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FootfallCam Unveils Its New People Counter For Smart Toilets

GUILDFORD, England: FootfallCam, a leading provider of people counting solutions, announced their latest FootfallCam 3D Mini — people counter designed for smart toilets. The FootfallCam 3D Mini enables businesses to manage their facilities more effectively by replacing traditional scheduled washroom maintenance with more targeted demand-based servicing.


“As part of our commitment to solving customer problems in the smart building industry, we recognized the challenge facility managers are facing in managing their toilets,” says Dr. Melissa Kao, Director of International Sales at FootfallCam. “They [the managers] had no way to accurately measure each washroom’s usage; their cleaning schedule is based on a fixed timetable. Inevitably, this is not cost-effective nor able to match maintenance with usage.”


Smart Toilet occupancy counting allows users to avoid long queues and to choose the nearest available toilets. It also allows facility management to clean and maintain based on demand. They can see on their dashboard how many times each toilet has been used since the last clean; if there is any bad odour; if soap or toilet paper is running out; when the water is leaking or anything is not fully functional. Real-time alerts will be triggered on the mobile app or smartwatch, allowing the facility manager to allocate resources where it’s most needed at the right time.


“Our goal is to provide managers with utilisation insights and predictive analysis, all while maintaining users’ privacy,” Dr. Melissa Kao added. “This helps facility managers to clean toilets efficiently, optimise cost and provide better customer experience.”



Features of the FootfallCam 3D Mini include:


  • Total Privacy: using Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology to count accurately and anonymously
  • Works in Complete Darkness: ToF technology is not be affected by changes in lighting condition
  • Cost-Effective Deployment: RF wireless connection reduces installation cost
  • Industry Standard Data Security: Data protected with AES 256 encryption and other security measures


To learn more about the FootfallCam 3D Mini, visit https://www.footfallcam.com/Product/FootfallCam-3D-Mini.

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