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Handy Security has been a reliable partner of FootfallCam in the last 7 years

How is your business doing so far? What do you think are the growth prospects for people counting in Cyprus?

Answer:Regarding the growth question, as a security company, we are doing well. The first six months have shown significant growth for our company, with a 20-30% increase. In addition to security solutions, we provide retail solutions, including FootfallCam, your people counting solution. We are eager to explore and expand this in our market. Regarding people counting solutions in Cyprus, now is an opportune time to push our marketing strategy. The past few years have seen a slowdown due to COVID-19, but 2024 to 2025 presents a good opportunity to advance. We have some very important clients and, with support from FootfallCam and our business development efforts, we believe we can achieve great success.

What led you to choose FootfallCam as your partner in the people counting industry?

Answer:Our journey into people counting began with our security services and the sale of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems, which included anti-shoplifting antennas from Amersec featuring built-in people counting solutions. Several years ago, we participated in a tender from CYTA Telecommunications in Cyprus, seeking advanced counting solutions. After thorough research, we selected FootfallCam and successfully secured a contract. Over the last few years, we have implemented FootfallCam in many retail chains such as Marks and Spencer’s, Lacoste, Nike, Folli Follie, and Café la Mode. We’ve expanded FootfallCam into numerous retail solutions across the island and are excited about future growth in the market.

What are your comments on FootfallCam and our partnership?

Answer:That’s an excellent question. I want to be transparent. Our experience with FootfallCam has been surprisingly positive, and it has been an amazing journey. FootfallCam employs a strong strategy to support partners in penetrating sales and their market. Unlike many suppliers we have worked with, FootfallCam actively supports us, and I appreciate that. Thank you for your support in marketing and customer service.

What is your competitive advantage offering a people counting system in Cyprus over other vendors?

Answer:The primary competitive advantage for us is the combination of people counting technologies using 3D stereo vision video counting and Wi-Fi counting using MAC addresses. This combination allows for a wider range of detailed reports compared to using people counting cameras alone. It’s a significant edge over our competitors, providing us with extensive data insights.

What key business benefits are your customers seeking?

Answer:As a people counting system provider, FootfallCam offers various services. Apart from combining Wi-Fi and camera-based people counting, it introduces additional features like heat maps and a wide range of devices. There are queue management systems and various solutions available to retail clients. Combining these services with FootfallCam is advantageous. Additionally, it comes with many business metrics and readily available report templates for clients.

Handy’s Security has deployed extensively in Cyprus. Can you cite recent successful projects?

Answer:Our most successful client on the island is Voici La Mode, which operates a large chain in Cyprus including Marks and Spencer’s, Top Shop, Celio, and Café La Mode. They have approximately 40-50 retail shops across the island. Another successful brand we work with is Notos, which features Lacoste and Gant among others. Recently, we’ve been adding new clients and installing additional FootfallCam units for existing retail clients, including the new Marks and Spencer’s store opening.

If you had the chance to pitch, what would your ‘elevator speech’ be to a potential client?

Answer:I’ve always believed that FootfallCam is the top people counting solution globally. When I talk to prospective clients, honesty is crucial. I take pride in explaining our precision in counting and the advanced technology we use with cameras. I emphasise that we don’t just count with cameras but also utilise Wi-Fi counting for additional business metrics. This dual approach opens new possibilities, making our solutions more effective. I then elaborate on the detailed reports we can generate, which usually capture their interest and attention.

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