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#203 Footfallcam Analytics Manager V8 in 9 Languages

Source: ICMI 2014 Whitepaper – Language Interpretation Services Benefit Customers

The fundamental object of inquiries is human language, in the extent of diversity of nationalities and dialects. There has been a recorded record of over 6,500 languages spoken throughout the world. A recent study conducted by the Common Sense Advisory surveyed 3,000 consumers in ten different non-anglophone countries revealed that 72.4% of global consumers prefer to have localized content as opposed to content presented in English language. The study shows that brands that are unable to offer localized products are guaranteed to lose to their competitors in both delivering satisfying consumer experience, and building and maintaining customer relationship. Another study revealed consumer experiences more satisfying services if contents were localized. This results in the drive for localization of content became not an additional feature, but a need.

Footfallcam is an advocate for providing the best experiences to consumers as well as the language expansion. The Analytic Manager of Footfallcam is currently available in 9 different languages and we are continuously growing. At the time being in addition to the English language, the Analytics Manager of Footfallcam is available in both traditional and simplified Chinese, Persian, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, and Malay. Footfallcam believes that by providing multilingual software, consumers are able to have a simplified yet satisfying experience in the usage of our software. Additionally, Footfallcam is committed to the growth of relationship between Footfallcam and our customers. Through the accessibility of multiple languages, we are working to ensure that all customers will be able to comfortably use our service without any issue


The linguistic department of Footfallcam is constantly working in updating the availability of languages in the Analytics Manager and aims to provide linguistic support for all consumers in spite of the sheer amount of languages available. Despite the continuous update and improvement, it is difficult to provide support for all customers at any moment notice. As a result, Footfallcam highly encourages our customers to take part in the global expansion of languages and will gladly allow customers to add to our repertoire of linguistic. Customers interested in partaking this expansion may contact us and we will provide a document for customers to customize the Analytic Manager in their preferred language.

Ultimately, with the multilingual support services that is offered by Footfallcam, customers are guaranteed to receiving a satisfying experience in the usage of our Analytics Manager. With the hurdle of language barrier crossed, customers are able to resolve their issue without the need of contacting support services. Even in the instant of need for support services, the provision of multi-language support quashes any instance of misunderstandings that may occur. This increases the efficiency and response time of our support service, as well as the providing an assurance to our customer on the aid they will receive.

To encapsulate, Footfallcam is actively working alongside customers in providing the best customer experience in the usage of our services. The increase in the availability of languages provides a more intimate relationship between the consumer and Footfallcam. With the continuous growth of languages availability in our software, we are ensuring that the response time of support services provided will be rapid.

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