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In a dynamic and competitive world, our mission is to transform data into valuable insights for effective and immediate actions. Whether you are seeking advanced methods for people and passenger counting, route planning and optimization, or GIS-Geomarketing services, we are here to bring you clarity and efficiency.

We identify specific requirements, provide personalized recommendations for acquiring and scaling the right solutions, assemble work teams, and offer support throughout the entire contract duration.

Also offering a comprehensive suite of services, including software integration, hardware installation, first-line customer support, catchment studies, customer segmentation, and CRM data cleansing and standardization.

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We Offer

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People and Passenger Counting Systems

With our solutions, your business gains not only access to the count of people or passengers but also crucial insights for strategic and operational decision-making. We possess various range of people counting technologies that provide real-time data, essential for informed decisions regarding efficiency and the potential of managed spaces.

We partnership with global manufacturers to deliver integrated and scalable solutions tailored to needs, whether for small businesses or extensive retail networks. Whether you prefer desktop, server, or cloud solutions, we are your trusted partner for the acquisition, management, and interpretation of traffic data (people and passengers).

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Cloud-Based Route Optimisation and Planning System (SaaS)

Route Manager is an advanced solution for route planning & optimization, designed for transportation, distribution, courier, and home delivery service providers. This solution enables the optimization of transportation and distribution costs, increased delivery capacity, optimal use of the vehicle fleet, reduced late deliveries, and real-time monitoring of deliveries through mobile terminals.

Regardless of fleet size, Route Manager integrates GPS tracking & tracing functionality, ERP-CRM system integration through APIs, route planning and optimization, as well as mobile dispatching, providing a ROI of over 25% even within the first month of use.

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GIS-Geomarketing Services

Understanding location potential is essential for opening a new store, optimizing an existing retail network, or developing a franchise. By utilizing up-to-date socio-demographic information at street and postal code levels, along with GIS-Geomarketing tools and services, our clients can estimate the potential of the area of interest (catchment), competitive impact, market share, real estate development influence, and traffic, including the number of potential customers and revenue estimates for existing or future retail locations.

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Industrial Data Cleansing and Geocoding Services

We also offer industrial services for data cleansing and geocoding customer data. We standardize and enhance customer address data, add geo-spatial information (postal code, Lat/Long coordinates), identify duplicate customers, and provide relevant information regarding customer behavior and profiles, size/quality, and potential areas of interest.

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Why Choose Us

With over 5 years of accumulated experience in the people counting industry, we cover all possible requirements from clients in various industries, where we actively offer:

Consultancy in finding the right solution for the needs of each industry.

On-site service support available.

Front-line support team available.