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FootfallCam allows users to seamlessly integrate important sales data into their Analytic Manager through three different methods. Users are able to import sales data manually or automatically through an FTP server, which allows the retailer’s electronic point of sale system to automatically push the data into FootfallCam Analytic Manager, or to allow access for Analytic Manager to automatically pull the data; this feature is compatible with over 60 major ePoS systems.

FootfallCam highly intelligent Analytic Manager also allows uses to keep all their previously recorded data from older models of people counter, or provide users with an enterprise class software without the cost of hardware. Whether the user chooses to upgrade to FootfallCam, or to try the Analytic Manager via any other people counter, this feature is definitely one that has eased the hassle of many users worldwide.

Marketing Evaluations

With the integration of sales data in people counting devices, users are allowed to evaluate the effectiveness and feasibility of their marketing campaigns. Analyzing sales alone does not give a complete picture as to whether marketing, advertising, and promotional campaigns are successful, nor will it be able to compare the differences between periods of time when there are no ongoing campaigns. On the off side, analyzing footfall counter alone will not give a clear picture as to whether people respond to advertisements and made a purchase. With the combination of two metrics, businesses are able to answer questions such as:

“Did people respond to advertisement but did not make a purchase?”

“Was there a shortage of promotional goods that caused a low sales conversion rate with high footfall counting?”

The questions above are easily answered through sales integration with FootfallCam. With the ability to compare data conversions, store managers are given the chance to implement changes in the store and monitor improvements across different metrics for continuous feedback and elevate store performance to the next level.

Facilitate Decision Making Process

With the integration of sales data against people counting, businesses are given better insights before making going through the decision-making process. The conversion data allow businesses to evaluate the positioning of their stocks and layout of the store. For example, as a majority of the population are right handed, their first instinct is to turn right when entering a store, with this information businesses should position their promotional stocks in a counter clockwise fashion.  People counters are instrumental in designing the strength and weaknesses of store layouts, enhanced with the capability of integration with sales data. The data collected will allow managers to comprehend on a higher level of performance and facilitate informed business decisions.

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