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Top 5 People Counting Systems of 2023

“Selecting the Right People Counting System for Your Business”

In this blog post, we’ll highlight the key criteria that customers and system integrators need to consider when choosing a people counting vendor. We’ll discuss the top 5 people counting systems in 2023: FootfallCam, ShopperTrak, Brickstream, Hikvision, and Xovis. Our focus will be on evaluating these systems across key dimensions—hardware, software, services, and extensibility. This reference material provides important information to be considered during the bidding stage.

Based on conventional IT buying criteria, many would expect Hikvision to dominate the people counter segments, just as they did in the CCTV market. However, this is not the case now, nor is it likely to be the case in the future. This is because:

  1. A people counting system should be an enterprise-grade business application used by executives at the HQ.
  2. Business KPIs and metrics need to be discussed with end customers. This requires consultations and data modeling to produce meaningful datasets for business actions.
  3. Dashboards and operation workspaces need to be customised for each customer. However, building them from scratch would be cost-prohibitive, and the quality would often be low. Therefore, previous experiences in the same industry and existing templates are essential.
  4. People counting vendors should provide hardware, software, and specialist services, making it feasible for system integrators to complete the project without having to invest in software development and other customisations. This allows them to confidently estimate project costs and ensure timely delivery.
  5. The OEM should be willing to work with local partners and system integrators instead of selling directly to customers. The open architecture ensures there is no “vendor lock-in.

#1 FootfallCam (www.footfallcam.com/)

  • Hardware ★★★★★ : FootfallCam 3D Pro2TM is currently the world’s best-selling people counter. Its reliability, accuracy, and competitive pricing have made it the preferred choice for numerous projects worldwide.
  • Software ★★★★★ : FootfallCam Analytics Manager V9TM offers a comprehensive set of software functions. It is an enterprise-grade software with features like Single Sign-On (SSO), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), backup policies, and customisable workspaces. Additionally, there are ready-made packages tailored to specific industries.
  • Services ★★★★☆ : With a support team comprising over 100 engineers, FootfallCam has the capability to serve both small businesses and large multinational customers. We offer a well-documented MSA agreement and, in collaboration with our partners, ensure smooth execution of projects according to agreed workflows and processes.
  • Future-Proof ★★★★★ : With over 10 other products, in addition to 3D Pro2, and a Analytics Manager V9 software platform featuring customised industry apps, customers can tailor their solutions to measure the ROI of each initiative.

Summary : FootfallCam is currently experiencing 500% annual growth. It has demonstrated the ability to deploy in various industries, offering industry-specific apps that can transform people counting data into actionable insights for business optimisation.

#2 ShopperTrak (www.sensormatic.com)

  • Hardware ★★★★★ : ShopperTrak Orbit 8 DDORB1801TM is 3D stereo vision people counter with good accuracy.
  • Software ★★★★☆ : ShopperTrak provides analytical reporting for retail and malls but lacks customisation for customer workflow needs.
  • Services ★★★★☆ : As part of the Johnson Control group, ShopperTrak provides comprehensive field support with its dedicated service team and account management.
  • Future-Proof ★★★☆☆ : It lacks the customisation and AI necessary for actionable business intelligence tailored to each business’s unique workflow.

Summary : As part of the Johnson Control group, ShopperTrak has the advantage of being bundled with other offerings from Johnson Control. Its main disadvantage is its lack of focus and expertise in people counting, and it is expensive.

#3 Brickstream (www.flir.com)

  • Hardware ★★★★☆ : Brickstream 3D Gen2TM is a 3D stereo vision people counter with good accuracy. It has reliably served many customers and has been sold in numerous countries.
  • Software ★★★★☆ : Brickstream relies on third-party system integrators to provide the software, such as Vemcount and Axiomatics, to customers. The lack of investment by these third-party service providers has limited its usefulness for many larger projects. Additionally, they charge high fees for the use of their software. Moreover, these service providers are often reluctant to collaborate with other system integrators.
  • Services ★★☆☆☆ : Brickstream passed the entire responsibility to the system integrators. However, most system integrators lack the expertise and economies of scale to provide comprehensive, long-term support services at competitive prices.
  • Future-Proof ★★★☆☆: For the last 16 years, Brickstream has only made minor upgrades to their people counters. They appear to have no plans to launch their own software, and their system integrators are left to complete the value chains of the projects themselves, with minimal technical support from Brickstream.

