Passenger Counting for Bus Service Planning

An advanced solution provide real-time data on passenger numbers, helping you analyze demand, identify peak hours, and allocate resources effectively.

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FootfallCam Passenger Counting System

By installing FootfallCam people counters at the bus entrances, bus operators will have visibility on:

  • Passenger IN & OUT Count
  • Bus Occupancy at any time
FootfallCam People Counting System - Measure Shoppers Traffic Flow

Key Features

Why Passenger Counting for Buses?

Traditional Bus Operations Management is often manual and non-analytics-based. This creates pain points for bus operators as they lack concrete data to make informed business decisions. With our Smart Bus Solution, FootfallCam is able to provide passenger counting data that will help bus services companies achieve:

  • Visibility on real-time occupancy
  • Maximise the utilisation of each bus
  • Reduce cost by having effective bus route planning
  • Enhance passenger experience
FootfallCam People Counting System - Video

Key Features

Gain a Company Overview on Passenger Count

A centralised view to assess the performance of all the routes in the company.

  • Which routes have the highest and lowest passenger activity?
  • Are the routes over or under performing against the company's KPI in terms of passenger counts?
FootfallCam People Counting System - Gain a Company Overview on Passenger Count

Understand Passengers’ usage of Stations and Trips

Drill down to Route-Level data and analyse passenger count for trips and stations within each route.

  • Which part of the route is busy or under-utilised?
  • At which point of the route do most passengers enter/exit the bus?
  • Can the frequency of bus trips cope with the demand?
FootfallCam People Counting System - Understand Passengers’ usage of Stations and Trips

Analyse Bus Occupancy Over Time

Drill further down to the smallest granularity to assess passenger activity per bus trip.

  • When are the peak hours?
  • How often does passenger counts exceed the maximum seating capacity?
FootfallCam People Counting System - Analyse Bus Occupancy Over Time

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Monitor Bus Occupancy in Real Time

Using technology to help ensure that the number of passengers does not exceed the capacity limit. Measure live occupancy of the bus via people counters

  • Above 95% accuracy with 3D stereoscopic video technology
  • Automatically stop counting when doors are closed for noise prevention using GPIO function
FootfallCam People Counting System - Monitor Bus Occupancy in Real Time

Occupancy Dashboard for Bus Control Centre

Ensure frequency of bus rides can cope with real-time passenger demand

  • Receive alert when routes are over-utilized
  • Bus operator can assign more buses to highly-occupied routes
  • Reduce the possibility of full/overcrowded buses for better passenger experience
FootfallCam People Counting System - Occupancy Dashboard for Bus Control Centre

Occupancy Reports for Management

Clear insight into occupancy trends based on historical data for better bus service planning. Management can view the occupancy reports on Company, route and bus level

Identify key trends and make informed decisions:

  • E.g. Optimise Route Planning by knowing which part of the route is busy or under-utilised
  • E.g. Optimise Allocation of Resources by knowing when are the peak periods
FootfallCam People Counting System - Occupancy Reports for Management

Audit Ticketing Sales Data

Identify any significant discrepancies between ticket sales and actual passenger count.

  • Prevent drivers from falsifying ticket sales
  • Analyse statistics on amount of no-show passengers
FootfallCam People Counting System - Audit Ticketing Sales Data

Integrated with Fleet Management System

Input passenger counting data into your own system to facilitate fleet management & planning.

  • FootfallCam provides API integration services by experienced specialist
  • Gain passenger counting analytics without the need of a separate system
FootfallCam People Counting System - Integrated with Fleet Management System

Integrate with your Bus ETA App

Input passenger counting data into your own Application to improve customers’ experience in journey planning. Passengers have easy access to the Occupancy level for each bus Help passengers to pre-plan their journey better based on the information displayed, such as:

  • Occupancy Level
  • ETA
  • Current Location of Buses
FootfallCam People Counting System - Integrate with your Bus ETA App

FootfallCam in Action

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How it Works?

Passenger counting

Passenger counting

One People Counter for Each Bus Entrance

  • Metrics Measured:
    • Passenger Count (In/Out)
    • Live Occupancy by Location, by Bus
  • Measure the number of passengers boarding onto or boarding off a bus.

