Design to fit into your
system easily

3D Pro2 can be integrated with any IT system via REST API. Its low-code programming allows customising for your requirements.

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“Versatile, Works with Any Systems, Any Protocol”

3D Pro2 is designed for integration into various IT ecosystems, including retail, shopping malls, banks, offices, smart buildings, and universities. This flexibility enables integration with your BI tools, ERP system, and supports logic customisation at the device level.

REST API for import/export

Comprehensive set of API instructions that cover counting data, parameters and configuration, allow for custom integrations.

Footfallcam 3D Pro2 - REST API for import/export

Work with PowerBI and Tableau

With 12x ready-made plugins for popular databases and BI tools, it lowers the integration costs for 90% of the customer projects.

Footfallcam 3D Pro2 - Work with PowerBI and Tableau

Programmable in low-code

Low-code workspace allows each device to have embedded customised logics for your specific project requirements.

Footfallcam 3D Pro2 - Programmable in low-code

Works in all types of network

3D Pro2 can communicate in different protocols such as HTTPS, MQTT or BacNET, so can be used in any smart building or IoT projects.

Footfallcam 3D Pro2 - Works in all types of network