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Key Features

FootfallCam People Counting System - Data Privacy

Data Privacy

No Personally Identifiable Information (1)

FootfallCam transfers aggregated statistics to the central server for analysis, including metrics like the count of entering children and exiting adults. It adheres to GDPR and other privacy regulations mandated by prominent government authorities.

Privacy Mask (2)

FootfallCam devices offer the Privacy Mask feature, which transforms individuals captured in live video into colored blobs. This ensures that users can verify counting accuracy in the live view without the ability to identify specific individuals. As a result, FootfallCam devices can alleviate the need for stringent privacy measures.

Secured Connection (3)

The network connection and transfer of login credentials are safeguarded by a robust 256-bit SSL protocol. This advanced security measure prevents unauthorised eavesdropping and data spoofing, ensuring the protection of user account details.

Secure User Accounts

Role-based User Accounts (6)

FootfallCam permits a maximum of 2,000 user accounts per customer, with no additional charges based on the number of accounts. We emphasise the importance of individual password accounts for each user, prohibiting account sharing. This approach enables us to closely monitor each account, promptly detecting any signs of suspicious activity.

User login history (7)

FootfallCam provides a login system that offers users visibility into their most recent twenty logins. This includes details about login status, location, source, and network. By having access to this information, users can readily identify any potentially suspicious activity occurring within their account.

Secure User Account Application Process (8)

FootfallCam employs a streamlined 4-step automated process to handle the creation and deletion of multiple accounts, prioritising top-notch security measures while minimising the administrative burden for system administrators. Additionally, FootfallCam supports Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality, allowing seamless integration with platforms like AD or Okta for enhanced user authentication and access management.

Automatic Log-out functions (9)

To prevent unauthorised access to FootfallCam from unattended computers, every account is designed to automatically halt data updates and initiate timed log-outs after five minutes. This measure ensures the security of the system and protects against potential misuse or unauthorised access in such situations.

Secure Software Control Panel

Full control over User Accounts (10)

Only authorised managers have the authority to approve, suspend, or delete parent accounts. This ensures proper authorization and accountability in managing the system's devices and associated data.

Full control over Device and Data (11)

The Admin Account Holder has comprehensive control over device management and data administration. They have the ability to establish rules and policies for automated management, ensuring efficient operations. Additionally, data is backed up in accordance with the admin's data management policy, ensuring data integrity and protection.

Secure Central Server Protection

Watchdogs (4)

Our programmed watchdogs perform regular checks on all gateways to identify any signs of suspicious activity or repeated unsuccessful attempts. Upon detection, our security staff are promptly notified to take immediate action.

Firewalls (5)

To ensure secure access to FootfallCam servers, robust firewalls are employed to prevent unauthorised internet users from gaining entry. Every message that enters or exits the FootfallCam servers undergoes thorough examination, and any messages that fail to meet our predefined security criteria are automatically blocked. This stringent measure safeguards the integrity and security of our servers and data.

24 Hours Security Monitoring (12)

Our diligent monitoring team works around the clock to uphold the utmost security standards at all times. In the event of an account misuse, our team swiftly suspends the affected account and directly engages our dedicated security personnel to address the situation promptly. This proactive approach ensures swift action and reinforces the security of our system.

Centralised Architecture

The majority of hackers do not employ brute force methods to breach systems. Vulnerabilities often arise in systems involving numerous individuals and multiple access points, such as those found in banks and military organisations. At FootfallCam, our central server is built on a secure, proprietary platform that employs multiple layers of security functions, effectively sealing off any potential loopholes.

In order to maintain security standards, we refrain from disclosing certain specific security details on public platforms. However, if you have any inquiries or concerns, please feel free to reach out to our dedicated security department via email. We are committed to ensuring the utmost protection for our system and addressing any questions you may have.