#229 4x New Reports for Shopping Mall

FootfallCam have released four new reports specifically for shopping mall users. With the newly updated shopping mall reports, shopping mall managers and shareholders will be able to justify rent of tenants, and optimise the location and hours to hold campaigns for maximum impact.

Report #1: Shopping Mall Counters Daily Report

Report #2: Shopping Mall Daily Report

Report #3: Shopping Mall Monthly Report

Report #4: Zone Analytics Report

Frequently asked questions

1. When will these reports be available?

These four reports are currently available for all users who own a FootfallCam 3D Plus with a shopping mall account on FootfallCam Analytic Manager v.8.

2. Why can I not see these reports?

Only users with a “Shopping Mall” account type can view these reports. To check your account type, navigate to your profile page.

3. Can retail chain users use these reports?

These reports are specifically designed for FootfallCam users in shopping mall and will not be available for retail chain users.

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