Highest Quality, Precision Guaranteed

Designed with the most advanced chipset to achieve the highest accuracy, featuring a minimalist design to fit into any interior with maximum durability and lifespan.

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Engineering Excellence

Our hardware design prioritises durability, reliability, and accuracy.

Highest Accuracy, Assured

Equipped with a Quad-core CPU and GPU processor, it powers the most advanced stereo-vision image processing algorithm and AI video analytics, achieving up to 99.9% accuracy, even in environmentally challenging conditions.

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Splash-Proof Enclosure Prevents Device from Water Damage

Splash-Proof Enclosure Prevents Device from Water Damage

80% of hardware failures result from water damage, often caused by water leakage from the ceiling or faulty water sprinklers. To combat this, FootfallCam 3D Pro2 is specially designed with a splash-proof casing to reduce device failure rates, ensuring enhanced hardware reliability.

Aluminium Casing for Heat Dissipation

FootfallCam employs an aluminum enclosure that functions as a 'giant heatsink,' enabling superior heat dissipation. This leads to a 35% reduction in operating temperature, improved electronic component performance, extended lifespan, and ensures product reliability with a 25-year Mean Time to Failure (MTTF).

Zero Downtime, Dual Operating Systems

Zero Downtime, Dual Operating Systems

Equipped with dual processors for redundancy, automatically recovers from complete failure, minimising RMA. Shielded against lightning, electric spikes, and heavy read-write operations to prevent OS corruption.

Technical Data

Technical Data

Device Dimension (mm)

154 (W) x 59 (D) x 40 (H)

Packing Dimension (mm)

200 (W) x 170 (D) x 50(H)


Device: 0.4 kg Packing: 0.86 kg


2x 5MP, 160°, 5MP omni-vision, 5647 camera modules , RAM 1GB


Minimum 1 lux (with externalInfrared light source)

Frame Rate

25 fps (Live Stream of counting willonly display 320x420 resolution toreduce bandwidth sent to databasefor verification purpose)


RGB LED status indicator


Made by Aluminium oxide alloy fordust resistance with 1mm temperedglass lens-covering.

IP Rating



Built-in, 8 GB Storage

Ideal Mounting Height

2.1 metres – 4.5 metres

Operating Environment

Temperature 10°C to 45°C,Humidity 10% to 90%

Storage Environment

Temperature -40°C to 70°C,Humidity 10% to 95%

Tracking Technology

3D-Spacing Mapping Video TrackingTechnology and background removal on static objects.

Field Upgradable

Manual / Auto Software upgrade

Power Over Ethernet

Yes (IEEE802.3at)

PoE Mode

Mode A/B


48~56 VDC

Power Over Ethernet

Yes (IEEE802.3at)

Power Consumption



Cat5e/Cat6, 100Mbps


Made in the UK

Firmware Specification for Device Level


Http; Https

User Levels

2 levels: Administrator, Standard Usery

Operating System

Footfall Counter OS


10/100 Mb Ethernet

Data Delivery


Database Type


Report Format

csv, .xml, .txt

Data Storage on counter level

Hourly Data: 300 days; Raw Data: 7 days; 3 days *Data which has sent to server will keep permanently in server level

Data Backup


Firmware Feature

Secure Operating System with Multicore Processor, Adaptive IR based on Lighting Conditions, Device Health Check, Built-in External Watchdog

Data Upload to Server

Every Hour

Average Data Transfer Rate*

10.0 kilobytes/hour

*Average Data Transfer Rate is measured with a predefined sample size of 20 requests per hour

Product Dimension

FootfallCam 3D Pro2 Dimension

Coverage Table

Ceiling Height (m)

Lens Degree

Coverage Area (m) (Horizontal FOV x Vertical FOV)



1.57 x 1.17 m



2.62 x 1.96 m



3.94 x 2.93 m



5.25 x 3.91 m



6.56 x 4.89 m



7.08 x 5.28 m


  1. For mounting height >4.50m, please contact [email protected] for another mode recommendation of FootfallCam.
  2. For mounting height >8.00m, recommend to use drop pole when installing the counter to the acceptable range

Easy to Setup

FootfallCam 3D Pro2™ people counter installation is simple and straightforward. It can be carried out by your electricians or contractors. Alternatively, contact one of our local installer for a quote.

3D Pro2 Installation Guide
FootfallCam 3D Pro2 - Easy to Setup