#228 Traffic Flow Analysis for Shopping Malls

The newly developed traffic flow analysis reports enable shopping mall managers to determine the movement of visitors within different zones of a large compound.

What does the diagram show?

Which entrance within a compound is most often used?

The number of visitors entering from each entrance will be shown to enable shopping mall developer and managers to promote marketing campaigns in popular entrances. 

Where do the visitors go within the compound?

Tracking the flow of visitors and where they go from one zone after another allow shopping mall developers to review their poor performing departments.

Percentage of visitors for specific paths 

Showcases the specific path and number of visitors that took the path to deeper understand consumer behaviour, such as which department they are most likely to visit after another.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will this report be available?

This report is currently available to all users.

2. Who will have access to this report?

All users holding a “Shopping Mall” account on the FootfallCam Analytic Manager will be able to view this report. 

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