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A Grocery Store in the U.K.

“Using AI to predict the checkouts needed 15minutes in advance”


A smart way to reduce queuing

  • Measures the number of shoppers that are coming in now
    • AI model to predict the checkouts required in the next 15 minutes.
    • Real time dashboard to alert staff the number of checkouts they would need 15 minutes in advance. This gives them enough time to assign the right number of staff at checkouts.
  • Measure the queue length to ensure Speed of Service SLA are being met at all times, this also includes the self-checkout kiosks.

Typical system designs for supermarkets that are speed of service-focus. 


Measure queues and the number of checkouts required

  • 3D Pro2 people counter – at the entrance
    • Measures the number of visitors entering the grocery store.
    • Also measures the group size, visit duration.
  • ProWave mmWave sensors – at the queuing areas of the checkouts
    • To detect if there is a staff sitting at the checkout kiosk
    • To send out alert if the queues had been
  • SpaceSense PiR sensor – at the checkout kiosks
    • To detect if there is a staff sitting at the checkout kiosk


Predicts the number of checkouts required to meet customer demands

See more metrics


Utilising FootfallCam V9 Cloud to understand the footfall patterns of individual grocery stores. Based on the footfall prediction, pre-plan staff allocation and trigger alerts for staff reallocation and opening/closing more checkout stations.

Checkout Performance Dashboard

Individual grocery store overview. Compare customer demands with the provision of checkout stations to review if the checkout service has breached the SLA, ensuring a satisfactory customer shopping experience.

Live Checkout Dashboard

A real-time dashboard provides an overview of incoming traffic, along with the status of checkout stations, featuring AI-powered footfall predictions.

Real-Time Alerts for Checkout Supervisors

Automate the opening and closing of checkout stations. Supervisors will receive alerts whenever there is a change in incoming traffic, enabling them to take immediate action based on the recommendations.

See other dashboards

Retailers that are using this solution:

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