How it Works

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How it Works

How does People Counting System Works?

Installing the FootfallCam 3D Pro2 people counter at your store entrance allows you to accurately track the number of customers entering and exiting your store. This device also provides valuable insights such as peak hours, customer dwell time, and outside traffic patterns. Typically, a single people counter is sufficient to cover a standard entrance, making it a convenient and cost-effective solution for tracking footfall pattern and making data-driven decisions.

FootfallCam People Counting System - How it Works

How does People Counting Works?

Track customer visits to your store by installing the FootfallCam 3D Pro2 at the store entrance. The people counter captures footfall data, which is then uploaded to our cloud server. Leverage the capabilities of the FootfallCam Analytics Control Panel - Analytics Manager V9TM to access essential features such as data analytics, business metrics, dashboards, and reports.

FootfallCam People Counting System - PoE Connection

PoE Connection

FootfallCam people counters offer a cost-effective and hassle-free solution for independent retailers, with their Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability. The counters receive both power and network connectivity through a single Ethernet cable, eliminating the need for additional power outlets or complex wiring. This makes installation a breeze, allowing independent retailers to easily set up the counters themselves or with the assistance of an electrician.

FootfallCam People Counting System - FootfallCam Analytics Control Panel

FootfallCam Analytics Control Panel

Easily monitor store performance through intuitive dashboards and generate comprehensive reports. With real-time data analytics at your fingertips, this empowers independent retailers to make informed decisions, optimise operations, and enhance the overall shopping experience for their customers. Stay ahead of the competition and drive success with this innovative solution.

FootfallCam Analytics Manager V9™