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The Premier People Counting Reseller in Cyprus: Handy’s Security Systems

“Partnering with FootfallCam since 2016, we’ve grown to be Cyprus’s top people counting reseller. Grateful for this successful partnership!”

– Handy’s Security Systems, Cyprus. 

Handy’s Security Systems has been a long-term partner of FootfallCam since 2016. Together, we have supported Handy’s in penetrating multiple industries, including retail, shopping malls, telecommunication providers, and many more.

Experienced Security System Provider in Cyprus

Handy’s Security System, founded in 1999, has been a stalwart IT and security system provider in Cyprus. In 2016, responding to the surging demand from their commercial sector clients, they initiated a partnership with FootfallCam[1], leveraging their expertise to meet the growing need for people counting solutions.

#1 Comprehensive Sales Support

FootfallCam empowers Handy’s Security with sales support and training, ensuring they possess essential product knowledge and effective marketing strategies to reach potential leads across various industries. Our partnership includes:

  • Sales Packs for RFI
  • Pre-sales Support for Bidding (RFP/RFQ) and Consultations
  • System Designs

#2 Serving the Demands from High-Ticket Clients

Armed with in-depth FootfallCam product knowledge and backed up by our team’s unwavering support, Handy successfully delivered people counting solutions to esteemed clients in Cyprus[2], such as Topshop, Marks & Spencer, Dorothy Perkins, Cyta and many more. This collaboration solidified Handy’s standing as the foremost security provider in Cyprus.


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  2. “Local Case Studies in Cyprus”. by Handy’s Security Systems. June 2023.

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