Visitor Counting
for Events and Exhibitions

Measure the number of visitors attending your event venue in real-time, visualise footfall patterns, and view visit durations with available report templates.

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People Counting System for Event Operators

In events and exhibitions, the total number of attendees holds significant importance. The aim of hosting events and exhibitions is to generate more leads, increase brand exposure, or enhance brand image through a presence in the market. Therefore, it's crucial for organisers to have complete visibility on the total footfall data and the distribution of attendee counts over the event duration. This helps them quantify if an event is successful and potentially become a key attraction for more exhibitors to join their next event.

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People Counting System for Event Operators

FootfallCam in Action

Visitor Counting and Occupancy Management

  • Visitor Count (In/Out)
  • Dwell Time
  • Total Occupancy
  • Peak and Non-Peak Hours

People Counting System Designed for Event Use

The number of visitors is essential for all events. FootfallCam 3D Pro2 (Event Edition) provides extra storage for extensive video recordings throughout the event for auditing purposes. We also offer:

  • Expedited Quick Tuning Service
  • Post-Event Data Audit with Video Proofs
  • Specialised Data Metrics for Events and Exhibitions

* Inclusive of FootfallCam 3D Pro2, FootfallCam V9, and complimentary services such as accuracy tuning and installation support.

Visitor Analytics for Exhibitions

Event Daily Report
Event Overview Report

Event Daily Report

Event Daily Report

For Event Managers

Visualise daily visitor data trends, encompassing total visitors, occupancy, and visit duration. Drill down to analyse traffic distribution across different hours to identify peak and non-peak periods.

Event Overview Report

Event Overview Report

For Managerial Level

Visualise visitor data trends during each event period, covering total visitors, occupancy, and visit duration across different days. Identify peak days and corresponding peak hours for comprehensive analysis.

“Occupancy counting systems boost efficiency, optimising space and cutting costs. On average, facility managers see a 15% reduction in expenses.”

Local Case Studies

Exhibitions around the world are using FootfallCam

See all Case Studies in United States

    Managing the occupancy in real-time with live dashboard.


    De Studerendes Erhvervskontakt (DSE) is a non-profit organisation associated with the Technical University of Denmark and Aalborg University. It has implemented the FootfallCam people counting system at its career events to assess the event's impact on the local community.


    Beauty Hall Mart is an exhibition curated by Beauty Haul, a fast-growing beauty company in Indonesia. FootfallCam people counter is installed at the main entrance of the exhition to provide real-time visitor insights for capacity planning.


    Truffles and Lemons Event Solutions has installed a visitor traffic counter for the 'Oh My Pet Expo' at Mid Valley Megamall. This system tallies the number of attendees, offering an overview of the event's impact.


    Instant Exhibition is an event planning and design company in Malaysia. It has leveraged the FootfallCam people counter to measure the number of visitors and gain an overview of the effectiveness of their events and exhibitions


    The National Diesel Dirt & Turf Expo in Australia has enhanced its visitor management by installing the FootfallCam counting system at its entrance. This initiative is designed to accurately measure the foot traffic at the exhibition, offering the organisers valuable insights into the event's impact and reach.


    A prominent player in AV equipment hire specialising in exhibition solutions, London Audio Visual Ltd. has installed a FootfallCam people counter in their centre to measure visitor numbers. This provides organisers with valuable data on the event’s impact and reach.


    Branchout Productions, a London-based AV equipment hire service specialising in events management, has collaborated with FootfallCam to implement a people-counting system to monitor visitor numbers. This enables management to assess the impact of events.


    Avantgarde, a leading experiential marketing agency, has enhanced its event management capabilities with the FootfallCam people counting system at its pop-up events. This sharpens visitor traffic monitoring, offering valuable insights into campaign effectiveness and reach.


    LM Productions has implemented a people counting system for the Expo 2017 Astana Exhibition. The system offers insights into visitor trends, enabling for the effective management of resource allocation, ensuring a seamless and efficient operation throughout the exhibition.

  • ADIPEC 2021

    Being one of the prominent exhibition centres in Abu Dhabi, having a highly accurate visitor monitoring device is very important, particularly when monitoring crowded zones. The ADIPEC has opted for FootfallCam people counters for their precision and dependability.

  • ATM 2022

    As one of the UAE's largest travel and tourism events, accurately tracking visitor numbers is very important, especially in crowded areas. The Arabian Travel Market has selected FootfallCam people counters due to its precision and reliability.


    Malta Pavilion has enhanced its visitor management by installing the FootfallCam people counter at its entrance. This enables precise measurement of foot traffic at the exhibition, offering organisers valuable insights into its reach and effectiveness.


    Riva Del Garda Fierecongressi, the exhibition venues provider in Riva del Garda, has equipped its spaces with people counters. The system tracks visitor flows, forming an integral part of its customer value proposition by offering insights into the impact and reach of each event.


    Expand Expo has collaborated with FootfallCam to implement a people counting system for its client in Saudi Arabia. Cityscape Global Exhibition has utilised this technology for their exhibition to measure the traffic flow and assess the effectiveness of the exhibition.


    Hadir, a specialist in event registration solutions in Saudi Arabia, incorporates FootfallCam people counters into clients' exhibitions. This integration aims to accurately measure visitor traffic, enabling the estimation of service/product distribution needs for their clients.

  • 360 LIVE

    360 Live, an entertainment agency in Saudi Arabia, has implemented a people counting solution for the Saudi Falcons & Hunting Exhibition (SFHE). By understanding visitor flow, the organisers can assess the exhibition's reach and effectiveness, aiding in the planning and improvement of future events.


    Hospital Management Asia 2022 analyses and optimises its marketing strategies for attracting attendees to the conference held at Centara Grand in Bangkok, Thailand, through foot traffic analysis from the FootfallCam people counters.


    FootfallCam people counters have been implemented at the Prophet's Mosque Building Exhibition. This allows the management to analyse the effectiveness of its marketing efforts in attracting visitors using the foot traffic data collected from the counters.


    Omega Analytic Systems installed a people counting system for its booth at Elevate Arena 2018. This technology tracked the visitors attending its booth, enabling the company to quantify the attraction their booth generated, providing valuable insights into attendee engagement.


    Aiss Technologies installed FootfallCam counters at the EuroShop fair to track visitor counts, passers-by, and dwell time. This enables the management to optimise operational efficiency through informed decisions on booth placements, staffing levels, and promotional activities.

  • RING

    Visitor traffic, crowd flow, movement patterns are important for an event centre as they can use this data to optimise event planning and layout design. Therefore, Ring has chosen FootfallCam for its reliability and extensive capabilities.


    Qoyod, a cloud accounting solution provider, utilized the FootfallCam people counter during its exhibition at Gitex Africa 2023. This technology provided solid data on the number of visitors to its booth, enabling management to gauge the impact of attending the exhibition.


    FootfallCam 3D Pro2 has been installed at the Tarsheed Carnival 2024. This system has provided insights into customer count and crowd density, enabling the organisers to evaluate their marketing effectiveness in attracting customers and plan for future events accordingly


    Located in Brazil, Mercopar convention centre utilises our systems to track visitor traffic and demographics. This provides insights into the types of visitors who are drawn to these events and its marketing effectiveness through comparing pre-event and ongoing event data.

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