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A Commercial Bank in the USA

“Measuring the customer service provisioning in your bank branches”


“Do we have the right level of staffing and facilities in our branches?”

  • Customer Activities SLA: The bank aims to ensure efficient services for customers at all times, particularly during busy hours.
  • Measure busy hours: Accurately predicting peak hours to allocate appropriate staffing levels.
  • Evenly distribute staff workloads: Assigning scheduled customer bookings during quieter times to balance staff availability.
  • Store format validation: Modernising bank layouts to meet evolving customer demands and measuring the effectiveness of new layouts across different regions.


Measure queues and usage of each facility

  • 3D Pro2 people counter – at the entrance 
    • Measures the number of visitors walking IN/OUT of the branch.
    • Also measures the group size, visit duration. 
  • SpaceSense PiR sensors – at the consultation desks
    • A cost-effective and non-intrusive method to track the presence of people at customer-side consultation desks. 
    • Can measure the number and duration of meetings. 
  • ProWave wide area sensors – at the waiting and queuing areas.  
    • Each sensor can cover a large floor space and accurately track the number of customers waiting in a queue or in a designated waiting area.


Measuring how long customers stay in each designated region

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Utilising FootfallCam V9 Cloud to understand the footfall patterns of individual branches, compare branch and staff performance, benchmark against the best-performing branch, and identify areas for improvement.

Bank Branch Benchmarking Dashboard

Individual bank branch overview. Benchmark against the best-performing branch. Detailed profiles of visiting profiles, consultation service provisioning, facility provisioning, and the customer experience.

Customer Activities Dashboard

Measure the activities of the customers in different areas of the bank branch. This helps the operation manager to assign the right level of staffing to alleviate congestions.

Staff Workload Dashboard

Identifying the busy and quiet times of the staff, helps the call centre to book on-site consultation visits in quieter times.

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Banks that are using this solution

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