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FootfallCam Donates People Counter to Local Charities to Enhance Community Support

“Thanks to FootfallCam’s donation, tracking attendance accurately has made planning outreach efforts efficient, greatly enhancing community engagement!”

At FootfallCam, we believe in leveraging technology to make a meaningful impact in our communities. Recently, we’ve received numerous requests from charities seeking support to enhance their operations. These organisations face significant challenges due to limited resources, particularly in terms of funding and manpower. We’ve decided to step up and make a difference by offering a solution that can truly transform their efficiency and accountability.

Recommend those in Need to Us

We value your recommendations to connect with charities in need of support and technological upgrades. These organisations can greatly benefit from enhanced data collection and operational insights offered by our people counters.

Some of the Charity Organisations


Precisely tracking attendance at services and events helps churches better allocate resources and tailor outreach efforts to engage their congregation effectively.

Food Bank

Monitoring visitor traffic enables food banks to optimize staffing and resources, ensuring efficient distribution to those in need while planning for future demands.

Unmanned Shelters

People counters can assist shelters in understanding occupancy patterns, facilitating better management of resources and improving safety protocols.

Together, We Help Those in Need.

We invite your support in spreading the word and connecting us with charities that could benefit most from this initiative. Together, we can empower these organisations with the tools they need to make a greater impact on their communities. If you know of charities that would benefit from a people counter, please recommend them to us. Let’s work together to create positive change and strengthen community support initiatives.

Your suggestions will directly contribute to enhancing their operational efficiency and impact. Contact us today to nominate a charity or learn more about our initiative.

Together, let’s make a difference where it matters most – in our communities.


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