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A Furniture Chain in New Zealand

“Identify the “Star Salesperson” using Footfall Data.”


Measure the Team and Individual Sales Conversions

  • Measure the number of visitors at different hours of the day,
    • Measure the demographics (age, gender, mood) of shoppers
  • Profiling the sales opportunities of each store.
    • Benchmark and rank each store based on its sales conversion.
  • Quantify the contributions of each member of the team
    • Recognise good efforts and suggest areas of improvements

Typical system designs for retail chains that are customer service-focus.


Measure all Sales Opportunities ‘signals’

  • Footfall – 3D Pro2 stereo camera counts the number of adults,
    • Child can be excluded – not counting children below 1.3m
    • Staff is excluded – using the staff exclusion button.
  • Visit duration – 3D Pro2 has built-in BLE receiver that collects MAC of smartphones. Measures shopper who stay for 0-5, 5-15, 15+ minutes (customisable)
  • Returning shoppers – BLE measurement can also track the % of shopper coming back into the store in 3, 14 and 28 days (customisable)
  • Shopper demographics – Using FaceCam to measure the age, gender and mood of the shoppers
  • When combining with retailers quotation, sales and staff data, produce,
    • Sales Conversion – focus on converting each sales prospect.
    • Staff to footfall ratio – ensure all shoppers are being served.


Maximise Sales Potential, Having the “Right Combination” of Staff

See more metrics


Utilising FootfallCam V9 Cloud to analyse footfall patterns across different stores, identify visit profiles on various days, and ensure sufficient staffing to serve all customers at all times.

Store Performance Dashboard

Individual store overview. Benchmark against the best-performing store. Detailed profiles of visit duration, shopper demographics, percentage of frequent visitors, sales conversions, footfall profiles, etc.

Staff Evaluation Dashboard

Compare footfall and sales uplift relative to individual store staff using AI modelling. It considers various data points like sales, visit duration, footfall, and more to provide recommendations for sales improvement.

Sales Ticker

Live sales progress tracker serves as a motivational tool to boost team morale and inspire store staff to work harder to achieve headquarters’ sales targets.

See other dashboard

Some of the Retailers that are using this solution:

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