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Enterprise Graded System: Keeping Your Data in Prime Condition
Posted on August 18, 2023 by Admin

“Safeguarding Data Integrity in Retail”

Maintaining accurate data in a dynamic retail landscape can be a challenge. With new store openings, refurbishments, and evolving device configurations, the risk of compromised data integrity becomes a concern. In this blog post, we delve into the vital role of alerts, KPIs, and defined workflows in preventing errors, and explore the necessity of an industrial-proven system to uphold the trustworthiness and sustainability of business operations.

Data Readiness

Accuracy Tuning + Data Integrity

Challenges: Are all the devices tuned accurately? Which devices might show abnormal changes in traffic trends? 

Solution: The Accuracy Certification Centre assists in pinpointing devices under scrutiny and facilitates their tracking through a defined workflow, ensuring every device meets the required accuracy for effective business utilisation.

Device Readiness

Proactively Monitoring Devices for Swift Action

Challenges: At times, certain devices might malfunction or experience power or network cable disconnections. Missing data can create gaps in your data trends that may remain unrecovered.

Solution: The Device Health Check alerts you to device issues, guiding you through a defined workflow to track and resolve any problems that could affect the data integrity of people counting metrics.

Configuration Readiness

Enhancing Configuration Oversight

Challenges: Multiple personnel may be involved in system installation, configuration, and verification. Misconfiguration may jeopardise data integrity, and errors might occasionally be non-recoverable.

Solution: The FootfallCam Rule Engine detects and tracks potential misconfigurations, notifying designated personnel for rectification.

Confidence Level Overview

3600 Coverage, System Availability Monitoring from All Aspects

Challenges: In the ever-changing business landscape, certain steps need to be executed in the correct sequential order and at the right time. It becomes challenging to cross-check, track, and review whether all necessary measures are taken to ensure the system is in its optimal state.

Solution: FootfallCam Support 360° allows you to view all support-related KPIs, alerts, and issue tracking in one place. It provides management with reassurance that unresolved support issues are not accumulating and that the system is business-ready at all times.


  1. FootfallCam 3600 System Dashboard.
  2. FootfallCam Data Availability and Management

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