Queue Management Device

Monitor your speed of service by managing queue time and length.


Queue Management Device

Our queue counting solution will help restaurant owners to identify the wait time of consumers, the duration consumers stay at the cashier, and the length of time it takes for a consumer to receive their order after placing it at the cashier. All information of queue may be transmitted to a dashboard for real time alerts to restaurant managers.

  • Queue Counting - With queue counting detection and blob tracking technology, when there is any form of movement in the direct view of the FootfallCam device, the device will recognise the activity and register the movement.
FootfallCam People Counting System - Queue Management Device

Solution Overview

  • Dynamic Queue Counting - Automatically configures the tracking distance and zones of queue based on queueing pattern of consumers, to maintaining the integrity of the value of queue counting.
  • Identify Queue Time and Length - Automatically detect consumers when they approach the counter to know how many people are queuing, and to redirect traffic if necessary.
  • Predictive Queue Time - Utilise historical data of previous queue length and processing time to predict a queue time for all consumers to manage the expectations of consumers so they can foresee how long they will need to wait in a line.
  • Identify the Time to Fulfill an Order - Calculate the length of time between a person placing an order from the cashier to receiving their order from the pickup area to determine the efficiency of staff operations.
FootfallCam People Counting System - Queue Management Device Solution Overview Video

Why FootfallCam ?

  • Reliable - With high grade components used in the hardware, FootfallCam have a mean time between failure of 25 years, allowing us to offer extended warranty on our products upward to 5 additional years.
  • Easy Implementation - Integrate with minimal effort to any sized museums and libraries by reusing existing infrastructure from previous people counter or security camera systems.
  • Centralised Managed Software - Centralised management system that enables fast food restaurant operators to review the usage of all facilities remotely online, anytime, anywhere.
  • Future Proof Investment - Power over Ethernet combines the connection with the power supply in one cable, along with a 25 year Mean Time Between Failure keeps the total cost of ownership low.
FootfallCam People Counting System - Why FootfallCam?