Local Case Studies

Transportation around the world are using FootfallCam

See all Case Studies in United States

    HALOVI, an IT service provider based in Vietnam take advantage of Footfallcam's 3D people counters to elevate transportation projects, monitoring traffic flow with precision. Insights enhance efficiency, shaping the future of transit engagement.


    RATP Dev partnered with FootfallCam to deliver smart bus solution to its clients. By tracking the buses occupancy rate and counts passengers boarding and alighting at each stop, it allows the prediction of passenger numbers, enabling the optimisation of bus schedules.


    In partnership with FootfallCam, Geobox, a prominent provider of fleet systems, has delivered a smart bus solution to its clients. This innovative solution tracks the real-time occupancy of buses, enabling management to devise optimal bus schedules to enhance operational efficiency.


    One of the UK's largest independent bus companies, McGill's Buses, has introduced a smart bus system for its bus routes. Through integration with the bus schedule, this system offers valuable insights to the management, enabling them to identify underutilized routes and redesign schedules for optimal bus planning.


    The Colorado Springs School, a private, non-profit, college preparatory institution in Colorado Springs, has adopted the FootfallCam smart buses solution for its school buses. This technology is used to monitor the occupancy levels at each station, providing valuable insights that assist in optimising the bus schedules.


    Busan Infrastructure Corporation, a public entity under the Busan Metropolitan City Hall, has installed footfall counters at the Busan Bus Terminal. This system measures the terminal's busyness, offering insights to management for the optimisation of operations and processes.


    Metro Victoria has collaborated with FootfallCam to provide advanced mobility solutions for their customers. The collaboration ensures a smooth integration with the train operation system, delivering essential information like train estimated arrival time and up-to-the-minute details on passenger occupancy.


    The Mumbai International Cargo Terminal (MICT) has implemented a people counting system at its entrance. This deployment tracks the flow of individuals, offering a real-time overview of the facility's occupancy levels, enabling the space management effectively.


    Floralia has collaborated with FootfallCam to introduce an advanced smart bus system for its routes. This enables real-time tracking of bus occupancy rates at various times, facilitating peak hour identification and schedule optimisation for enhanced efficiency.


    TopView, a leading tourist transportation service provider, aims to enhance its services by installing a smart bus system. This system integrates with the bus schedule, helping to identify underutilised routes and adjust pricing and schedules for a better tourist experience.

  • din bus på Bornholm (BAT)

    The public transportation company in Bornholms, BAT, has implemented smart bus solution for its bus. The system provides the bus occupancy data for each stop and trip, allowing the authority to justify the busiest bus line.

System Design

Passenger Counting in Buses

Standard solution for bus operators looking to measure passenger count and bus occupancy level over different timestamps at different locations of a route.


  • Measuring the passenger count and occupancy data by route/trip level across different stations
  • Live monitoring of occupancy in buses
  • Audit ticketing sales data based on passenger count

Equipment used:

  • 2x 3D Mini for passenger counting
  • 1x Mesh Hub for network connectivity and GPS tracking


  • Passenger Count (IN/OUT)
  • Live Occupancy Count
  • Average Occupancy
  • Maximum Occupancy
  • Occupancy Limit Triggered
  • Duration above Occupancy Limit
  • Ticket Discrepancy Count
FootfallCam People Counting System - Passenger Counting in Buses

System Specification

Wiring Diagram
Smart Bus Solution Overview

Wiring Diagram

FootfallCam People Counting System - Bus Occupancy

How Does it Work?

People counters count passengers going IN & OUT of the bus

Mesh Hub:

  • Connected to vehicle’s battery, which powers the whole system
  • Provides 4G network connectivity for data upload and live tracking
  • Built-in GPS to track the location of bus

With this set up, bus occupancy & passenger count can be measured at different locations across different timestamps

Marketing ROI Tracker

FootfallCam People Counting System - Smart Bus Solution Overview

Smart Bus Solution Overview

  • 3D Mini to count the occupancy of bus in real time
  • Passenger Count and Occupancy data are uploaded to FootfallCam Cloud or your private server
  • Data is then post-processed into management reports for business planning. Reports can be viewed at our online portal - FootfallCam Analytics Manager V9.
  • Integrate with your Fleet Management Software for seamless passenger count data integration and improved planning.
  • Integrate with your Bus ETA App for improved passenger visibility on bus occupancy, enhancing the travel experience.