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FootfallCam Analytics Manager V8™

Our people counter software is a ready made module designed with IT and business collaboration in mind. Modularised for rapid results, managers will be able to use its legible data to make informed business decisions. The FootfallCam Analytic Manager is a centralised management system available on FootfallCam cloud server, and a lifetime license is made available for all users free of charge.

Web based interface

Web Based Interface

Enterprise web based control panel designed for customers who are managing a large number of counters. By collecting data from all counters and store them in a centralised server, users can carry out deep analytics by remotely accessing FootfallCam Analytic Manager from anywhere.

Big data analytics

Big Data Analytics

With a prescriptive dashboard and reports to showcase analysis, users will be able to have better visibility on their store performance level. With access to over 60+ different reports that helps to answer specific business questions, data gets turned into meaningful analyses so you can make data driven decisions to improve your business.

Counting accuracy certificates

Counting Accuracy Certificates

As the layout of every store is unique, FootfallCam specialist will calibrate each device. FootfallCam will manually audit the accuracy of each counter by recording a short video and comparing the differences between systematic count and manual count. An accuracy audit certificate will then be generated along with video proof used in the process to verify the accuracy.

Other Key Features

Health Check Monitoring

Automated downtime alert to minimise loss of data.

Data Integration

Intuitive interface to integrate with ePoS systems.

Support Ticketing

Built in support module to raise issues directly to FootfallCam.

User Access Management

Create multiple access levels for different users to view the data.

Report Scheduler

Schedule automatic reports straight to your email.


Over 9 different languages available and more are added monthly.

IT Policies

Privacy Statement

Secured data transmission protocol to ensure privacy of users' data.

Backup and Restore Policy

Stringent policies in placed to ensure safety of your data.

Information Security

Secure protocols are in place to prevent manipulations of your data.

Privacy Concerns with Wi-Fi Counting

We understand that there may be some privacy concerns regarding the data collected through Wi-Fi analytics. As such, we are constantly working towards a set of common practices to ensure that the data privacy of people is respected.

Privacy Concerns with Wi-Fi Counting
Guideline #1

MAC Address Hashing

Every MAC address detected will be hashed immediately before it is sent to the server. This is a one-way hashing and is irreversible, thus preventing unauthorized users from accessing these data. The hashing algorithm used is designed for password hashing. This algorithm prolongs every single combination of passwords by seconds attempted by an attacker during a dictionary attack.

This method prevents any personal information to be derived from the hashed MAC address.

Guideline #2

Anonymous Aggregated Data

FootfallCam prohibits users from attempting to use the data for identification purposes. Our software was specifically written to limit the device in order to collect only the data needed to enhance client operations. Hence, FootfallCam aggregates all Wi-Fi data and presents this as a statistical data set on the dashboard for users. The reports generated are used to aid business decision-making such as improving store layouts for retail stores, determining the live occupancy of co-working spaces and managing staff allocation based on peak periods.

At no point in time are names, contact numbers, or other personal information collected.

Privacy Statement Document