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People Counting in Cyprus

Η Κύπρος έχει μια ευημερούσα οικονομία που βασίζεται στις υπηρεσίες, ειδικά στον τουρισμό και τον χρηματοπιστωτικό κλάδο. Αν και υφίστανται κάποια οικονομική αναταραχή τα τελευταία χρόνια, τα καταστήματα λιανικής, τα εμπορικά κέντρα, τα γραφεία, τα τρένα και οι δημόσιοι χώροι χρησιμοποιούν ευρέως συσκευές FootfallCam για τη μέτρηση της συμπεριφοράς των πελατών και τη βελτίωση των εσόδων. Έχουμε έναν αριθμό αξιόπιστων συνεργατών στην Κύπρο που δεσμεύονται να βοηθήσουν την επιχείρησή σας να προσαρμόσει μια λύση που θα ταιριάζει στον προϋπολογισμό σας.

Kıbrıs, özellikle turizm ve finans endüstrilerinde hizmete dayalı müreffeh bir ekonomiye sahiptir. Son yıllarda bazı ekonomik çalkantılar yaşansa da perakende mağazaları, alışveriş merkezleri, ofisler, trenler ve halka açık mekanlar, müşteri davranışlarını ölçmek ve geliri artırmak için FootfallCam cihazlarını yaygın olarak kullanıyor. Kıbrıs'ta, bütçenize uygun bir çözümü özelleştirmek için işletmenize yardımcı olmaya kararlı çok sayıda güvenilir ortağımız var.

Local Case Studies

Some of our local deployments across multiple industries.

  • GANT

    The international clothing brand, GANT, has installed people counters in its stores. This implementation offers management real-time data on store occupancy, enabling them to optimise staff distribution by understanding the traffic patterns of the stores


    As a renowned fashion brand in South Africa, Folli Follie aims to provide an exceptional customer shopping experience. Gaining insights into visitor behaviour and preferences with FootfallCam technology has helped the brand to tailor product offerings and optimise store layout.


    The esteemed health and wellness retailer, Holland & Barrett, has selected FootfallCam people counter for its precision and dependability. This system monitors the number of customers entering and exiting the stores, offering essential insights into the success of marketing strategies.


    Topshop Topman, a trendy apparel retailer, utilises FootfallCam 3D Pro2 to gather data on visitor traffic, dwell times, and popular areas within the store, enabling the management to gauge the effectiveness of their marketing strategies and promotions in attracting customers.


    The prominent omnichannel retail chain, Public Group, has installed people counting systems in its stores throughout Greece and Cyprus. This tactical implementation offers management crucial insights into footfall trends, aiding in the strategic decision-making process for sustained revenue growth.


    Voici La Mode, the retail fashion and hospitality giant in the region, has installed FootfallCam in its stores, including Celio, Accessorise, ETAM, Sfera, Undiz, and Cafe La Mode, serving as a critical tool to provide in-depth insights to facilitate business growth.


    The foremost cosmetics and perfume retail chain in Cyprus has fitted people counters at its store entrances. This setup offers valuable insights into the effectiveness of marketing strategies, enabling management to grasp customer preferences and deliver a seamless shopping experience.


    The Radiant Store, a professional make up and skincare retailer in Europe, has installed people counters for its outlets across Bulgaria and Cyprus. It helps in evaluating the success of different campaigns and making data-driven decisions for future marketing strategies.


    Celestino, the prominent fashion clothes and accessories retailer, has installed people counters for its outlets in Greece and Cyprus. The solution aimed to provide important metrics such as turn-in-rate, customer numbers, and conversion rate, providing insights into the regional store performance.


    Alpan Electroline Ltd, Cyprus' leading retailer of electronics and appliances, has implemented FootfallCam in its stores across key cities such as Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca, and Paphos. This enables management to oversee store performance throughout the region, aiding in the planning of marketing initiatives.


    Symeonides, the official distributor of Marks & Spencer in Cyprus, has installed FootfallCam systems in its Marks & Spencer stores across the major cities, including Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos, and Paralimni. The solution monitors the traffic flow of customers in the stores.


    The French international clothing brand, Celio, has rolled out people counting solution in 7 stores across the major cities, including Limassol, Larnaca, and Nicosia. It serves as a critical tool for the management to obtain key metrics such as visitor numbers, conversion rate and turn-in-rate.


    Malloupas & Papacostas has equipped its home decor outlet with the FootfallCam people counter. This system monitors the entry and exit of customers, providing insights into peak hours and traffic trends of the store.


    The Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (Cyta) has installed the people counting system for its store across the island to understand the traffic trend of the stores for operation optimisation to better serve its customers.


    Notos Cyprus Ltd, a foremost distributor of clothing and personal product brands, has installed people counters in its stores, encompassing brands like Botega, Lacoste, Nautica, and Loccitane. This implementation offers crucial insights to management regarding store performance.


    Nike, nestled in Cyprus's largest shopping destination, Nicosia Mall, implemented our retail solutions. The foot traffic pattern data gained from counters enable Nike to craft tailored experiences, optimise its offerings to resonate with every customer.


    The leading homegrown retail chain, Kotsovolos, has implemented FootfallCam solutions in its stores. This strategic deployment grants access to comprehensive business insights from traffic patterns, helping them to further solidifying its prominent position in the retail industry.


    Handy's Security Systems aims to gain a holistic view of the occupancy levels for their different rooms and spaces. With our system in place, they can accurately track real-time space utilisation, facilitating informed decisions regarding resource allocation and optimisation.


    The well-known smartphone and electronics brand, Xiaomi, has implemented the FootfallCam system as part of its expansion into Cyprus. This system serves as a crucial tool for monitoring store performance in the region, providing valuable insights to support Xiaomi's operations and growth in Cyprus.


    The market and community centre in Limassol, Agora, has been outfitted with a people counting system. This technology precisely monitors the inflow and outflow of customers, allowing management to identify peak times for optimal staff deployment and improved visitor experience.

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