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Maximizing Sales Potential using FootfallCam Sales Tracker App

“FootfallCam Sales Tracker App comes with AI-recommendation that helped us to derive store-specific strategies and increase sales conversion by 14%”

– Fred Perry, France

Store Clustering based on Common Characteristics

In its many years of operation, Fred Perry has come to learn that not all stores can be treated the same in terms of customer demographics, locations and footfall patterns. The target & expectations for these stores, even marketing strategies, would be different. 


FootfallCam Sales Tracker gave a lot of insight to Fred Perry on this aspect, using an algorithm to categorise their stores based on shared traits. And the model is equipped with AI-learning, improving further as more data is gathered. 

Customize Sales Strategies down to Individual Stores 

Fred Perry uses Sales Tracker App to plan company level sales target based on benchmark from historical data. Individual stores are benchmarked against their own clusters, and a set recommended targets is given at the store level.


Sales strategies are customized and areas of improvement are identified by analyzing key metrics such as revenue, sales conversion, average transaction size, etc. 

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