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Car Showrooms in Florida

Measures the responses from the latest promotions and car launches


ROI from the latest marketing efforts

  • Measures the sales intents
      • Footfall – The number of visitors visiting your showroom
      • Visit Durations – The duration that your visitors spend in your showroom
      • % Repeated Visitors – The potential buyer who has visited your showroom more than once
      • Gender, Age and Mood – The demographic profiles of your visitors
  • Analytics – Need an easy-to-use software to perform detailed analytics, compare between different events, and calculate the ROI per marketing campaign.

Typical system designs for retail stores that are opportunity-focus.  


Measure and profile visitors at each showroom

  • 3D Pro2 people counter – at the entrance
      • Measures the number of visitors walking IN/OUT of the showroom.
      • Also measures the group size, visit duration, %repeated visits.
  • FaceCam – at the entrance
      • Captures the demographics of your visitors
  • Staff Exclusion Button – at the entrance
      • Exclude the staff from the visitor count
  • FootfallCam V9 – Visitor Management Software
      • 6 Dashboards designed specifically for car showrooms.
      • Advanced AI models for promotion evaluation, sales optimisation, catch area demographics analysis
  • PowerBI integration – upload data to their own corporate PowerBI
      • FootfallCam provides a ready-made PowerBI plugin, connecting V9 with their PowerBI within 15 minutes.


Measuring how many visitors are visiting your store and who are they

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Utilising FootfallCam V9 Cloud to understand the footfall patterns and visitor profiling of individual showroom, compare footfall and sales performance, benchmark against the best-performing branch, and identify areas for improvement.

Footfall Performance Reports

Individual showroom and company-wide overview. Benchmark against previous promotions. Detailed profiles of visit duration, shopper demographics, percentage of frequent visitors, sales conversions, footfall profiles, etc.

Customer Profiling Analysis

Learn more about the customers visiting your showroom, benchmarking them against your target customer, and identifying any untapped or missed sales opportunities using the captured attributes such as age group and gender.

Integrate to Your PowerBI System

Enables car dealers to seamlessly integrate all captured footfall data along with its associated business metrics into their PowerBI system. This integration facilitates a centralised approach to data analysis, made possible through the utilisation of an API.

FootfallCam V9 Apps

FootfallCam offers AI-powered apps that learn from datasets and provide recommendations for car dealers to enhance operations and workflows.

    • Location Analysis
    • Event Effectiveness Analysis
    • Sales Tracker
    • Staff Roster Planning

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