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#204 Centralized Health Check Monitoring

Centralized Location

The Footfallcam control panel has been updated recently and now features a centralized health check monitoring. With the click of a button, users will have access to the health and maintenance of their devices, the progress of the verification process, accuracy audit reporting, and comparison of data with other assigned counters. Furthermore, all of the counters associated with the analytic account will be in one centralized location. This feature is available on the analytic manager and is applicable to all models of devices. The analytic manager will be updated once every 15 minutes with the most updated status of the counter which gives users complete visibility on the status of the counter.

Camera Offline Status

The main focus of the newly revamped health check monitoring is to provide users with definite visibility on the status of their counters. Using a newly developed advance algorithm, the analytic manager will automatically assume the counter as offline if it has not received a signal form the counter. The counter will send a heartbeat signal and see whether there are any responses from the server. If the signal was not received from the counter, the analytic manager will record the last time the last signal was received. The counter sends a signal to the server, once every 15 minutes.  Through this, users will be able to view the last time the counter was online, and the amount of time they had lost valuable data that could have been generated from the counter.

Causes of Offline Counter

1. Network Connection – Caused by unstable internet connection or loose cabling to Midspan.

2. Loose Cabling – Caused by looseness in the cabling of the Cat5 cable.

3. Missing Power Supply – Caused by when the power plug switch is off.

4. IP Conflict – Caused when two separate devices possessing the same IP address.

The LED lighting displayed on the Footfallcam lets users instantaneously know the issue the counter is experiencing, which results in the hastening of response in getting the Footfallcam back online.

Counting Data Checking

The newly improved health check will also automatically detect any issue the counter is experiencing. This allows users and Footfallcam team alike to easily notice the issue once it has risen, and to identify the cause of the issue. Below is the list of issues that the health check will automatically monitor.

                    Data to Check

1. In and Out Discrepancies – Will check for the discrepancies between the counting of IN and the counting of OUT for visitors to ensure that the counting data will be nearly equal

2. Missing Counting Data – Check for the counting data of video counting, to ensure that visitors are properly recorded. Usually caused by a malfunctioning camera or missing power.

3. Missing Wi-Fi Data – Check for counting data generated through Wi-Fi counting. Usually       caused by misplacement of the Wi-Fi dongle or lack of internet connection.

4. Step Change Alert – Check for a spontaneous increase in either the IN or OUT count. Usually   caused by in store decoration that obscure the vision of the Footfallcam.

Automated Notification

Users will be able to set an automated email alert to be sent to the person-in-charge detailing any faults found, making this a pro-active yet manageable approach to maintain all the counters across your retail chain. Through an automated notification, both the Footfallcam team and users alike can minimize the downtime of the Footfallcam.

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