Optimise your retail operations with footfall data. Increase sales, measure marketing ROI, and optimise staff planning.

Retail-Optimised People Counting Analytics

Optimise store performance and customer experience with footfall insights.

Report Centre
FootfallCam People Counting System - Company-Wide Footfall Trend

Company-Wide Footfall Trend

  • Company-wide monthly/weekly reports provide a comprehensive overview of retail performance.
  • Retailers can track progress and review results of sales trend and footfall pattern over time.
  • Retailers can identify successful strategies and areas for improvement through detailed performance metrics in the reports, ensures timely adjustments to meet business goals.
Company Weekly Report

Store-Level Performance

  • Retailers can monitor store-specific performance and identify high-traffic periods.
  • Retailers can gauge store-to-store performance variations and implement targeted strategies.
  • Identifying underperforming stores allows retailers to take corrective actions promptly.
  • With accurate data on customer behaviour, retailers can optimise store layouts and product placements.
  • The reports foster a deeper understanding of customer preferences, leading to personalised marketing initiatives.
Store Weekly Report
FootfallCam People Counting System - Store-Level Performance
FootfallCam People Counting System - Sales Management

Sales Management

  • Provide an overview of sales performance based on footfall insights.
  • Retailers can track sales performance and identify peak sales periods using the report.
  • This report enable retailers to set and monitor sales targets for each store.
  • Retailers can make data-driven decisions to optimise staffing and sales strategies.
  • Help retailers identify trends and opportunities, leading to improved sales strategies and increased profitability.
Sales Management Report

Promotional Optimisation

  • More than half of all retail sales are made during promotions.
  • Visualising data across the promotional cycle is crucial: pre-promotion, promotional period, and post-promotion.
  • The marketing effectiveness report highlights the trend of key metrics throughout the promotional cycle.
  • Retailers can assess the impact of each marketing campaign using this report.
  • Data-driven assessments enable retailers to optimise strategies for maximum promotion results.
Marketing Effectiveness Report
FootfallCam People Counting System - Promotional Optimisation

Analytics Features

Aid retailers in customising data views with drill-up and drill-down capabilities

Pivot Grid

Provides flexibility to drag and drop business metrics into an unified view and slice-and-dice the data to explore and analyse it from multiple dimensions.

Analytics Centre

Create widgets with desired business metrics and customise reports or dashboards using mix-and-match widgets available, save the customised view for future usage

Time Series Comparison

Particularly valuable during festive seasons, analyses footfall patterns between current and preceding periods, using various data granularity levels.

Rule Engine

Use rule engine to configure thresholds, notifications, and business rules for automated real-time alerts

Entity Comparison

A tool to compare and analyse data from different entities, identifying similarities and differences for insights.

Heatmap Table

Visually represent data with colour-coded intensity, enabling quick understanding of footfall patterns, trends, and relationships within the dataset.