globally.

People Counting - Nan Fung Development (HK)

Nan Fung Development (HK)

Large-Scale Mall Deployment

Nan Fung it is one of the earliest large-scale commercial centres in New Territories, Hong Kong.

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