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#205 Marketing Effectiveness Report

Evaluate Advertising Effectiveness

“Does the marketing campaign help raise brand awareness with higher traffic during and after the campaign?”

The question above is most often questioned by high end decision making executives that question whether the effectiveness of their campaign. Marketers need to know whether their campaign actually impacts the business as a whole. The Marketing Effectiveness reporting features give businesses the insight on their channel of distribution. By being able to compare the value of different metrices in two time-periods, before and during the campaign; marketers are able to determine whether their advertising channels are effective in reaching their target audience. The insight gives marketer the chance to review if their choice of distribution of marketing campaigns are valid, whether the consumers are receiving news of the offer, and allow marketers to determine the attractiveness of their campaigns. Through these two valuable insights, marketers are able to determine a favorable cost-effective method in disseminating promotional news regarding upcoming events.

Evaluate Marketing Event

“Does the campaign grab the attention of consumers and increase visitor traffic?”

The above question is most often asked by marketing managers that need a method to quantify their marketing campaign. The Marketing Effectiveness report also gives marketers the insights into the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. If a business has spent a lump sum of cash on a nationwide marketing campaign, this report will allow the business to review the impact that has on sale. Businesses may use the marketing effectiveness report to evaluate the generation of revenue from the campaign that was hosted in two different levels. Businesses may review the income generation on a store level to see the best performing store during a nationwide campaign, or review the report on a company level to review the total generation of revenue during the campaign. This gives businesses an ability to assess the lasting impact a marketing campaign have on sales through the comparison of three different time periods of report.

Suitability of Report

The Marketing Effectiveness report is most suitable for the headquarters of a company to monitor the campaign. The decision makers can use the data generated from the marketing effectiveness report in deciding future involvement with promotional events, and channel distribution. This valuable insight can be used to help determine what are the events the company should be involve in in the future, how should the information of future events be disseminated, and the lasting impact the campaign has on sales. The report is also suitable for store managers if they review the report on a store level, this gives the store manager the insight of the differences in traffic with an ongoing event.

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