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Incorporating FootfallCam's advanced technology and unbeatable reliability, it offers highly accurate footfall data and valuable insights into shopper behaviour for shopping malls.

Enterprise Class Software

A software analytics platform for people counters and IoT devices

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Enterprise Grade Software Analytics Platform

Our people counter software is a ready made module designed with IT and business collaboration in mind. Modularised for rapid results, managers will be able to use its legible data to make informed business decisions.

Real-time Monitoring & Alerts
Robust Analytics Capabilities
Accurate Counting

Real-time Monitoring & Alerts

FootfallCam People Counting System - Live Monitoring and Alert Notifications

Live Monitoring and Alert Notifications

Mall operators can quickly identify and respond to issues such as overcrowding, queue formation, or equipment failure using this technology. Real-time monitoring provides a current view of footfall traffic and allows operators to make timely decisions to optimise mall operations and improve customer experience. Additionally, alerts can be set up to notify operators of abnormal or suspicious behaviour, enabling swift action to ensure shopper and staff safety and security.

Robust Analytics Capabilities

FootfallCam People Counting System - Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics

Utilising people counting data through a prescriptive dashboard and comprehensive reporting allows shopping malls to optimise their operations and enhance the shopping experience for customers. By accessing over 10+ different reports, mall operators gain better visibility into zone performance levels, allowing for data-driven decisions that improve resource allocation, tenant rental rates, and overall profitability.

Accurate Counting

FootfallCam People Counting System - Accurate Counting with Video Proofs

Accurate Counting with Video Proofs

As each installation environment is unique, FootfallCam specialists will calibrate each device to ensure it has the appropriate settings and manually audit the accuracy of each counter by comparing the system counts to manual counts. This process results in the generation of an accuracy audit certificate, along with video evidence to support the verified system accuracy.

Discover the Extra Features

Health Check Monitoring

Automated system alert to ensure data uptime.

Data Integration

Intuitive interface to integrate with any third party data platform

Support Ticketing

Built in support module to raise issues directly to FootfallCam.

User Access Management

Multiple user access levels, with Single Sign-On and Active Directory

Report Scheduler

A multi-stakeholder tool equipped with workflow automation, dashboards, and reports.


Over 15 different languages available for users from different countries

FootfallCam in Action

Empowers every role to make data-driven decisions.

Any Role. Every Advantage.

Top Management
Leasing Managers
Marketing Managers
Facility Managers
Operation Managers

Top Management

FootfallCam People Counting System - Top Management

“What is our market share in the catchment area?”

  • Estimate the market shares of our competitors in the catchment area.
  • Profile of the Demographics: categorise shoppers into family group, teenage group, transportation mode etc.
  • Competitive Analysis: the ‘Missed Opportunities” and track the progress of the action plan.
Mall Location Analysis Dashboard

Leasing Managers

FootfallCam People Counting System - Leasing Managers

“Where do my shoppers go? What do they do?”

  • Measure the number of passerby and dwell time each area.
  • Profile the number of passerby and dwell time each area.
  • Action: Justify tenant rental rate. Store location and refurbishment planning.
Zone Traffic Analysis Dashboard

Marketing ROI Tracker

FootfallCam People Counting System - Marketing Managers

“What is the ROI of our events and promotions?”

  • Measure the increased number of shoppers during the Evaluation period (compared to predicted when no event).
  • Quantify the demographic groups, dwell time and spends versus the event investments.
  • Compare the ROI of different events. Learn the pattern. Predict the likely outcome of upcoming events.
Marketing Events Evaluation Dashboard

Facility Managers

FootfallCam People Counting System - Facility Managers

“Are shoppers getting the right level of services?”

  • Measure the live usage of mall facilities.
  • Alerts: Real-time task alerts when SLA is breached.
  • Action: Resources re-allocation and tracking.
Live Operational Dashboard

Operation Managers

FootfallCam People Counting System - Operation Managers

“Are we having the right level of staffing?”

  • Matching Staff planning based on predicted footfall in the coming weeks.
  • Track work progress using App.
  • Review if the service provided meets the SLA agreed.
Staff Roster Planning Workspace

Maintenance & Reliability

Maximise operation efficiency with our reliable products

Streamline Your Operations

360° System Dashboard
Accuracy Audit
Maintaining Data Integrity
Mean Time to Failure of 25 Years

360° System Dashboard

FootfallCam People Counting System - 360° System Dashboard

360° Coverage: Live Monitoring, Alerts and Centralised Control

  • 360° summary - of all aspects of the system; including availability, accuracy, alerting, and tracking of issues.
  • Reduced Training Costs - Maintain optimal system availability during personnel changes.
  • Faster Response Time - To minimise the impact of the issues on data integrity.
360° System Dashboard

Accuracy Audit

FootfallCam People Counting System - Accuracy Audit

Verifiable: Up to 99.5% Counting Accuracy

  • Schedule video recordings from peak hours with sufficient sample size (20 and above) to audit the accuracy of the counter.
  • Compare the system count by FootfallCam device against manual observations to determine the accuracy of the FootfallCam.
  • Generate verification report - Once there is sufficient sample size and the accuracy is satisfactory, a verification report with the video proof used in manual observation will be generated.
Accuracy Certificate

Managing Data Integrity

FootfallCam People Counting System - Maintaining Data Integrity

Maintenance: Ensuring Accuracy, Consistency and Completeness

Verifiable: Up to 99.5% Counting Accuracy

  • To recover the missing data, FootfallCam server will re-aggregate the raw data stored in counter level and store the re-aggregated data in the server.
  • Hence, users can retrieve the missing daily or hourly data so that macro trends will not be affected.
  • For more details, refer to Accuracy Tuning webinar.
Data Integrity Report

Mean Time to Failure of 25 Years

FootfallCam People Counting System - Mean Time to Failure of 25 Years

Reliable: Mean Time to Failure (MTTF) of 25 Years

  • Superior Heat Dissipation. Enclosed in an aluminium unibody casing, acting as a giant heatsink for heat dissipation, prolong the lifespan of electronic components.
  • Water Leakage-Proof. Enclosed in splash proof casing to reduce the counter failure rate due to the common issues like water leakage on the ceiling.
  • FootfallCam In-House Manufactured Product: Made in the UK.
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Data Privacy and GDPR Compliant

People counters are installed downwards facing the ground – does not capture the entirety of the customer & unable to pick up facial features. Videos are recorded only for verification purposes and taken in low resolution. The videos will be deleted once verification is completed. View video on different privacy mode here. FootfallCam uses 3D depth map instead of video images for counting purposes – data collected are non-visual and are will not be able to be identify with any individuals. FootfallCam is compliant of GDPR. More information can be found here.

FootfallCam People Counting System - Data Privacy and GDPR Compliant