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Sales Ticker™

The Sales Ticker™ is tailor-made for retail stores, offering a lightweight and versatile E-paper display suitable for universal mounting on any surface. With user-friendly mounting options such as screwing or damage-free peel-and-stick adhesive strips, it's effortlessly installed and set up, seamlessly integrating into any store environment. This display screen provides live updates on sales progress and footfall data trends, accompanied by AI recommendations for achieving sales targets.

FootfallCam Sales Ticker

Technical Data

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Device Dimension (mm)

99 (W) x 23 (D) x 89 (H)

Screen Size

4.2 inch (Diagonal)


100 g


White casing (By Default)


ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)

Wired Power Option

DC 12V

Wired Communication


Wireless Communication

Bluetooth 5.3

Wireless Transmission Range

Up to 5m radius (unobstructed)

Wireless Transmit Power

+4 dBm

Wireless Power Option

Battery Power, 4 x CR2450 (Replaceable), Up to 5 years (Battery life depends on the frequency of updates)

Power Consumption

70 uW

Display Area

86 mm x 65 mm

Display Colour

Black, White and Red

Display Mode

Dot Matrix Display


400 (H) x 300 (W)

Time of Refresh

16 s

Power Consumption of Refresh

8 mA


Multi-Language Available


1-year Manufacturer Warranty

Key Features

FootfallCam - Cost-Effective Solution, Part of 3D Pro2

Cost-Effective Solution, Part of 3D Pro2

The Sales Ticker™ utilises cost-effective E-paper display technology and functions as an extension of the FootfallCam 3D Pro2™ people counter. It shares power and network connectivity with the master device via RS485, reducing infrastructure costs by eliminating the need for additional cabling. With wireless communication capabilities, it provides real-time display of footfall and sales data, ensuring efficient and convenient monitoring.

FootfallCam - Live Sales Tracker, Motivational Tool to Boost Morale

Live Sales Tracker, Motivational Tool to Boost Morale

The Live Sales Tracker serves as a motivational tool, boosting morale by providing real-time updates on sales performance. Its transparency and visibility inspire employees to work harder, strive to meet the sales target set by headquarter, fostering a culture of accountability and motivation within the team.

FootfallCam - Integrate with Footfall Data, with AI Recommendations

Integrate with Footfall Data, with AI Recommendations

Display the footfall trend to date. FootfallCam AI learns from historical and current data, predicting potential footfall for remaining hours. It also recommends ticket size and sales conversion rate, aiding in hitting sales targets. This integration enhances decision-making and optimises sales strategies based on real-time insights.