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Turning High Tech Campus Eindhoven into Europe’s greenest Campus

 “Counting people at the entrances everybody was informed about the real time occupancy and peak times, so one could plan to eat during calm hours!”


– High Tech Campus, Netherlands

High Tech Campus Eindhoven use FootfallCam occupancy counting

The smartes square km in Europe, is an ecosystem of 260 companies.

Safety and Efficiency Through Smart Technology

The High Tech Campus, spanning one square kilometer in Europe, houses 260 companies and over 12,500 innovators. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the implementation of the FootfallCam people counter at entrances provided real-time occupancy data. This information allowed individuals to plan activities, especially dining, during low-traffic hours, promoting social distancing.


Moreover, integrating the people counting data into the on-premise Building Management System (BMS) enhanced overall efficiency. The BMS, overseeing building functions, optimized resource allocation and energy consumption based on real-time occupancy. This intelligent system not only ensured a safe environment during the pandemic but also positioned the High Tech Campus as a leader in creating a connected, efficient, and technologically advanced workspace for the future. 



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