Essential People Counting Features for Retail Stores.
Gain Real-Time Footfall Data, Measure Conversion Rates, Analyse Customer Behaviour, and Optimise Operations.

People Counting Features

The key people counting features that have been proven to be essential for most retailers

FootfallCam People Counting System - Bi-Directional In/Out Counting

Bi-Directional In/Out Counting

Installing FootfallCam people counter at the entrances to measure the number of people entering and exiting the premise.

  • Understand the store traffic with footfall data collected
  • Identify the peak hours and non peak hours of store traffic
  • Measure the sales conversion rate by comparing sales data against footfall data collected
  • Determine the height and size of moving objects, distinguish objects from people and differentiate kids from adults
FootfallCam People Counting System - WiFi Analytics

WiFi Analytics

The people counter can identify the quantity of smart devices within the Wi-Fi detection range and then use statistically unbiased video counting data as a reference to normalise the Wi-Fi data. This process enables a precise understanding of overall customer shopping behaviour. As a result, the people counter offers comprehensive Wi-Fi analytics and business metrics, including Visit Duration, Turn In Rate and Outside Traffic.

It also addresses the challenge posed by MAC randomisation.

WiFi Counting
FootfallCam People Counting System - Group Counting

Group Counting

Group counting enables retailers to identify "purchasing groups" visiting their stores, rather than solely focusing on individual counts. This proves valuable when visitors come in groups like families, where only one member makes the purchase for the entire group. Analysing sales data based on purchasing groups provides a more accurate reflection of the sales conversion rate. This approach considers the collective buying behavior, avoiding potential distortions that may arise when counting every individual visitor, including those who do not make purchases.

FootfallCam People Counting System - Staff Exclusion

Staff Exclusion

The implementation of staff exclusion is a valuable tool for retailers as it allows them to obtain a more accurate representation of their sales conversion rate. By excluding staff members from the visitor count, retailers can ensure that the data reflects the actual number of visitors who enter their stores.

  • Anonymous identification of staffs
  • Cost effective and ease of deployment
  • Tailored for different use cases, including store staff, security personnel and delivery man
FootfallCam People Counting System - Sales Conversion

Sales Conversion

Sales Conversion is a more precise measure of a store's performance compared to simply looking at the number of transactions. It quantifies the number of visitors who become customers. By analysing the unique profile of each store based on Sales Conversion, businesses can tailor their strategies and responses to enhance performance. They can set customised sales targets for each store, monitor sales progress, and motivate store staff by comparing achievements with other stores having similar attributes.

Sales Conversion Report
FootfallCam People Counting System - Child Filter

Child Filter

Leveraging advanced 3D Depth map technology through dual lens capture, the FootfallCam 3D Pro2™ incorporates a Child Filter feature, allowing it to accurately distinguish between children and adults based on their height and size. Many retailers may opt to omit children from the visitor count due to their limited purchasing influence. With this capability, businesses can obtain more precise and relevant data, enabling them to make better-informed decisions for their operations and marketing strategies.

Other Features

Multiple Line Counting

Determine the direction or areas that visitors are moving towards once they enter your store

Object Classification

Distinguish the objects from the people using AI algorithms, such as wheelchairs, trolleys, carts and strollers from the counting

In-Store Analytics

Area counting, customer-product engagement, no. of engaged customers, dwell time of engaged customers and no. of passer-bys


Helps retailers visualise customers’ shopping journey within the store, identify “Hot” and “Cold areas

Queue Counting

Measure the queue length and waiting time to determine if an additional checkout till is needed

Demographic Analysis

Enhance your understanding of customers through their demographic attributes, such as age groups, emotions, genders, and more