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Helping Car Showrooms to Profile Customer Engagement using Video Analytics
Posted on October 11, 2023 by Admin

“FootfallCam’s video analytics solution changes how we think about customer in-store behavior and how it contributes to our understanding of interest levels in specific car models.


– Genesis Car Motor, Germany




It is not enough for car showrooms to understand customer engagement based purely on the amount of customers who came visiting the showroom. Car models on display vary throughout the year so each customer engagement may have different context attached to it.  


Measure Engagement Level for different Car Models

FootfallCam helped deploy a solution for Genesis which measures the engagement level for different car models. We seek to answer 2 basic questions:

  • How many visitors engaged with the specific car model?
  • How long was the engagement?

The frequency and length of engagement is translated into heatmaps in the areas around the car model, and this indicates interest level for specific car models.


Measure the Impact of Marketing Campaigns on Showroom Traffic

Car models are being launched at different times of the year and there could be occasional marketing campaigns to boost car sales. By comparing the engagement level before, during and after these key campaign periods, marketing effectiveness can be assessed.   

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