Summary : Brickstream was the first company to launch a 3D stereo vision people counter in 2008. It held the top position in the people counting market from 2010 to 2016. However, after being acquired by FLIR, its lack of focus prevented the development of software and AI functions. Over-reliance on a handful of software service providers could lead to expensive maintenance and ‘vendor lock-in’.

#4 Hikvision (www.hikvision.com)

  • Hardware ★★★★☆ : Hikvision DS-2CD6825G0TM is a 3D stereo vision people counter known for its good accuracy. However, it surprisingly lacks price competitiveness, and its availability is limited in many countries.
  • Software ★★★☆☆ : Hikvision’s CCTV software can manage devices and generate basic business reports. However, its analytics features are not business-ready and would necessitate integrators to utilise APIs for software development in projects.
  • Services ★★★☆☆ : Hikvision has a network of global distributors to assist its system integrators in completing their CCTV projects. However, it lacks the domain expertise in people counting solutions, often unable to support system integrators in delivering a fully business-ready people counting solution end-to-end.
  • Future-Proof ★★☆☆☆ : Hikvision is a leading provider of CCTV equipment and continues to introduce new hardware and, potentially, software solutions. However, Hikvision may not prioritise people counting, as it focuses on solutions oriented towards business management.

Summary : Hikvision has a robust global presence and an established distribution network. While integrating people counting with their CCTV solutions seems logical, many of Hikvision’s partners have faced challenges in delivering people counting functionalities due to a lack of investment in the required software and support for business applications.

#5 Xovis (www.xovis.com/)

  • Hardware ★★★★★ : Xovis PC2SETM is a 3D stereo vision people counter known for its high accuracy. Xovis’ people counting device includes features like capturing the viewing angles of visitors.
  • Software ★★☆☆☆ : Xovis relies on third-party system integrators to provide software, such as Vemcount and Axiomatics, to customers. However, the lack of investment by these software providers has limited the software’s functionality and significantly increased project costs.
  • Services ★★☆☆☆ : Xovis relies on local system integrators to fine-tune accuracy and configure their systems. While they offer essential technical support for device issues, they may not always have the necessary resources to ensure timely project delivery. This may make them less suitable for system integrators with previous experience in people counting projects.
  • Future-Proof ★★★☆☆ : Xovis primarily focuses on managing traffic flow for airports. In other industries, they primarily provide hardware equipment as OEM products for their ISV partners. To avoid undermining the interests of their existing ISV partners, Xovis is unlikely to launch new features for less experienced system integrators.

Summary : Xovis provides high-quality hardware devices and relies on partners with the resources to invest in software development and project management for delivering people counting solutions. However, due to the limitations resulting from economies of scale, the functionalities of solutions provided by ISV partners may be restricted, and the overall project cost may remain high.

Notable Mentions:

  • Irisys (www.irisys.net) [Deprecated] : Irisys was the top-selling people counter from 1995 to 2009. However, due to a lack of support and services, it ceased production in Q1 2023.  
  • Hella (www.people-sensing.com) : Hella is an established German company manufacturing automotive parts. It offers well-engineered people counting hardware at a high price. However, it lacks focus on a future roadmap, software, or support services for both end users and partners.
  • MegaCount (www.megacount.io) : MegaCount is headquartered in Russia, and the availability of its hardware devices is currently impacted by geopolitical factors. While the hardware cost is low, it lacks certain key features, resulting in inconsistent accuracy in specific environments. It’s primarily suitable for small installation projects due to its basic system with no accompanying software.
  • V-Count (www.v-count.com) : V-Count, headquartered in Turkey with a strong presence in the Middle East, offers the accurate people counting device V-Count Ultima, which utilises active stereo vision. Additionally, V-Count provides cloud software that offers a range of reports suitable for smaller projects, albeit at a comparatively higher price.
  • Delopt (www.delopt.co.in) : Delopt, headquartered in India with a strong presence in the country, offers products with prices comparable to those of other major manufacturers. However, its lack of software and support services may limit its suitability for most market segments.

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