#233 Instant Alert on Environmental Issues

The newly developed function of the FootfallCam 3D PlusTM will utilise artificial intelligence to learn there is a change in the environment that will pose an issue to the accuracy count. Once FootfallCam identifies the environmental issue, an alert will be raised to FootfallCam personnel for instantaneous proactive support.

Check for floor space

If a counter has been verified by FootfallCam personnel, the area of calibration where consumers will walk will be given a value where consumers may walk. If store managers place a decoration or stocks within the calibrated area, the floor space value will drop to indicate the area size where consumers may walk.

Check for decorations

 By using artificial intelligence, FootfallCam will be able to identify when there is an obstruction that will prevent the counter from counting visitors accurately. When blockage is detected, an automatic log will be sent to the FootfallCam central server and notify FootfallCam personnel. This will then be raised to clients for a faster turnaround on support time.


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