Internship for Graphic/ Multimedia Students

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Job Description

You will have the opportunity and exposure to industrial experience with hands-on practical implementation which is relevant to what you are currently studying or intend to go for. We are looking for a candidate with the right attitude and vision which aligns with the company’s vision. We highly encourage individuals who are always opened up to new ideas and agile working environment.

Your exact job role would be determined by your skill sets and abilities. You can focus in ONE of the following areas of expertise as below:

1. Graphic Designer / Visual Community - Graphic for website, infographic, marketing diagram, Outline diagram

Learn to create graphic assets to bring out business value in marketing materials.

Learn to attract the target group with visual graphics.

Learn to clearly deliver correct instruction through diagrams.

For example: photo frame design, face props design, and photo editing

2. Front End Designer / Web Design / Mobile Interface Design / UI/UX Designer - HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, user application flow design, interface design

Learn in front end development such as Web development, UI/UX improvement.

Learn to build websites and update website contents for upcoming events.

For example: update nurseries website (see our portfolio in

For example: photo frame design, face props design, and photo editing

3. Video Editor / Post Processing / Motion Graphic - After Effect, Animation for marketing video, interactive app assets.

Learn to work with the team of video production. Enhance the message with visual motion.

For example: Create motion graphic tutorial video, compiling webinar and customer demo videos.

4. 3D Rendering / Unity 3D Developer - Modeling, Texture, Rigging and Lighting

Learn to create 3D assets for video production and interactive virtual try-on.

Develop logic in game creation and media components in application.

For example: 3D props, 3D dressing modelling and cloth physics for Magic Mirror Virtual Try-on


Involve in graphic/ multimedia as well as counter production and operation processes to develop soft skills, including time management, team work, ability to identify issues, critical thinking, responsibility, commitment, close monitoring, detail reporting.

Ability to work collaboratively with the design department, delivering accordingly to the design process.

You will also

Get involved in the exciting product development cycle, from marketing, user interface, customer delivery, hardware, software, and everything else.

Get into the core decision making team! Listen, ask and speak up, all you need is to raise issues, voice out your ideas and we move forward together.

Required Skill(s): Adobe Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop).

Be a professional designer, explore yourself in various fields and find your right path.


Possess or currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Art/Design/Creative Multimedia, Advertising/Media or anything equivalent.

Required Skill(s): Adobe Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop).

Knowledge of After Effect, WordPress, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, Unity3D, Maya or any 3D software skills are a plus.

Company Overview

FootfallCam is a UK-based technology company (founded in 2001), started by a team of experienced and passionate engineers with the vision of creating world class products, both hardware and software to serve the global market. Having accumulated over 500,000 research and development hours, we have created a few key innovative technology products in the global market.

Why Join Us?

Career Development - FootfallCam is committed to the growth of every team member throughout their careers; therefore, we provide challenging experiences that will broaden your skills and abilities. This includes personalized training and development plans as well as carefully mapped career development and progression.

Exciting Projects and International Clientele - Get involved in different cutting edge IT projects such as Magic Mirror and FootfallCam. Liases and work closely with customers from different industries, in the global market.

A Motivated and Dynamic Team - Our employees are dedicated team players who bring energy, ideas and pride to their work. We view FootfallCam's culture as a competitive advantage and strive to create an environment where smart, motivated and creative people succeed.

Fast Growing Company - Over the years, we have earned a solid reputation as an innovative and ambitious software development company. We have successfully penetrated into the global market and our products are currently supporting customers around the world.

How to Apply?

To submit an application, kindly send your resume and contact details to [email protected]. Please ensure to state the position title that you are applying for in the Subject line.

Please note: All applications are reviewed and assessed relative to the qualifications listed in the job posting. Due to the high volume of applicants, only those individuals selected for an interview will be contacted. Thank you for your interest in FootfallCam.

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