Best Price-Performance Ratio

Maximised value with competitive pricing, multifunctionality, wide coverage, and minimised counters for optimal performance.

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"Meeting Project Budgets with Business Values"

FootfallCam's in-house manufacturing and software development capabilities eliminate reliance on third-party vendors, ensuring cost-effectiveness. This approach enables us to provide top-tier people counting solutions with significant business value, aligning with project budgets. Automated features further reduce maintenance efforts and costs.

Whole Product, Vertical Integration

FootfallCam develops hardware and software in-house, eliminates middlemen and extra margins. Our end-to-end approach ensures superior price-performance ratio, removing the need for multiple vendors.

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Competitive Volume Manufacturing Pricing

FootfallCam offers competitive volume manufacturing pricing. With our end-to-end solution, we ensure cost-effectiveness for each project, leveraging our expertise to deliver high-quality products at competitive rates.

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One Device, Multi-Functional

Flexible deployment for various use cases. Single device supports multiple counting functions, including in/out counting, group counting, queue counting, heatmap tracking, and more.

Footfallcam 3D Pro2 - One Device, Multi-Functional

Wide Coverage, Fewer Counters Required

Dual fisheye wide-angle lenses enable wider coverage, minimising the need for extra devices to cover the same entrance width, optimising total cost of ownership.

Footfallcam 3D Pro2 - Wide Coverage, Fewer Counters Required