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Navigating Multiple Channels: One Sales Channel Can’t Do it All

FootfallCam offers six different purchasing options that primarily depend on your project’s size and your company’s organisation. Below, we outline the key differences to facilitate your choice of the right path. Contacting FootfallCam allows us to match you with the appropriate personnel or partners that suit your needs best.

#1: Buy Direct, Install Themselves

  • Suitable for small businesses.
  • Purchase directly from FootfallCam and install it using their own installers.
  • It’s a straightforward IT system, requiring no training.
  • Supported by FootfallCam Helpdesk.

#2: Buy from Authorised Resellers

  • Suitable for medium-sized projects.
  • Purchase through a local reseller as a turnkey solution.
  • Choose from a range of FootfallCam authorised resellers.
  • Local support and maintenance services available.

#3: Buy from your Preferred System Integrators

  • Suitable for businesses that have trusted system integrators already managing several systems for their customers.
  • The System Integrator will receive training on installation and maintenance.
  • By collaborating with their existing system integrator, it becomes easier to manage their portfolio of systems.

#4: Buy from IT Consultants

  • Suitable for large businesses needing to assess strategic alignment.
  • Customers seek recommendations from IT consultants.
  • Customers invite various vendors for bids.
  • FootfallCam collaborates with your subcontractors or our partners for the bid

#5: Buy from Subcontractors

  • Suitable for large projects, especially for new builds.
  • FootfallCam will be delivering a component of a larger project.
  • FootfallCam will collaborate with subcontractors to meet project specifications.
  • FootfallCam will provide training and support for maintaining the system after delivery.

#6: Buy from Installers

  • Similar to CCTV systems, some businesses may prefer to engage an installer to assist in implementing the FootfallCam system.
  • Suitable if the installer is willing to undergo basic training provided by FootfallCam.
  • The installer could offer complete support and maintenance for customers.
  • Supported by the FootfallCam Helpdesk.


The above outline detailed six ways to buy from FootfallCam. In reality, larger projects often involve more than one party. FootfallCam collaborates with a network of IT consultants, building architects, system integrators, and subcontractors who contribute their expertise at different project stages. Feel free to engage with us; we’re more than willing to offer advice tailored to your unique project requirements.

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